Hunting for Dollfie Dream - clothing, shoes, wigs

Nov 21, 2004

    1. Hi Susan!!!


      Cool, thanks.

      Quiet Queen, thank you for checking!
    2. I've got some of these Model Doll heels. :) Give me a moment and I'll take some pictures of them on my DD.
    3. Ok, here's the pictures I promised. Bear in mind she is wearing a body stocking and that may affect the fit some. Side. Standing.

      They're not bad, although they're still too big, strictly speaking. However, with socks or something inside to keep the feet from moving around, they're definitely workable. User there is wearing a Model Doll body stocking [which is definitely way too tall for her in chest and legs both] and I had it scrunched around the ankles, which may also help. :)
    4. Cool, those shoes rock!
    5. I have these Volks shoes. They are gorgeous high heels and they fit a little loosely, but they aren't huge on the DD's feet, and they look very nice on. I like a nice heel, they're hard to find among all of the chunky platforms. nothing wrong with a nice chunky platform though!

      here is a pic of my girl wearing the Volks shoe, as well as the Dollmore MSD boots I mentioned in an earlier post.


      Here is the Volks shoe (t-strap) and a Dollmore Model size mary jane. the model doll shoe is huge on the DD feet. Both pairs are really very nice shoes, well made and exquisitely proportioned.


      Here is just the Model Doll shoe, see the gap in the back


      hope this helps!
    6. Here's the responses from the DD yahoo group;
      "None of my MSD shoes fit my DD feet because of the higher, high heel
      arch on the DD foot. The flat, baby shoe type shoes for MSD's are too
      flat and somewhat shorter. I prefer sexy high heels for my DD's, so I
      buy Azone's 60cm Obitsu high heels or Volks vinyl high heels from
      Volks USA. I also am using Azone lace up black and white gothic boots
      made for Obitsu 60 or regular SD feet. I just bought some MSD size
      combat boots from Dollmore and they do fit although they are also very

      None of the DollHeart MSD shoes I have for my DZ-mini fit my DD. DZ-minis are supposed to have big feet, so I doubt many MSD shoes will fit DD feet.

      Feel free to join us
      if you want more DD info (we have patterns too ;))
    7. Sorry I haven't checked this thread in soooo long.

      Thanks for the pix! They really help give a good idea of how the shoes fit.

    8. Hi Everyone,
      I'm wondering if anyone has both the Obitsu AND Dollfie Dream II feet measurements (length & width) to compare??
      I've got a DDII on the way that needs shoes and I saw a pair of Obitsu shoes I wanted for her but the seller said she wasn't sure if they'd fit DDII and suggested that they probably wouldn't. However, I've heard some DD owners say that some Obitsu shoes will fit DDs, so I figured I could guess better if I knew what the difference between OB & DD feet were.

      Thanks! ;)
    9. DDII foot: 6.3cm long by 2.5cm wide
      Obitsu BJD body: 5.9cm wide by 2.2cm wide
      Hope this helps,
    10. I just found the PERFECT wig for my DD (I am making my doll like one of my OCs), but it's a 9/10. It's a wig with pigtails... Will this technique with velcro still work?
      Or can anyone give more details 'bout how to do that? =O

      (Or, if anyone who can find me a 8-9" pink wig, with NON-curly pigtails, I'll love them for life *w*)
    11. You can always get a larger wig to stay on the doll's head - by using pitatto or some other method.

      The real problem is what the wig will look like... If the wig has bangs, they will often reach the doll's nose (or mouth, or even chin :sweat) instead of ending around the brows. The wig will also usually look disproportional - huge hair to tiny head. Some like this look, mind you.

      Places that have good 8-9 wigs are Volks, Leeke, Iplehouse and nDoll. I'm afraid that I haven't seen any pink pigtails, though...

      Good luck, whatever you get your girl!
    12. has several pigtail wigs that you can order in pink :aheartbea
    13. Hello hope this helps -
      try ebay item number 110422164554 it is a straight style half pig tail wig 8-9 inch Sd in pink
      Best wishes
    14. Thanks everyone for your good advice!
      Especially Quiet Queen ! ^^

      I actually found a wig, at jpopdolls!
    15. If SD clothes can fit a DD with L or M bust... can DD clothes with L-bust or M-bust fit SD? I just had this thought today when I was looking at some VOLKS stuff...
    16. Probably not, because the waist/hips on a DD are narrower, than on an SD-sized girl. I have SD clothes that my DDs can wear, but I can't get my SDs into any of my DD clothes.

    17. Those shoes are so cute !!
      I'd like to see a pic of your girl wearing them ^___^
    18. I just bought some lovely wigs from Leeke - they are really soft and nice! I own a DD (Aoi Chan) so I bought 8-9 size based on the advice in this thread, however, I find it extremely frustrating and difficult to put on the wig - it's very tight! Especially with the wig cap on, took me a good 20 mins just to put it on, and messes up the lovely hair, taking me another 10 mins to brush everything down (losing a few strands in the process). I'm starting to think if it would be better for me to get a 9 to 10, and use velcros to keep the hair on. Any advice?