Hujoo Cora 43cm Resin Girl

Apr 5, 2011

    1. Cora's joints reminded me of some of the joints on the ABS action figures (and boy can they pose). Can't wait to see more pics. Did anybody who ordered her get a shipping notice yet?
    2. Is it sold out so quickly? I didn't notice her at first, and now it's sold out...
      Do you know are they planning to release it again?
    3. According to Junkyspot, they'll be able to order in more of her once their current stock sells out. Emory thinks that their large order might have just cleared out the last of the 'in stock' dolls Hujoo had available, so they've listed her as sold out until they get more stock cast.
    4. Oh boy, what an adorable doll! I saw her, and even before I noticed her awesome body I was sold. What a CUTIE. She's absolutely perfect, exactly what I've been searching for. Looks like all my money for the next little while is going to one purpose...

      PS: We need to get some owner pics up in hurr!
    5. Hopefully this means that dollies will be shipping soon and we will get to see owner pics soon :)
    6. I'm so glad that she's on topic! Cora looks absolutely gorgeous in the company's photos, I really hope that someone on DoA uploads photos soon.
    7. [​IMG]

      Cora is in stock on Junky Spot. I ordered her Wednesday night and she arrived this afternoon. I only had time to grab a VERY quick shot battling the sun, mosquitos, my tripod foot coming off and my battery going totally dead. Hopefully I will have time to get some real pictures tomorrow.
      She is VERY sweet. The default eyes are incredible- I love them. The gear-jointing system is interesting. She is very loose and I wish they have used bigger elastic. I may try to restring her, not sure yet. I'll tighten the elastic first and see how that goes. I just got her and haven't had a chance to play with her yet other than tossing a wig on her head.
      She comes in a very cool trunk with a window on the top!
    8. Ohhhh she's soooo cute! Can't wait to see other pics of your girl :D
    9. She does have character! I would love to see some more face shots from the side etc.. more the better next to other dolls her size if you have any? I am keen to see more of her nose!
    10. Treelore any doll in particular you would like to see her next to? In the mini size I have Soul Doll, DIM, Doll Zone, Bobobie and Resinsoul, Volks, Angel of Dream, and Planet Doll.
      Clothed or naked?

      And I need to adjust her eyes, they're a little wonky right now, lol!
    11. I think Volks would be nice and yes nakid :)
    12. Sure!
      Hopefully Photobucket won't delete my naked pictures again for being offensive, lol.
    13. I'd love to see her next to AoD, BBB, and RS, if you would? She sure is pretty! I am still totally in love with her. ^-^
    14. gosh .... you better just line her up with all your mini sized girls LOL!
    15. I only have a boy AoD.
      I ended up having unexpected company from out of town dropping in on us, so no pictures today. Hopefully tomorrow! This is what happens in the summertime when you live at the beach.....
    16. *laughs* No big! And an AoD boy works just as well for me...while I only have a girl right now, I'll be getting a boy at some point in the future, too, and seeing him in a line-up with this lovely girl...and the BBB and RS dolls will help me out on TWO fronts!

      Hope your company enojyed the beach, and that you get a bit of a break from unexpected drop ins now. ^-~
    17. I'm super excited to see her next to a RS as well :) I just discovered this girl from a new article on Junkyspot and I'm all about some good jointing at the moment. Normally I would never get such an immature looking body but her joint system looks well worth it! And that face O_O Adorable!
    18. [​IMG]
      Grabbed some shots with my Cora this morning that show her posing. Sorry- didn't get to the comparison shots! But I will, I promise (done for today- maybe tomorrow though!). Her face is just adorable. My only complaint is I wish they had used thicker elastic. At some point I'll probably restring her and I suspect then she will be incredible.

      Link to gallery pictures of Cora (20 shots):
    19. [​IMG]
      (Blurry) side view of nose. Sorry- didn't get to the comp shots today! Hopefully tomorrow. :)
    20. She is interesting doll :)