If you could have any BJD, which would it be?

Nov 16, 2015

    1. I want a Nabarro Har, and I am never paying $600+ for a head. I have limits.

      Attainably, someday I want a Dollmore Trinity. Not sure which one because it'll be a loooong time, but I love those giants.
    2. For unattainable things that are beyond even grail status, I would Loooove to have Loongsoul gongong, I missed that order period entirely but even if I hadn't he was very out of budget. I also would like to have Dollzone Sawarieda or Fairyland Scarlet (There's a pattern here...) but they were both wildly out of budget too. And they all still are, even second hand I'd still sadly let them pass me by. :pout:
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    3. Should I choose only one? :whee:
      I have a big wish-list for Santa :XD:
      If I could get any doll for gift, I’d choose LosevaDoll Yui :drool
      Also I’m dreaming about Midnoir Rini and Dollshe Grant Philippe
    4. An Elfdoll Vivien. I'd really like to grab one.
    5. I really wish to buy someday an Ery by Culur, hopefully she will cast some more this year
      But talking beyond grail status and crazy resell prices, Volks Creamy Mami Super Dollfie complete set would be a dream, but they need to get a grip I ain't paying 3k for a doll ugh
      But for now, I consider myself extremely lucky to have found my grails already (my two Unoas) at decent prices!
    6. She doesn't go for 3K. She's selling about the same as her original price put a wanted up and keep an eye out on ebay.
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    7. thanks for the heads up, but the only listing I can find is in the 3k region. I want the more "realistic" one, not the "manga" sculpt!
    8. Yes I saw this girl go full set for 800.00 on ebay a few weeks ago I nearly bid on her myself as it was such a good price. Just because you only saw it go for that doesn't mean it's not going for less! put a wanted up :-) However expect to pay about what she sold, that was a great deal I saw. I also have her myself and love this mold, it's my favorite.
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    9. I really want the Soul Zenith Shiva (multi-arm version) she's the only one I've seen with multiple sets of arms (there are Dream Valley 1/4 size dolls that have a third arm but I want 2 sets of arms) She's gorgeous and I'm really sad I missed getting her
    10. If I could have ANY I would gladly take Volks Michele... Why not in fullset from Boy's dormitory version? :P Idk if I would keep him on the original body but just having this fullset would be wonderful. Just having Michele... Would be enough. He's still not super super rare, just too expensive for me now, so I have to wait for better times. : D I have my dream doll which was really expensive long time ago too, so I can have second fav someday!
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    11. Well, for me, it is mostly heads, but I really have some Sculpts on the list I would give almost anything for:

      - A creatures dolls Bactro (the original Version) in any color! I have an Absynthe and I would love to have a Bactro!

      - A granado V-07 head... this is my ultimate grail so far, I really would be willing to pay a lot of money for one but so far I have never seen one for sale T_T

      - A Souldoll Souloid (male version)... I love androids and I so hope to ever get a chance to get my hands on one
    12. I would get Doll Chateau Scorpio Pluto. I love monster girls, and I have an Elizabeth and a Dollzone Scorpio that she would've gone with perfectly. Broke my heart that I couldn't try to order her :(
    13. I would really like a Gluino Vampire Alchemist Soom Idealian, that I would love to have them, both of the faces and full dolls, but they just don't make them anymore.
    14. I would give almost anything to find and own the retired Doll Chateau Oort!
      While so many of their sculpts are still beautiful, there is just something about the Oort!
      Ugh! Why does DC have always discontinue everything! lol
    15. Manuna Mouse! I have fallen in love with Manuna<3 But they are so rare!

      Doll Zone Raymond fullset.
      My favourite for long long time, but I hesitate to buy him because I work like: character first, doll second. Raymond simply doesn't match any character I have in mind and my plans are quite long-term. Buying him would mess up my doll list. Besides, I'm not sure what to do with a doll I bought just because it's pretty, without any plans for him. So I hesitate and hesitate...

      AngelsDoll Cat Avatar Cian head. Difficult to get, too rare.:eek:
    16. IOS Sebastian Michaelis!
      Not only is he no longer available, he is also extremely expensive (at least to me). I have a very strict cost ceiling per doll, and he goes way over it. So if someone 'gave me' half the price for him and he was made available again, I would buy him in a heartbeat. He suits the character perfectly, the character himself is one of my favorites in anime, and that freakin' smile gets me every time!
    17. Any Shoushou doll. Honestly, their sculpts are just so unique (in my eyes) and I love how they look! They're just out of my budget and even their heads alone are kinda expensive. Hopefully once I get a job then I can be able to buy one. I just love how much personality their sculpts have. I really, really love looking at people who own these dolls too! :XD:
    18. Dream Of Doll Black Elf Ducan... my first dolly love, and the one that will NEVER HAPPEN :...( especially now the company are gone, there's a couple more I would likely sell a bit of spleen for (not a full spleen tho since... I need that for Black Elf Ducan!)
    19. Probably a Dollchateau Snowborn or an Ariadoll
    20. My next grail doll is Doll Leaves Lan with her full set. But since she's really rather attainable for me, I'll shoot fir the stars: a Little Owl Popovy Sisters doll. I will never approach the level of financial security of being able to drop over $800 for one doll, not getting into the hundreds more for face up and clothing. But oh am I ever enraptured by their avant-garde aesthetic.