How old were you when you got into the doll hobby?

Jul 23, 2018

    1. I was 24! Fourteen years later I’m still obsessed with my dollies.
    2. I'm 35 and just getting started. I didn't even play with dolls as a kid, so... this is all quite new to me!
    3. I was about 11, and im 22 now. I always found them beautiful, and wanted one since I first saw one. I still loved them from a distance, but it wasn't until a couple months ago that I actually got my first. Now I have 8 BJDS and one on the way
    4. I have known a little about bjds for a couple of years because of friends in the hobby.
      But I finally started the hobby for myself this year.
      I am 42 years old.
      I went from one to 7 bjds in less than a year! I guess when I decided to start, I jumped in! Lol
    5. I was 18 and in high school when I learnt about them. I googled that and saw only two companies (Iple and Dollzone) and looked up the prices and *immediately* closed the browser tabs lol xD Three years later (21) though, I bought my first. I was on scholarship at the time,so money was right. It was nearly 7 years ago ;)
    6. I was 15 (2005) when I first saw a BJD on Livejournal. After saving up through the rest of highschool, I got Volks Yori in 2009. Still the most expensive thing I have ever bought :sweat
    7. I was 16/17 when I got my first doll! Thought I knew about the hobby since I was around 13 when Dream of Doll was at it's peak popularity, I saved up from then to buy my first doll! (Which sadly wasn't a DOD since by then they had closed the site)
    8. Oh, wow. I don't even think I can pin it down! I think I saw my first pictures of dolls on DeviantArt when I had to be about twelve or thirteen! That's crazy to think, honestly. By then, I didn't even have any of the friends I have now, and I was (literally, I have a dissociative disorder) an entirely different person. I looked back and forth at them a few times, but I never got serious about it until about two and a half years ago. I talked to some more people, and with the leftover money from a winter holiday in 2017, I got my first doll in January of 2018!
    9. I was 18 when I started looking for my first doll, but I had heard of them much earlier, about 15 or 16 since I collected anime figures and other collectors mentioned BJDs. After that several months of research, I got my first full doll at 19.
    10. Hmmm I believe I was around 14?
    11. I was 20 when I bought my first BJD which I sold soon because I didn't like the size (fashion 1/4 is not my cup of tea). Then I returned to BJDs being 22 years old.
    12. I was 13 when my interest was first peaked, a few of my friends had some gorgeous BJD's but I only just truly got into it (as in, got a doll) when I was 22, only 9 years of waiting but it's fine because I'm making up for it by buying every pukifee I see :lol:
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    13. I was first interested when I was around 8 or so actually. Mostly because I was introduced via things like the Monster High dolls and stuff. But I was also strongly in my early "weeb" phase so I found the more professional/collectible types and fell absolutely in love. So far though, I'm almost 19 and haven't been able to spare more than 50 dollars at any given time before, so no dolls yet.
      I'm working on getting a job that can help me pay for my passions/hobbies though. Here's to hoping I can get a doll by the end of next year lol :P
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    14. I think I was...25? I already had every other kind of doll in the known universe, so I figured, why not?

      And they were realistically proportioned! And customizable!

      I spent an entire paycheck on my first doll...I don't think I'd ever do that, again, because of the disapproving looks I'd have to give myself in the mirror, but I was so excited!
    15. I was 47 when I started collecting Blythe dolls then starting seeing other collectors’ BJDs. I think I was 50 when I bought my first BJD.
    16. I was 35 when I bought my first doll. Right now, I am almost 40 years old, and I have 30 dolls in my collection.
    17. I was 14 when I got my first doll, an Obitsu 27cm. At the time I had been OBSESSED with Angelic Layer and the "every angel is unique" concept so when I saw people customizing dolls like Obitsu and such at the time to look like Hikaru, I was HOOKED. I got one for Christmas and while she's not Hikaru, she's very special to me. After that it snowballed. I had more Obitsu for awhile since they were more affordable than resin BJD's but I still wanted one someday.
      For my 17th birthday I got my first resin doll, a Resinsoul Song. He became my comfort item for the longest time, I'd even sleep with him beside me.
    18. I gained interest in the hobby when I was around 13, but I didn't get my first doll until about 9 years later. Half of it was because of money and the other half was because I was lowkey terrified that I wasn't qualified enough to properly care for a doll.
    19. I was 46, almost 47 when I got my first body part, a 2008 CP/Luts Delf boy body. He wore a head borrowed from a friend for a while, until I was gifted his official head by the same friend.

      I'm now 57, almost 58, and I have 17 full dolls, mostly SDs and larger, and 8 floating heads.

    20. I discovered BJDs when I was 14, and ordered my first one on my 15th birthday! I'm 28 now, so they've been with me for nearly half my life!