Hujoo Cora 43cm Resin Girl

Apr 5, 2011

    1. Oh wow, she has a really strong profile! Thanks for sharing such great pictures! :) it really helps to see her naturally.
    2. Ok, I had a "I CANT LIVE WITHOUT HER" moment and bought her last night. That is WAY impuley of me, usually I chew over dolly purchases for mooonnnttths! O_o
    3. Oh no!!! Lol! Well...sorry. :) I think you'll be happy. She will be loose and floppy- I had to tighten her elastic, and will definitely replace it as soon as I can find where my cat hid that big wad of elastic I bought. Make sure you post her here, I can't wait to see her!
    4. I was thinking that maybe her elastic is so thin in order to fit through those triple gear joints? Let me know what size elastic winds up working for her :) I have never purhased stringing before XD I want to make sure Im getting the right thing!

      I am so excited for her to arrive. Im in San Francisco so I think it'll be fast :D
    5. It needs to be thin to fit through those gears, but this is a little too thin IMHO. I bought a ton of different sizes of elastic and can't find it- my cat seriously may have thought it was a kitty toy and dragged it off somewhere....if I can find it and it works I'll just sent you some. I don't remember what size it was- I can never figure out what those sizes are.
      If you ordered her from Emory last night you should have her tomorrow!
    6. She's here! I dont have a bix opening thread for her yet (because Im at work, LOL) but I got a few cellphone snapshots.

      She does NOT like the harajuku frilly dress thing, but she loves her New Rock boots. I need to get her a much more modern outfit. She's going to be a terminator :) made by a sreampunk fairy. So I named her Cameron :)
    7. !!! I want her so badly...but I already ordered another doll and cora is a bit pricey for me... Congrats on ppl who have her though. She's so beautiful.
    8. I finally got some snapshots of Cameron in her proper eyes. They are 14mm Aisu^2 (now DollBakery) and they fit her face PERFECTLY. Her default eyes are interesting, but I don't like that huuuuuuge look in my dolls because it makes them look a bit too childish to me.

      Here's Cameron, the terminator fairy XD

      You know, I consider her body really unattractive aesthetically, but I really love her hands (my favorite parts of dolls!) and all her crazy joints! :)

      Here she is with my RS and MNF. She's not actually THAT much taller than my MNF, it's just a weird perspective thing and she's wearing huge boots (my MNF is barefoot.)


      I'll do a proper lineup with all my MSD's tonight hopefully :)
    9. Anneke - beautyfull doll )
      I think it some like Hujoo Berry )
    10. Thanks PaOla1501! She is definitely a new experience for me and I'm still getting used to her.

      I tried to line her up with my other MSDs, but they weren't cooperating and my light was going fast. This was the best shot I got. My Resinsoul faceplanted TWICE so I snapped the pix as quickly as I could and put them back XD


      She's taller and much different proportions to my MNF or RS. I have to find all new clothes for her too since she fits nothing I currently have for those two.
    11. I am really curious if this new doll design is copyrighted to Hujoo only? I wish SD bodies will come out...the body is so cool!
    12. I noticed Junkyspot is now sold out of Cora as well XD I'm glad she was popular! Maybe it will encourage more companies to make more posable doll designs. The only thing that I'm a little iffy on is that it seems that some of these elaborate joints are over complicated for what they need to be. She doesn't pose any better than my Rosette, who has very simple "peanut" double jointing. And on top of all of it, she's missing a waist joint, so she loses out on a lot of mobility.

      Anyone else have a chance to compare her with an A-line MNF?

      Here's a little closeup spam in the meantime XD
    13. I really like the default eyes- they make her look like a little robot or something- but your Cora looks stunning with the more human eyes.
      I've had a crazy summer- practically running a hotel the past six weeks- so I haven't had a chance to find the string and restring mine, but I suspect that with slightly heavier elastic the posing WILL be amazing. What she needs is elastic somewhere between what she has, and what is normally used for an MSD.
    14. I just wisited Hujoo site ...There is another new girl- Dana O_o She has the same body as Cora.I didn't find any news threads about her:| Is she on-toppic here?
    15. Dana is actually made of ABS plastic :( so unfortunately yes, she'll be offtopic here. It's interesting to see the same engineering that went into Cora's body in a completely different material! And wow, I wish resin was at the same price point, lol!
    16. Well, her price is really good ) and she's pretty ^^ just saw, that she's made from ABS -__- may be they will cast her in resin in future )
    17. She is actually the same body as Cora. Not sure about the head, I haven't had time to check it out. I was in SF over the weekend and meant to go to Britex for some elastic to restring my Cora, but after hitting H&M, Anthroplogie, and Urban Outfitters I ran out of steam. I don't know what the sizes mean so I don't want to order off the internet. I'd like to find an elastic size between what she has (which is pretty thin) and what MSDs usually use.
    18. Can I beg a photo of the inside of her head or body without head? I'm curious if her body would work with a BBB or RS head. Her jointing is so.. awesome looking I've been staring at her again a lot lately and have crazy hybrid dreams.
    19. Her head is super crazy hard to get off because the S hook attaches to the underside of her headcap! But I can give it a shot :) I need to restring her sooner or later! I have a Resinsoul Mei that wouldnt mind volunteering for the hybrid experiment too if your interested.
    20. OMG 5 hooks?! And yes that would be amazing! <3