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Hybrid discussion

Jun 14, 2018

    1. Yaaaaay! Someplace to show off my little hybrid!

      Right now, I just have this one hybrid. My Dina is a Dollmore Zaoll Dreaming Luv head with an SQ-Labs SG body, eventually when I get some more stringing elastic, she'll also have some DF-H jointed hands. Every piece had different colors, head was NS, body was real skin white, and the jointed hands were pretty much solid white. :) the color matching was so fun!

      This makes me not want to wait for my next hybrid that should be coming in end of this year.

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    2. she looks lovely :-)
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    3. Not much of a drastic hybrid, but my dollzone gene head will be arriving soon to go on my DC a-03 body!!! I’m very excited :)
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    4. So a hybrid thread actually exists as a subforum in the Large Doll Discussion! My two large dolls are hybrids, but currently only the boy is fit for photos (the girl is undergoing a body upgrade -- will post again when she's no longer just a floating head).

      Head: Granado Michael, New Normal (late 2016)
      Body: Impldoll Idol male FGB, Realskin (late 2016-early 2017)

      Color-wise, the match isn't 100%, but passable with blushing (Impl's colors are pretty erratic -- an older Realskin I used to have was even closer). Proportion is actually a bit on the pinheaded side because Granado's recent heads are pretty small. Careful arrangements of clothes and hair make it a workable hybrid, though.

      00 - New Robes
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
      #44 AntarelNefertili, Oct 29, 2018
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    5. Wow, these hybrids are really inspiring!

      I´ve preordered a morpheo-head recently and am now searching for a good body to match. i am still very indecisive and unsure where to look best.

      maybe somebody has suggestions? at the moment i am quiet intrigued by the old hound dollshe-body.
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    6. Rumpeldoll has a discussion thread and a photo ref thread, you might be better off checking there as the people in those threads are generally more likely have the doll and can help answer questions.
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    7. thanks for the suggestion! i will def. do that.
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    8. Hi there, new Morfeo owner! Welcome to the club! :)

      I’ve posted my pics in the Rumpeldoll hybrid thread, but a few of us sent them to Rumpel directly and they were cross posted on the Rumpeldoll Instagram account. :) Check that out too, there are some there that aren’t in the DoA thread :)
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    9. Just checked them out on instagram. To be honest this doesn´t make my decision any easier, quiet the opposite! :D So many amazing options...ahhhhh.
    10. I was searching for some photo and can't find any. I'm looking a best body for my IoS Jade. Wondering if the Dollshe 28M will fit? Have you seen hybrid like that?
    11. It's hard to answer that question, @Agata Z. Jankowska :) Are you wondering about a resin color match? The IOS Jade has a neck circumference of 12cm, so that's what I usually go by : that and shoulder width. The IOS 80 body seems to have wide shoulders, very wide. and I've seen pictures now that look like he's bobble headed (they look like hybrids)

      I have no idea about the color, but the dollshe 28m says the shoulder width is 17cm , but does not say where that measurement was taken. If it is in the same location that IOS shows on their doll body (inner arm is 15.5) then it would be wider. For me, that would be a good thing, because Jake does look a little bobble headed even on his intended body, (but understand, I've been getting into more realism myself)

      If however, that means the outside arm shoulder width, that's bad, that would be far narrower than the 21cm circumference shown on IOS's site. I don't think the 13cm neck would be much of a problem (again, that thick neck is nice and realistic on the dollshe)

      So I guess what you need to do is find out what the real width of the shoulders are from someone who has the body. If it's at least the 21cm or whatever is shown on their website (looks like circumference) I'd say it'll likely be a nice fit/look. If the neck really turns out to be too big, I'd ream out the neck hole of the head a little leaving the neck alone because dollshe bodies are super expensive, and I'd rather mess with the head. and because any cutting done will show on the neck as lighter material, and inside the head socket it would not be seen. Hope that was somewhat helpful?
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    12. IngieBee thx! This is exactly what I wanted to know. I think that Jade's head look a bit funny on IoS 80 body - booble as you said. I want him to look as much realistic, as it possible, and this is why I'm still looking for better body. Need him to be big, and stocky. So, will search dolshe body real width of the shoulders.
    13. Awesome, I hope it works out :D
    14. Does anyone have a Napidoll rogebell hybrid on a MSD body?
    15. Does anyone here know the resin matching for IOS and DZ normal skins? I want to buy a IOS head and a DZ body, but I can’t find much information about the two in the same pictures...
    16. I keep forgetting to post this, but here's how Impldoll's Starwoman MGB looks with a Fantasia Doll Vivian head.

      Body: IMPLdoll MGB, RealSkin (late 2018-early 2019)
      Head: Fantasia Doll Vivian normal, blushed to match IMPLdoll RS from the mid-2016 batch

      Forested 03
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr

      It's pretty obvious that Impldoll's RealSkin has gone a long way since 2016, with the older batches looking almost-white or a very light normal pink compared to the current. Also observe how wide the MGB's shoulders are -- effective for some sculpts, but not all. It's pretty good for Iplehouse heads too (the photo below is a peach gold IH Scarlet on the same body).

      Iple 2017 PG + Impl 2019 RS, day
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    17. [​IMG]
      i added him beard and now want to change hairs so maybe he will be closer to his character. i like him more with beard as he was more ir girly side....
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    18. Tbh there is nothing better then getting 2 random doll parts, head/body, and having them match perfectly
    19. I have my first hybrid on layaway- a Little Monica Sarubia head and a mirodoll 60cm body with small chest, both in white skin. I’m planning on dying her myself. I’m excited to see so many other hybrids:D