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I will never...(but you did anyway)

Dec 2, 2016

    1. Hi,

      I just was wondering if anyone here had moments in the hobby where they said "I will never..." but then did it anyway? Like "I'll never buy another set of clothes for my dolls until next year" but then you saw something online and ended up buying it. Things like that. I get the feeling that a lot of us have been through this, especially those who "spoil" our dolls.
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    2. I was going to sew all my doll clothes - never buy them! :XD:

      oh and I was never going to buy dolls without faceup - till I got some blank 'gift' heads - and now I kind of like blank dolls :ablink:

      oh and of course I was never going to buy any more dolls either - we've all been there - resistance is futile :thumbup
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    3. I was never planning on buying any girl dolls, or YOSD's. But now I have three girls, and two little ones :sweat
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    4. I am kinda the opposite: I always said that I'll never try to own boys and now I have two big guys :D And maybe more to come?
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    5. I was never actually going to buy a BJD. :D Well... now I have three, with a fourth on the way and a massive wishlist for next year. I'm super stingy about money and won't even spend $20 on something that's of benefit to me, so dropping $200+, multiple times, on dolls was at one point unfathomable. Feels good though.
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    6. I was the same with yosds! I have a beautiful girl now though, and love her dearly~ c:
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    7. I was never going to mod a doll, and now I've done a few mods an am really enjoying it. :)
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    8. Buy eyes that cost $50 or more. (thanks Dollbakery) :whee: No regrets! (But I'm not about to make it a habit!)
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    9. Yep. Mark me down as another with the YoSDs. I said I never wanted one. I couldn't see spending money on something that small, and I didn't want a child. Except...my favorite OC is a kid, so I kept looking out of curiosity. And ooops. So I shelled her as a Littlefee Dark Elf Soo. Love her. Just that one, right?

      I have four YoSDs and a Pukifee now.
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    10. "I will never spend that kind of money on myself!"
      She says... then buys two bjds in as many weeks.

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    11. I wrote down a list of dolls/characters I had plans for and told myself I wouldn't go outside of that list..but we all know what happens when we go scrolling through the sales section "just looking for clothing eyes etc" ...yeah well I'm paying on a very unplanned girl now and I couldn't be happier! Shes already made her own plans in my head xD
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    12. Yes, me too...and I found myself already listing quite a number of them on my wishlist / to buy list for 2017 :XD:
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    13. definitely no more anthros for me either - sold them all - didn't get along with them. Bought 3 more this past month :?
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    14. I'm full of I will never moments in this hobby... normally I tend to stick to my word... but this hobby makes me completely unpredictable!xD

      Back during my first run in the hobby I said I would never have over 4 dolls... I ended up with 13. I said I would never have SDs, I ended up with 3. I said I would never have tinies, I ended up with 3. More recently... I said I would never sell my dolls, but I had to down size and emotionally needed to move on, so and now I'm selling them. I said if I ever had to sell them I wouldn't get more, now I'm buying two more little ones. I never wanted YoSDs... now I only want YoSDs. Dolls I said I disliked at first are now some of my favorites. I said I would never spend over 50$ on an outfit set, now I'm close to buying a 90$ one. I said I would never fall for a limited doll, now I want one and I'm working extra hard so I know I can make the money in time. I said I would never make my own clothing, but I already made two skirts before they got here just to practice.

      I know there is more then that, but I've flipped my views so much in this hobby, I don't even know my own mind when if comes to BJDs! xD
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    15. Just recently before I went to the San Diego BJD con, I told myself that I won't buy a doll from there, but then I saw a doll I really wanted. I bought it.

      I told myself no yo-sd or MSDs. I have one MSD and two Yo-SDs (one being from the con).
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    16. "I will never buy a doll while paying off another." I ordered Dollshe's Grown Bermann in september while still paying off my layaway of Xaviera.

      "I will never buy non human dolls."
      I have one (miss kitty) and another (xaviera) on the way.
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    17. -I'll NEVER modify a doll!
      -I'll never get a tiny
      -I'll never get cute little kid MSDs
      -I'll never buy a doll piece by piece
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    18. "I'll never buy a bjd, they're too expensive!!!"

      I'm not making any more promises like that anymore...Sooner or later I'll end up breaking them..
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    19. I will never have more than 10 dolls.
      I will never have more than 20 dolls.
      I will never have more than 30 dolls.
      I will never - oh, never mind ...

      I will never spend more 1000 USD on a doll - at the ultimate most.
      (That was before LLT's Ludwig was released and I had to have him plus the Ahaz head, in light tan. Most expensive option, of course.)
      I will never spend more than 200 USD on a doll head.
      (That was before I found that gorgeous head on the Marketplace that I just HAD to have.)

      to be continued ...
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