If you could have any BJD, which would it be?

Nov 16, 2015

    1. Oooohhh! When did he come back out for you to get some of him again? That's so exciting!!
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    2. If I could have any BJD right now it would be a Smartdoll :D I think they're super cool and I really love the idea that they're made in Japan. I'm going to Japan in 2 years, so I will likely purchase one there.
    3. I would totally get one of the dollmore trinity doll fullsets. In reality they're ~$2,000 and I don't have the room for a 105cm girl. But god would I love one!
    4. I recently came across Heartstrung's Ruse again, and damn is she pretty! I would love to get hold of a "pecan" colored one.
    5. First time, when I got mine, was in 2013 at Christmas time :D Various versions have shown up since. I was able to get him in bronze skin which I love!
    6. I want all Doll Chateau's bjds because they are so gorgeous and artistic and to a lot to my liking. Guess I'm quite greedy when it comes to bjd xD
    7. It's between Soom's human Gluino, Soom's human Photon angel of death or Iple house's human Chase magician, all beautiful but sadly discontinued ;~; </3
    8. I wish I have a Dollzone Anson... I discovered this beauty 1 month after the company decided to discountinued her :(
      You still can see her on their website... :love
    9. I would so have one of the ball-jointed animals!! Like the little dogs and cats! They're so cute but so expensive for the size *_*
    10. A Soom Aslan..... >_<
    11. Dollchateau Dennis. I am beyond in love with him to the point that I am literally considering selling all my bjds and bjd related stuffs to get him.
    12. I would murder someone to have a popovy sisters doll, they are so beautiful
    13. Def ringdoll K the fullset one i know someone who is selling but its out of the budget right now and im also saving up for little monica's luke and haazel.
    14. I am very happy with my boys, they are all from my 'must have' lists, but if I increased the family, I would love to have a Spiritdoll Dark and Volks Hikaru Genji first. Also on my list: LLT Ludwig, Angell-Studio Lanling, IoS Lacrimosa.
    15. The Super Sonico sculpt! She is my dream!
    16. My dream doll is a nena02 rei with the extra reira faceplate. But it appears to now be completely discontinued...
    17. Probably Unidoll Ark.
      I also love Soom Mecha Angel Sabik with elf ears, but I think he may be too big for me.
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    18. personally, if money was no issue, i'd find a way to purchase Soom's Heliot God Master. Was one of the first BJDs that I came across when I first stepped into this hobby and I've been enchanted with the sculpt ever since :D
    19. If I could I would purchase a Volks SWD Nana again. I sold mine when I got out of the hobby a few years back and regret it so much. She was my grail doll and I am in love with her sculpt. Second to her would be a Volks MSD Hewitt. He's my grail doll of MSDs and I fell head over heels when I first saw him.
    20. Fairylands Feeple60 Lunnula :love but of course the newest release from their store (Feeple65 Ine) stole my heart and is PERFECT for a character I have in mind :nosebleed