IMda Modigli 30.5cm discussion part 3

Dec 1, 2016

    1. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thank you! The LittleFee has such a small forehead compared to the iMda girls. :XD:
    2. Head shapes and sizes vary widely on real people. The difference can be minimized by giving iMda a close fitting wig and the Littlefee a fluffy wig.
    3. i hope this isn't a weird question but im wondering if anyone has tried MSD shoes/clothes on an imda 3.0? and if so, photos please? :O
    4. I am pretty sure the shoes and clothes will be too big.
      Here is Odelie wearing YOSD clothes and shoes. Fit is perfect..
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    5. I have a soom imda I got in a trade. I’m not sure what size she is (I’m thinking 3.0 as she is fairly yosd sized.) she is really floppy, so I want to restring her but wondered if this was just common for these dolls. She’s my first imda. Are there any tips and tricks? I’m thinking using a larger thicker elastic. But otherwise not sure what I can use. Obviously their a bit ackward with the larger heads. :)
    6. Long ago the 5.2 iMdas were delivered with loose stringing and were floppy. They listen to their customrrs and that doesn't happen anymore. I have never gotten a floppy 3.0 so I would guess the elastic needs to be replaced. The sculpt name should be molded inside the head.
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    7. My Odelie is floppy but I like her this way. You could try moleskin if you didn’t want to restring. :)
    8. What size are the 5.2? I think she’s a collette. Super pouty. But I will have to check when I get home. I got her in a trade and don’t know how old she is. So it could just be old elastic.

      I don’t mind her floppy but I’d like her to stand occasionally so she needs to be tighter for that. :)
    9. Imda sizes are very easy.
      1.7 is 17cm
      2.2 is 22cm
      2.6 is 26cm
      3.0 is 30cm
      4.3 is 43cm for the girls and a bit taller for the boy
      5.2 is 52cm
    10. My first Soom Imda doll arrived yesterday! Elodie Imda 3.0 in Normal skin is wearing the Soom 16mm Ocean Gray eyes, a Monique size 7-8 wig and a romper I made for her using an OddPrincess pattern. I added sleeves and a headband. The shoes are from Iplehouse for BID (YOSD) dolls.

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    11. She is super cute! I love the outfit. Color is perfect for her. Does OddPrincess sell patterns on etsy? You really did a nice job with embellishments too.
    12. Yes. OddPrincess and Tirin and Katten both sell patterns for Imda dolls on Etsy.

      My fingers are in bad shape due to all of the hand sewing for the embellishments but I was determined to get it right. I now have a collection of vintage lace for other projects as well. I am now trying many of the prints by Liberty of London Tana Lawn. Here is a photo of Elodie 3.0 in a Tirin and Katten Cap Sleeve Dress pattern with Liberty fabric Amelie A. The bodice pattern is one piece so no sleeve to inset.

    13. Very cute dress. I have a similar pattern but this appears to be gathered at sleeve hem which gives a nice look. The fabric is lovely. I have yet to try Liberty fabrics. Elodie has such a cute face.
    14. Here is another photo of Elodie wearing Liberty Tana Lawn Floral Picnic.

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    15. those are lovely
    16. Elodie has such a great expression! The fabric is beautiful. Cute dress!
    17. the amelia i ordered in feb arrived this weekend!! just in time for photoshoots with cherry blossoms!!

      (i'll be putting more on my insta so check that out if you wanna see more? :D :D)


      (i think i need to put bigger eyes -and they're a little wonky there oof- ;A; this look was thrown together hurriedly in my excitement hehe)
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    18. Here is my Imda 3.0 Amellia who recently arrived. I made her outfit using Liberty Tana Lawn Michelle D fabric.
      Now I am waiting on the new Imda 3.0 Modigli. Hope she arrives in record time!

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    19. @Piko Wow! That is fast! I ordered Amelia end of January. Hope she arrives soon. Yours is so cute!

      @Therese52 She is adorable! I love the dress, too. When did you order?
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    20. I ordered Amellia on 1/16/19 and she arrived on 3/22/19. I was surprised how quickly she shipped.