IMda Modigli 30.5cm discussion part 3

Dec 1, 2016

    1. My new Soom Imda 3.0 Modigli arrived yesterday! Her eyes are slightly smaller than Amellia's eyes (16mm) so these 14mm Mako AS-009 eyes seem better for her. She is modeling the dress and bonnet I made for her using Liberty Tana Lawn Kashmir Yellow.

    2. Oh, she is adorable! I love the dress you made too. She has a great face.
    3. Imda 3.0 Amellia has new 16mm Mako AM-011 eyes. I always like the Mako eyes best and wish they had more light colors.

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    4. I love everything about your girl. The green eyes are AMAZING!
    5. I love the eyes!! It is a perfect color. I agree...light colors are the best.
    6. What size Mako eyes did you get for Amellia?
    7. Amellia has 16mm AM-011 Green Mako eyes. Modigli has 14mm AS-009 Blue Mako eyes (see photo above).
      Here is Elodie with her new 16mm AM-015 Blue eyes.

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    8. OMG! She is SO ca-yoot! Big blue eyes are lovely.
    9. I should have read your original post. You have the size and color listed. Sorry! Elodie’s eyes are pretty. I like the Mako eyes with gems...adding a sparkle. Thank you.
    10. Soom Imda 3.0 Elodie wearing 17mm Baby Blue Masterpiece Soft Glass eyes and a new wig. I am still trying to find a good look for her.
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    11. I think you found the good look! Great eyes and wig. :)
    12. She is cute! You might try eyes with smaller irises.
    13. SO CUTE!!! love the eyes! thank you for saying the company too :) i've been converted
    14. Here is another photo of Soom Imda 3.0 Amellia with 17mm Masterpiece Soft Glass Light Agate eyes.

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    15. Glad you like the eyes. Here is Imda 3.0 Modigli with 15mm Dresden Masterpiece Soft Glass eyes.
    16. Nancy,
      I tried several 14mm and 15mm eyes for Elodie this morning but her eye sockets are much larger than Amelia or Modigli's eye sockets. I finally decided to get closer to her facial coloring with a Strawberry Blond size 7-8 mohair wig and 17mm Guardian Masterpiece Soft Glass eyes. Her forehead is high, so the slightly longer bangs work well. I think her eye color/positioning and softer wig color now give her a younger sweeter look.

    17. I like those eyes and wig much better!
    18. Thanks for your suggestions Nancy! Our dolls can always be improved with a little trial and error.