IMda Modigli 30.5cm discussion part 3

Dec 1, 2016

    1. Yes! That's the first thing I thought when I saw her...Ante. I love her and had to put her on layaway.
    2. Thank you Auntbear! I am really enjoying her!
    3. Thought I would resurrect this thread again because IMDA dolls are cute and fun, always brings a smile

      Im going to need one for every month of the year lol

      This is November, my IMDA Dorothy 3.0 in cream white, sleeping version

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    4. November is adorable with all those ruffles!
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    5. november is lovely, and that's a beautiful picture of her
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    6. @nancy_schroeder_ca
      Thank you, yes I love the dress! My heart was pounding when the preorder came up because i remember ordering the odelie set and then after check out, I saw it was sold out :( thankfully Soom is making more quantities in the newer releases, so it takes a few days to sell out their quantities

      Yuka made the dress, she has really beautiful sets
      yuka (@babyjimda) • Instagram photos and videos

      Thank you for thinking so, I appreciate your comment :)

      I think I am now very in love with them, theres a sprite feeling to them

      unoriginal to name her November, but I thought I need atleast 12 of them to be happy, one for each month :apirate: I already have Choco Colette as October, and who knows when Fepe, Angelique boy and Molly will arrive and what month they will claim
    7. She's beautiful and so serene!!

      My Dorothy. I named her Verity, came and I went through 4 different variations of her faceup until she finally wound up like this. It's not exactly what I wanted, but I'm going to leave well enough alone. It would probably help if I knew what I was doing.....I'm so glad I gave the body another chance....I'm going to wire it as soon as I can though. The sculpts are too cute.

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    8. That doll is amazing. I am trying to figure out how I can order one.
    9. Soom makes regular release of iMda dolls. You just have to wait for the size and sculpt you want. They also show up in the market place!
    10. Thank you!! I have started to stalk the website on a regular basis so I don’t miss out on a sculpt I want. I have an Angelique on layaway. I would also like to get a Nicole and an Amellia. I think they usually have one doll up for two weeks for sale and then about a week later they put up another doll for sale and so on. So like I said I try to scope out the website on a regular basis. Good luck!

      ETA: So Fepe just went off for sale, so in about a week or so I would check the website to see who is next.
    11. They offered a number of sculpts at Dollism. Sometimes show offerings can be offered online after the show. Imda frequently posts teaser pictures on Instagram before the release.
    12. Thanks for the info!
    13. I will check that out! Thanks!
    14. she may not be what you had wanted. but i think she is adorable! love the bead work on her pocket too
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    15. Oh! You got that wonderful outfit! I was too late! She is adorable!
    16. Thank you! I had to keep refreshing the page for that one, the site kept freezing up. I can understand too, it's really well done :)
    17. Thank you :)
    18. omg is there any way to order from aicoda or camelliacandy? (has anyone tried? and if so, how did the interaction go?)
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