Hujoo Cora 43cm Resin Girl

Apr 5, 2011

    1. I actually don't find her head too difficult to get off. She has a normal neck piece so you can use other heads on her. My trick is to lift the cap a little and slide it back. I was surprised it wasnt very hard to take her cap off compared to my other hooked dolls.
    2. Okay I have some pictures of my Cameron sans-head :)

      I replaced her S-hook with a smaller one and keep her headcap on with sticky-tac instead. It makes both of us much happier now :lol:

      Inside of her head as requested:

      Nude and headless, as requested:

      Next to a Resinsoul Mei for comparison.

      I gotta say, it's not so obvious in the photos, but they are nowhere near a close resin match. Cora's resin is much more yellow. Also, her bulkier size and much thicker neck might be a problem with the very petite BBB/RS sculpts. I couldn't get Mei's head on her body tonight but I'll try again tomorrow. I was all butterfingers with her since her clothes finally came.

      I want to try and restring her but to be honest she has a TON of small pieces. Has anyone succeeded yet in restringing her?? She's not the best poser at the moment but my goodness she melts my heart :aheartbea

    3. Thanks so much Anneke! Those photos were perfect for showing what I was thinking. Too bad my hybrid idea won't work. Eh maybe her with a different face up would work for my character? /ponders
    4. I am hoping that sometime in the future Hujoo does some more of these in resin. What was Cora's default eye size?

      Anneke - great pics. She looks great in her clothes.
      AlmySidaKay - perhaps with a bit of sanding the neck might fit. I know but can't recal what hybrids this has been done for in the past (though if the resin doesn't match as indicated you might just have to try to find another body to hybrid)
    5. Anneke- I just finally found my elastic that I want to use, so I'm going to try to restring mine. If it works and I have enough left over I'll mail you some. Hopefully I will get to it this week. Yes, there are a million pieces, but I don't think it'll be too horrible. I've handled the very OT Dana and she works great with the size of elastic in Cora because she is much lighter. So i think the heavier elastic will really solve the problem. Meanwhile- you can't deny that she is beautiful!
    6. Thanks cirquemom! luckily my Cora came with some thicker string included. I havent tried to restring her yet, but I have a feeling Junkyspot heard the pleas for thicker string on this girl XD

      I cant wait to hear about your success story with her though!
    7. Hey everyone, I made a Cora Database thread. Would love to see some more of the Coras out there. ^^
    8. I added my Cora to the database!

      I actually did get her restrung with some thicker string and I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed. Firstly, the tiny gear system in her arms don't even allow for thicker string so I had to stick with the thin stuff she came with. So of course her arms are still too floppy for her to pose with. I did get thicker string through her body though, but she has weird L shaped ends to her major leg joints and with the tighter string these pull together so that her legs are always spread now! It also didnt improve her posing at all. I still really enjoy this doll, but my final verdict in this unique jointing system is that it's ineffectual and unattractive. Anyone who wants a really good posing MSD should just stick with an A-line Minifee.
    9. That's both disappointing to hear, Anneke, but also makes me feel better about having missed out on her. I have to admit, while posing isn't a TOP priority for me with my dolls, I would HATE having one that can't really pose at all, especially for the character she was meant to be. Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to get her head secondhand at some point to put onto a different body, or I'll just find a different sculpt that will work as well for the character.
    10. I have some elastic that is thicker than what she has, but thinner than MSD and one of these days I'll get around to restringing her. Her face is so wonderful. Apparently the OT plastic Dana poses much better because the gear systems works better with the lighter material. But the Cora face is much sweeter in my opinion. I'll post it here if I ever get around to it. Right now she's just sitting in my studio, and she looks pretty.
    11. Hooray! Your girl is very pretty, I love the black wig on her. ^^

      I restrung my Cora with some elastic I got at the craft store so I'm not really sure what size it was. It was tricky but I managed to get it through her joints somehow. It was a pain though. /: I agree, it's an interesting idea for the jointing system, but in practice it's really not that great for poseability.
    12. YAY she is an on-topic doll! I will be getting her soon once i save up alittle more money and once they get her back in stock at the hujoo site. She is $290 but it cost $50 extra for a faceup and $50 if you want a body blushing. Cant wait till they get her back in so i can buy her ^_^ just a few more paychecks and i should be able to afford her at the end of the month so cross your fingers that they have her in stock.
    13. I think Cora might be LE but Hujoo will probably eventually have another sculpt in Resin. I'm not sure if the ABS girls are OT even though they have the same body.

      There is a Cora on MP right now tho.
    14. I haven't heard if they plan on doing another Action Doll in resin--and I wouldn't be surprised because the resin weight doesn't allow for maximum mobility of the jointing system.

      The ABS versions of the Action Dolls are (from what I heard) much better posers with the joint system because the materials weigh less, but they are off topic on Den of Angels.
    15. Did everybody see the new clothes that are out? Not my type but it looks like we might be able to have some clothing and shoes that fit properly. Perhaps hujoo will put some more out for next year?

      I hope now that hujoo is comming out with new heads and the large bust body, that the will be offered at some point in resin also. They do seem to have done this with some of the other dolls they offer.
    16. Did anyone find the Dana action dall very tightly stung to start off?
    17. Nope, my girl was super loose. She still is.

      I haven't gotten her to pose super well yet. I think mainly because the resin is a bit heavier than they anticipated for the body design. I've heard that the OT version of this body poses super well tho. I haven't experimented enough to find out if the resin version holds poses well but I will when I have time. I would be interested in some more resin headsculpts.
    18. Yeah, Cora (resin) is on-topic. But she was a limited to 32 pieces and is sold out. Dana (and the new limited edition full-set Lusy which is basically a large bust Dana with a few corrections) is made of ABS and is not on-topic here.

      I don't know if Hujoo will release anymore Action Dolls in resin either. Although the joint system seemed like a good idea, it just didn't work out well in the resin version. The ABS is indeed a better poser except for the shoulders, but that's supposedly been fixed in the new large bust version. There are some other differences between Cora and Dana, so I'm curious if they did release another resin Action Doll, if it would be updated and be more like the Dana version (and if so, like the small or large bust body - aka, with or without the shoulder fix) or still be the same body as Cora.

      Ooh, the new outfit is cute, but I hope they come out with more clothes and shoes for the Action Doll. Luckily she isn't really an unusual size or anything though - I haven't had any problem fitting MSD-sized clothes and shoes on her.

      I think the Dana head and the Lusy head are the same, just the faceups are done differently? They are a different head than the Cora though. But yes, more heads would be nice, if they could solve the posing problems the resin version has. /:
    19. Anneke, I think your Cameron/Cora is beautiful. She is very photogenic. During Black Friday sale I bought the non-topic one o_0? If is OK to say that. Just as comparison maybe. At first I thought mine had a defective shoulder system. I comforted myself that she could be my Yoga instructor, har-har

      And hide the fact she couldn't pose normal. But with a little more effort I began to understand her. I would guess it is sort of similar with the resin version? So, now I have a doll I can talk about on the JunkySpot forum. Heh.

      I'm glad Cora can be on-topic here.
    20. Thanks for the complements on my lovely Cameron! She has actually been rehomed and hopefully can continue to be appreciated with her new owner ^^ I guess in the end the standard MSD proportions weren't for me (I'm more of a mature-mini person) but also, after restringing Cora I still found her posing to be very temperamental and just not very good. I'm sure with enough love and attention Cora owners can get her doing all kinds of fun stuff, but for me I was just too tired of constantly fiddling with her. I reshelled her with a Rosette girl ^^ who are definitely star posers!