IMda Modigli 30.5cm discussion part 3

Dec 1, 2016

    1. Love love love all the little pouty faces. <3
    2. I’ve not been on DoA for ages - I still have a lot of BJDs (too many, will reduce numbers next year!) but my newest girl is making me want to play again. She’s Angelique, shipped only two months after I ordered and paid, and definitely has a resemblance to Ante. I love her!

      It’s been so long since I posted I’m having problems inserting a photo - here’s a link to my Flickr pic Imda Angelique

      Ps how do I insert photos from an iPad? I used a laptop previously.
    3. @kayjay congratulations on your new girl :)

      Angelique is very beautiful and thats an amazing shot of her

      Im not sure how to place a photo directly from an ipad, but I guess you can upload it on the flickr app, and then click on the arrow pointing right (not the one pointing downwards) and then click on BBCode and choose the size you like, after that click and copy the code here
    4. Thanks! Yes I thought that, but it wouldn’t let me copy the BBCode for some reason. I might have to dust off my laptop
    5. I am waiting on an Elodie 3.0 in Normal skin from Soom. She will be my first Soom Imda. I couldn't resist her cute face with the tiny teeth! Her measurements are close to the Myou 30cm dolls which I already own. I will make some clothes for Elodie with adjustments for her longer arms. I am hoping to see more owner photos of the Imda 3.0 dolls.
    6. Amellia is up and they are selling the head only also!
    7. I was able to order an Imda 3.0 Amellia in Normal skin with Blue Green eyes and the three wigs shown with her. I really like the photo of her below showing how the red wig complements her faceup.

      Her romper is cute but I prefer dresses. I hope that more seamstresses offer doll clothes for this Imda 3.0 size. I sew, but appreciate purchasing creations by others as well.

      I wanted my Elodie 3.0 to have a sister. Now the long wait until they both arrive!

    8. Amelia 3.0 is so cute. I'm very tempted to get her as an older sister to my Fairyland LittleFee Ante since they look alike. At the same time I wonder if I should wait for 2.6 instead so their sizes are closer... And then there is also Odelie that I'm hoping will return. I like too many iMda dolls!
    9. i was so slow on ordering amellia that the carrot colored wig all sold out before i could get my hands on it, but her face is so cute, i think just about any wig would make her look pretty!
      I own an odelie and she definitely looks much cuter in person than she does in photographs!
    10. Amelia is very cute. What is the wait time for Imda these days? Thanks. :)
    11. speaking for myself only, 3 - 4 months
      and they are very responsive on instagram if you have any questions
      (idk if anyone else had a different experience)
    12. Thank you. That seems to be the average wait time for these companies.
    13. I ordered a Petite Colette in July and received her after exactly three months. I didn’t get a shipping notice and she just showed up, it was a happy surprise.
    14. @Piko That carrot wig was my favourite among the three they are offering as well!

      To contact iMda on Instagram, did you message them or leave a comment?
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    15. My Angelique arrived a few days ago at a little less than three months.
    16. I’ve seen comparison photos of iMda 3.0 and YoSDs without clothes on. They look to be of very different proportions. I’m hoping that Amelia could go well with my YoSDs (especially my LittleFee), so can anyone who own both tell me how they look together in real life?
    17. i left them a comment as a compliment because i had no issue, and they replied to it! they replied to all comments under all their promo pictures from others as well! they are very responsive. i even asked if they would sell heads separately, and they ended up making a listing for people who also only wanted to purchase heads.
      i was astounded.
      never had a company cater so much to customer satisfaction before concerning dolls LOL

      and as for the size comparison, i dont have a littlefee, but i do have Yo-SDs from dollzone, and they are both about 29cm in height.
      the imda is ...well, she's thick? hahah she's chubbier in the limbs but yo-sd clothes fit just fine!
    18. @Piko Thanks so much for your helpful answers to both my questions!
    19. This is a nude comparison but it may help. It's and iMda 3.0 , littlefee and iMda 2.6

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