How Spoiled are your Dolls?

Jan 2, 2019

    1. There's two... Taemin, my mbluedoll Laaon (whose prior shell was a Switch Yiho) and Hyorin (previously minifee Shushu to be reshelled) get all.the.things. And I mean all the things. Most of my dolls are pretty spoiled, but those two... well... Let's just say that Taemin alone owns probably... half my SD wardrobe (that between him, my 3 other resin boys and all the DDs are a good old bunch), has a ton of exclusive accessories, a specially dyed alpaca wig, is one of two dolls who is getting his faceup done by an artist that isn't me and I'm paying a small fortune to get his mods so that he can be 100% himself. He's also one I'm always on the lookout for when i go doll shopping. (So-and-so needs shoes? Ok, and let's add this shirt for good old Tae in the cart as well.)

      The same can be said for Hyorin too. I sold her almost three years ago and have been looking for her perfect shell since. But I never stopped buying her stuff in the meantime... Now I finally have a plan for her although she won't happen within this year most likely as I have no doll plans other than completing things at home... but that still ain't going to stop me if I find clothes and accessories perfect for her.:XD:
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    2. As I've only just got my first and second BJDs, they aren't overly spoiled. I've bought them outfits, and shoes etc. I think right now, I'm spending a lot of money on art supplies and stuff to do their faceups. I've also just bought a sewing machine as I have found that I enjoy learning to sew clothing for Ayla. I'm keen to get patterns for Iris now too. They will be spoilt! I just need to get foundation stuff first ;)