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IMda Modigli 30.5cm discussion part 3

Dec 1, 2016

    1. Great news! I ordered the last day so I should not have too long a wait. Thanks!
    2. Soom is shipping my wig and shoes from Imda 3.0 Nicole. I hope that Modigli 3.0 will be shipped as swiftly as Amellia was!
      Amellia is modeling a romper set I made for myself.

    3. She looks great in the romper! My Amelia arrived today. She has an interesting face up with the yellow under eyes. At first I wasn't sure about it but I like it now.
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    4. My Amellia has the same colorful faceup! It did take some time to get used to.
    5. The face up is very different but I really like it. It took a little time finding eye wig combination. She is going to be fun.
    6. I tried a new wig on Amellia 3.0 and made her a new romper using lightweight denim and Liberty Tana Lawn Kashmir Red fabric. She looks so different with each new wig I try.

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    7. I love this look! Super cute outfit!
    8. All of these outfits are adorable. Do you folks have any suggestions for patterns for the 3.0 size?
    9. Tirin and Katten's patterns on Etsy are great.
    10. There are also free patterns on the neo-angelregion site.
    11. Look on Etsy or Ebay for patterns specifically for the Imda dolls. You can also purchase other 1/6 BJD patterns and adapt them to fit the Imda 3.0 dolls. I used a pattern for YOSD dolls and altered it to make this dress and bonnet for Elodie Imda 3.0.

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    12. I agree on the Tirin & Katten dress patterns! Here is a dress I made using her cap sleeve pattern.
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    13. @Therese52 Your outfits are so nice. I love the fabrics and patterns you use.

      @scard I use adapted YOSD patterns. Usually it is just the length.
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    14. Oliveoil,
      Thanks for your appreciative comments! I do try to make outfits that I love. I decided to keep this new Dress and Bonnet made from Liberty Tana Lawn Floral Jazz Pink fabric. Sometimes it is hard to part with your handiwork. Your outfits are so cute and whimsical!

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    15. Thanks for all the info, I'll check out Etsy for the Tirin & Katten pattern, is adorable. I think I have a few YOSD patterns somewhere, but it will take some digging to find them. (just moved)
    16. omg This out fit is really really cute
    17. Addictiya,
      Glad you like it! I love making doll clothes and my Imda girls are the cutest models.
    18. @Therese52 I have a couple of dresses I can’t part with and some I wish I hadn’t.
      I can see why you are keeping this dress. It is really pretty. Beautiful fabric.
      Thank you. My dresses are very basic. :)
    19. I am still adapting patterns for the Imda 3.0 girls. I needed to lengthen the torso (Top and Bloomers) and widen the neckline for this Trentsation pattern to fit my Imda 3.0 dolls. Elodie is modeling the final version below.

    20. Hello, I'm not sure if this question is allowed here, if it isn't I'll take it down. Would it be fair to price a 3.0 Gian head in tan skin with company faceup according to the Amellia head that was sold a while ago? Minus the face up option, because I know there's a 5 dollar difference between the two.