Hujoo Cora 43cm Resin Girl

Apr 5, 2011

    1. how pretty she *_*
    2. AWESOME joints!! I'll need that body for sure. Her face reminds me a little
      bit of MNF Chloe. Is it too soon to ask what companies match Hujoo resin??
      I'm guessing for many of the more difficult poses she might be limited in what
      she can wear, pants and so forth. I also like that she's not busty XD

      I would love to see them make a smaller SD boy with these joints though...
      oh my poor head so needs one!!!!
    3. she looks interesting! i'm surprised with hujoo - good job!

      i love how immature her body looks. just how i always want my msds to look. nice subtle sculpting, and great engineering. =)
    4. So happy to hear she's on topic, she's got the cutest face I'm already pacing because I just want to know more about her stat! I love her joint system I can't wait to get one and pose the heck out of her!
    5. At first when I saw the headline I was like "Oh my, another attempt from Hujoo to get on-topic..", but I ate my words!
      Such an innovative body, I'll be most interested to see owner pictures! I'm very impressed. ^^
    6. She's up for sale now... 290$
    7. Oh wow! What a cool body! I may very well be sold! :sweat

      Not to mention, her face is just to die for!
    8. She does have a great face! And I love her hands, too! My doll wish-list is getting way too long, lol.
    9. When I saw her, my jaw dropped a smidge. I really need to stop finding dolls I want to purchase. I really love what they've done with the design of the doll too. Glad she's on topic! Now, do I save for her or another? Too many decisions to be made.
    10. Oh wow .... Those joints are AMAZING !!!!! -I may have to save up and get her ! -Looks like she might have teeth too ?
    11. She is very pretty. Wonder if they will be offering her clothes at some point. I'm not usually a fan of the more immature body types but she just grabbed me. Even liked all of her outfit which for me is unusual. She might just make it on my to buy list. Thought I already have a shinydoll in this size on my "to get list" for later this year if all goes well. Can't wait to see owner pics though.

      Robotika - our lists seem to be growing longer by the day. We sure aren't the only ones though LOL!
    12. I'm not a huge fan of the immature bust, but I do like the look of the doll. I can't wait to see owner pictures.
    13. Has anyone bought a Cora yet? I am fascinated by the joints in her body! I am wondering if a purchase of the body alone might be possible.

      Meanwhile, I'd love to see collector photos!
    14. i was wondering the same thing... i would like to see some photos of people that bought her
    15. Hi guys,

      Hoojoo does plan to release Cora's body separately but haven't decided when to do it yet. The info is below:

    16. I was also wondering about head only, I'll have to get a hold of hujoo. But very glad to see they have a body only price. :D
    17. Lols at the no bum XD looks pretty amazing though and so pretty...... I might splash out at tax-time :) I'm looking forward to seeing owners pics though!!
    18. Does anyone have one of these girls yet? I'm really intrigued by the joints and love the details of the sculpting on the body, though I'm not exactly sold on the head. Definitely will be interesting to see owner photos! :)
    19. Those joints are amazing! *Starts to think of all the cool poses she can do*
      Not too sure on giving her a bigger bust. Her bum is so flat and it might look off. I guess it depends on what bust size really.