Hunting for Dollfie Dream - clothing, shoes, wigs

Nov 21, 2004

    1. There is a wig I am in love with on Volks site, its in the "Dollfie Dream" catagory...

      I Just don't know if the wigs are 9 to 10 or 8 to 9???

      And would it be possible to squeeze a 9.2 or 9.4' ish head into the wig cap? ( is it that stretchy)

      I just feel 9 to 10 wigs are to big.

      Thanks :)
    2. DD wigs are 8-9, and I don't think you'd have much trouble fitting them over your slightly-bigger-than-9 head. I've used DD-sized Volks wigs on most of my dolls, including my Customhouse melonheads. ;)
    3. I second that. Volks wig caps are a little stretchy, so you oughtn't have any problem!
    4. Ok thank you both so very much!

      You were a really big help! and this is good news for me :)
    5. I would like to know how different are the feet between Obitsu and Dollfie Dream dolls?

      I found a cute pair of Obitsu high heels that I'd love for my dollfie dream but I am not sure how the fit would be.

      Many thanks in advance.
    6. I only own a DD, and never seen an Obitsu 60 in real life,
      so I'm not sure how they compare -- I've heard they have similar
      measurements, but aesthetically they look very different.

      I do own a pair of plastic Obitsu high-heels for my DD, and they
      fit perfectly, I am not sure if other obitsu shoes would fit, but I've also read
      that Obitsu have very small feet, as do the DD, so maybe they'll work
      okay. I hope other members who have better knowledge of this topic
      can give you better information. ^____^;;

      - Enzyme
    7. Ah thats awesome, I had my eye on the plastic heels too, the Volks equivalent is sold out so I was looking for an alternative. I am so glad to hear they fit.
    8. I've managed to squeeze Azone 60 cm shoes made for the Obitsu body on to my big footed Soah. Another pair of Azone 60 cm shoes belongs to one of my SD girls, who have slightly bigger feet than the DD.

      My guess is that you'll be fine!
    9. Thanks for the info. I have already ordered the shoes now but its a relief to know they should fit ok.
    10. Has anyone tried any of Dollheart's SD clothing on a dollfie dream body? Most particularly, one of the fer outfits?
    11. I am finding out that it is very hard to find clothing that will fit D.I.M. Galahad doll (61cm). I did find a dollheart outfit that will fit him.
    12. yumenoir : I have 4 Dollheart's SD outfits. All of which fit DD M Bust perfectly especially on the top. The skirts fit well also even though DD hip is a bit smaller than SD.
      In fact it is a lot easier to put Dollheart outfit on DD than SD. Some of them run a bit tight on my SD body and I can't even zip the cloth up without a fight. lol
      P.S. They are not fer outfits. They are: into two, maroon, rosary fall and dance in pink.
      Hope this helps!
    13. Thanks Koyuki! I ordered two outfits like this one:

      The hip area seems hidden, so maybe it will not look too bad! Now it is just that large bust and the button-up coat that I may have to contend with.:sweat

      thanks again for letting me know that the combo works! <3
    14. Someone mentioned that their DD wears MSD shoes. All of the MSD shoes/boots I've seen on the internet seem to be the right measurement for DD feet.

      Does anyone have pix of a DD waering MSD shoes? I'd like to see if it's a good match before I buy some for my DD.

      I repeat the question! What high hees shoes will fit the Dollfie Dream (II) body? Not low pumps, but high heels. But not platform shoes. High spike or wedge heels only, please. :)

      Would like to confirm yes or no from these companies:
      Luts (Delf or Senior Delf)
      Dollmore (regular or Model)
      Soom (Gem or Super Gem)
      and does anybody know if any of the high heels from Monique will fit SD girls?
    16. Volks SD16 girls heels are a perfect fit! I have these and these.

      I'm afraid I haven't tried any of the other brands you're asking about. :sweat
    17. My husband The Dragon has even more DDs now than back in '05... By far DD/SD13/SD16 shoes by Volks are best for DD girls.

      Luts Delf shoes tend to be a bit big in my experience... The rest of your list we haven't tried yet!
    18. Hi Wolfmammy,
      I asked your question to the DD yahoo group I'm on. I'll let you know what the responses are.
      Susan (from Legendary Tutorials :) )
    19. Hi Wolfmammy,

      I have a pair of Dollmore MSD sized boots that are a very tight fit on my DD. You couldn't put them on over socks or tights, but they are very cute. It's my only pair of MSD sized shoes, I got them for my Unoa, but I wasn't paying attention to the sizes when I bought them. I've found that a lot of SD sized shoes are waaaay to big for my DD's feets, so I've been thinking of trying some more MSD shoes.

      I'll see if I can get a pic, but it's these boots...
    20. I tried out my MSD shoes on one of The Dragon's DD girls.

      Nagisa in Pre-School's shoes did not fit - they are very stiff and the instep is too small.

      These white Volks shoes did fit very, very snugly - they are much softer and more malleable, and the instep is larger.

      These Dollheart shoes did not fit either - the instep seemed generally to be too small, and the crossed ribbons were in the way.

      Conclution: MSD shoes on DDs might work or not, depending on the model, but it is very iffy.