Jun 23, 2018

    1. My Tune head arrived today and I'm so happy :D
      He is perfect! Posted few pictures on my instagram if you would like to see him ^^
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    2. Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know how different the Tune head is from the Hwayoung head? I haven't ever seen them side by side, and only in pictures, which makes it hard to really tell. They are obviously different, but in terms of one over the other, is there a real honestly good reason why one would be better than the other? Thanks~

    3. Here is a comparison thread of them both. Hwayoung is smaller and more stylized version of V, but Tune is closer to his actual looks.
      I don't know if one is better than the other. Depends which style you like more. I prefer Tune's looks more but both of them are very beautifully made :dance
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    4. OHHHHHHH, That's awesome, thanks so much. I suppose I like the lip sculpting of the Hwayoung more, but in general I feel the Tune is more my style. Thanks again!!
    5. You're welcome!
      Tune is far more easier to find too than Hwayoung and less expensive as well:lol:
      I ordered Switch body for mine and it should be here by the end of the year. I also joined to group order for Lullaby Poem and got a wig for him as well. It should also arrive at the end of the year!
    6. That's awesome I hope you can share some photos, it would be awesome to see~~ I just finished negotiating for a Tune head and a Jaeii head. So I'm really excited. These will be my fist SD size dolls, as I'm normally into the MSD scene. So we will see how it goes! I'm super excited for the both of us now~~

    7. Oh wonderful :D Congratulations!
      I think that you'll like this size as well. They are quite big, but I personally love the feel of heavier doll xD It just makes them feel more stable and "real".
      Also when you start with scuplts that you feel more connected to, they will most likely make you fall in love with the size. I used to own msd's only as well, but there's something charming in these bigger ones.
    8. I was a bit afraid of owning larger dolls because of space and price, but this makes me fell much better about the decision. Thank
    9. Hello- I also just adopted an I HAVE DOLL Tune head sculpt in Sweet Beige. He's now off for a face up and wig. Did the body you were getting for your Tune work out? I'm considering a LUTS body. I've found almost nothing on him so I'm really happy to find these threads through other DoA users! :)
    10. I think newer Luts bodies might be too light in colour against the Sweet beige.
      It has a perfect match for Switch normal skin though! Mine has the attractive body in normal skin from Switch and I really like the way it looks and the way the match is between the colours ^^

      I suggest you to find bodies in colours that match to newer (made after 2016) Switch normal skin.
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    11. Oh Tune is pretty nice <3 Think I've seen him once or twice, but never knew the company...