If you could have any BJD, which would it be?

Nov 16, 2015

    1. After extensively researching and looking at owner pictures of Minifee dolls, I've decided I want my first MNF to be Sircca. I love her and the way she looks not too cute but also not bored or aloof. I would get her in NS and the new active line body. Now to save up!
    2. Might sound less interesting compared to the amazing looking mentioned sculpts here but I'd definetley get an Aileen doll Camelia. She's got such an adorable sculpt!
    3. I love IpleHouse's Asa sculpt. I almost never buy a female BJD and I love her so much I want one in every size. I just think she is beautiful!
    4. I've been pining after Souldoll Tae for years... Should've bought him when I had the chance. :/
    5. Oh hi, 2017. Awesome choice of sculpt, but they’re MSD and you’re not about that. Your current lust list includes
      -twigling Argyria ingenue
      -doll chateau winged people (Kevin/Zenobia)
      -AS mermaids (greater snow, ideally)
      -ringdoll Carmilla
      -Iplehouse Ashanti for no good reason I just think she’s gorgeous.
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    6. On one hand, I'd love one of those huge Lusion dolls. But at the same time, I'm 99% certain that at some point, seeing a life size doll in the dark would freak me out or I'd start having nightmares or something...
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    7. LOL yes me too! I think the only solution is give her her own bedroom - oh what fun that would be too :whee:
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    8. You are getting sleepy..... Join us... Buy the Lusion.... :lol:

      I actually moved mine a few months ago from her cabinet setup to being out on top of my dresser a few feet from my bed and so far no nightmares! Haha
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    9. :whee: so fun to dress to I bet! I used to have a similarly big 90cm Angel of Dream boy who fitted baby clothes (which are surprisingly un-babyish these days!) but of course... as I often do... I sold him and now regret it! :...( Those big joints can bite hard though :horror: My fatal mistake was trying to restring him....
    10. Ooh I actually didn’t even know AoD had a 90cm body! I have to look into this now ahaha and no way, trying to restring a giant doll sounds like an injury waiting to happen!
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    11. yes they sell them at Alices Collections, and a couple of Chinese sellers on ebay too - I think he took approx 9 month old shirt size - and size UK child 4 or 5 shoes - oh the cute CHEAP shoes you can get for child sized dolls :o I found some beauties on ebay which live children had grown out of and barely worn. So really it's financially the sensible thing to do - buy a doll large enough to wear them :thumbup (dolly-logic to the max!)
    12. Minifee Marcia. I'm so in love with that doll! :love I'm not going to say it's impossible,but right now I just don't see a way to get one.
    13. A male Luts Kid Delf (or Model Delf) centaur. I don't really have a specific face sculpt in mind.
    14. Ohhhhh i have so many! But probably CP Delf Soony, Lishe, and Breakaway. And Soom super Gem Gena. I absolutely love her.
    15. Right now I would really like a Momoni doll (preorder soon) in toffee, carmello, or cocoa.
    16. I would love to have a Sweet Gale Cyril:hug:it's a really difficult to have now
    17. The dolls I want are Volks Ran, Dollzone June and Dream of Doll Tahlia
    18. Do I have to choose only one? :)
      So many I want!!!

      But if I really have to choose it would be fullset Litvinovich doll <3
    19. Volks SD10 Shinku in her fullset ... Maybe that sounds snobbish because she's so valuable, but I have wanted her for almost a decade now and her look hasn't lost any of it's appeal to me. One day she will be mine, no matter how much I will need to safe, that's my ultimate goal in this hobby. :XD:
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    20. I want a Nabarro Har, and I am never paying $600+ for a head. I have limits.

      Attainably, someday I want a Dollmore Trinity. Not sure which one because it'll be a loooong time, but I love those giants.