If you could ask BJD (and related items) makers...

Dec 8, 2016

    1. I would love it if doll companies would make more option hands in different poses.
      Volks does it, Luts used to have them for Delf, you see a few here and there as special items. But really, I want it to be a common thing across the board. Not every hand pose can be solved by having jointed hands, which are also not common enough and expensive.
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    2. please give me a msd that has a more mature looking sculpt
    3. Like quite a few others, I'm hankering for mature boy SD's in the 50-55cm. And grey resin options that actually look like grey instead of dirty/dingy white. Measurements for parts that are important like head circumference when trying to figure out wig size or neck size when trying to figure out if that hybrid you want to do will work. Companies know hybrids are very much a thing so why play I've Got Secret with measurements like that? Good blank shots of a head sculpt (one front, one side view). Honestly, that one should be a dead easy/no-brainer thing to have on a website.
    4. I would definately like more clothes for the more odd sized dolls. Also more mature looking MSD boys would be great.
    5. -This seems to be the most popular one so far, but I'll jump on the bandwagon because it's easily my biggest hobby frustration: mature MSD boys. Especially ones that could actually pass for an adult while their head is still a normal size compared to the girls. My Minifees want boyfriends, people!
      -Slim MSD shoes that are in scale to the dolls and properly fit their feet. I feel like I'm never not settling on this, hence half of them go barefoot
      -heads offered separately
      -smaller busts
      -hand options, all the hand options!
    6. More options for shoes. Ballet flats, strappy sandals, gladiator sandals, etc. Also, a clear indication for sizes on their websites. For clothing/accessories shop, maybe a list of doll bodies which fit their products.
    7. More mature MSDs seems to be a really popular demand, and I agree.

      And I would just like to see dolls that kind of "break the mold". Many BJDs have a very similar aesthetic despite coming from different companies and while there is nothing wrong about it, I would just like to see a more "aggressive" diversity. It could be just very unique face sculpts, innovative body sculpts, really unusual fantasy sculpts, or just plain weird or even ugly dolls! I love Doll Chauteau for this reason, but there are still sooo many possibilites with BJDs that are still largely undiscovered! :D
    8. Please include a size chart showing the exact measurements of your doll clothes. Saying that the clothes are MSD size, for example, is not really helpful because there are many MSD size dolls that have slightly different measurements. I don't have my first doll yet but I'm realizing that it would be difficult to find clothes for a doll that is from a different company. This would be especially annoying when it is not possible to buy a doll and an outfit from the same company. It makes me wish I knew how to sew my own doll clothes.

      I agree that more heads should be sold separately because I think it's convenient to be able to paint another head without buying another doll. I agree that there should be more small dolls that are more mature looking. I really like child dolls but, It's also nice to have some older looking ones that are not so large and expensive.
    9. I agree that I want more MSD dolls that look mature! I do like some of them with the more soft looking sculpts, but a more mature looking sculpt in a smaller package would definitely be beneficial to someone without too much space for dolls.
    10. I would like them to create more better resin materials that is less breakable and not sensitive to light. also more companies to offer and sell separate heads too.
    11. Please show dolls without wigs, clothing or faceup. Please show a frontal, a 3/4 and a true profile shot of the face. I don't buy dolls unless I can actually tell what they look like.

      More wigs that do not have bangs please, Dark blue wigs, pretty please.

      Please list all of the dolls measurements accurately, including their foot width , please.

      I need an Egyptian throne that will fit an Iplehouse EID male. Anyone know of anyplace that has one?

      I would love to find a historically accurate 1811 Regency England mens suit for my EID male.
    12. I'd like to see wigs, especially for males, that have bangs which do not cover one or both eyes!

      I'd also ask Soom to make regular lines of clothes and shoes for their 72 and 75cm IDs; I don't really want/need some of the bizarre fantasy stuff that they sell at the time of each big guy's release - I need year 'round boots, jeans, slacks and a variety of dress shirts!!

      (For those of you looking for mature, adult MSDs, you might want to check out Iple's FID line the next time it's open for sales...)
    13. I'd love to see more pastels in older male BJD clothes and definitely more feminine and/or detailed clothes for bulkier fellows! I personally feel that clothing choices for older male dolls have a very limited selection of clothes; they're all just so dark, sleek, and they look the same to me after looking more.
    14. 1) I would like more pants such as jeans, Capri, and tops like T-shrits and sweaters for both males and females. Basically more simple clothes that aren't necessary a theme but can be mixed and matched.

      2) I would also like more average male body shapes. I'm having a difficult time finding a male I have in mind because he isn't super skinny, nor is he muscular.
    15. More colorful clothing and more boy yo-sd and male msd clothing. I also would like, even if it was for a limited time, for more dark tan bjds and Dollfie Dreams.
    16. My thoughts are if your going to make/create a doll make sure you give him or her clothing & shoe choices for us to buy. Better yet give us that can sew flat slope patterns to create clothing for our dolls. If I had sloper patterns I could create some great pieces for my BIG boys,