If you could have any BJD, which would it be?

Nov 16, 2015

    1. I have a list in my profile of my "Impossible Wishes," but I'm going to list the top five I want most here:

      01 Roonodoll Yumi
      02 Dollstown Susie (original release)
      03 Dollmore Orlando Ray
      04 CustomHouse Selene
      05 DollShe Salubia

      I have an extensive wishlist but those are the ones I'd save for a miracle situation!
    2. I am back to looking for my first BJD love now. Dollzone Ivan. This was not the one they have now. This was released in I think 2005. He was a 1/3 scale and he was an elf. He is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I’ve found out that he was an exclusive Russian Release. I’ve been pining after him since 2009.
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    3. I would definitely get a Caramlyne by Enaibi. She was one of the first bjd I saw and I totally fell in love with her. Once I actually got into the hobby I was heartbroken to find out how hard it is to get an Enaibi doll :...( Even tho this isn't my ultimate grail doll, it would be the most difficult to get so I would definitely use my free pass on this one :lol:
    4. If I could get any bjd, it would be 1/6 Rhinoceros from a Chinese sculptor named Evaty ! However this sculpt was discontinued and it's impossible to find a 2nd hand in any marketplace :(
    5. If money were no object, I would probably buy a Dream of Doll Sha or Withdoll Cecily with all the transparent parts. They're two of my favorite sculpts.
    6. I feel like I´ve rambled about this a million times... Nabarro - Sumner! Extremely beautiful and unique sculpt, I love it. Although it was limited to 80 and will never be reproduced...
    7. Volks Victorique - the full-set with default face-up. Totally fell in love with her when I saw her "live" last year. Second choice would be Volks Suigintou - also the full-set with default face-up.
    8. Ery by Culur, for sure! Or 9S Dollfie, whenever it comes out
    9. An Akh Nathan! Anything else I want I have a slight chance of getting someday, but I don't know if anyone on this forum even bought one, let alone would be willing to sell him, and Akhmel has not posted any new pictures on her flickr in years, which makes me doubt whether there might be another chance to get him ever.

      And it would be nice to have a boy to go with my Aki. I would even settle for a Xiro instead of a Nathan, I just want one of them because they are so amazing and delicate.
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    10. i'd get soom, dollclans, and loongsoul body (aka basically my wishlist)
    11. I would have to say my dream dolls are Volks Shinku, Leiselotte and Genji. I hope I can at least get Leiselotte and Genji if I’m patient and wait for one for sell at a descent price.
    12. That's a tough one, though DIM Terrence, Dollzone Floy, or any Planetdoll MSD would be on my immediate have-to-grab list! But put all three in front of me and I wouldn't know which to pick. XD
    13. Probably FL Fairyline60 Scarlett. Like, sweet Jesus, I love the tail.
    14. If I had to pick only ONE ever.... it'd be a DOC Ducan, I think. He's gorgeous.
    15. Definitely the Minifee Siean!
    16. A doll that resembles Tzuyu
    17. Doll chateau sexta =___= I’m currently obsessed with his sculpt because he’s so perfect for one of my characters, I want him so bad......
    18. Realistically: Volks SD souseiseki
      Completely unrealistically: Souseiseki/Lucia in WS, or Volks Alice (she barely exists on the second hand market...)
    19. Probably some really fancy vampire bjd or a dragon doll.
    20. Bronze or Tan Soom Prince Charming Fantasy version (that’s a bit of a mouthful hahaha). He looks exactly like my antelope character! But I only want him in a specific version and in a specific skin tone, plus the doll’s original price is way out of my budget, so I don’t think I’ll be getting him at any point. :sweat
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