Immortality of Soul (Part VII)

Feb 27, 2018

    1. Ughhhh, a very jealous congratulations to the new Strange owners! I can't believe the amazing amount of detail IOS put into him.

      Are the jointed hands only available with Dr. Strange? I'd love to have some sort of jointed hand option for my Tauros.
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    2. Pretty sure they were only available with him. mildly frustrated with them because I can't get them to make a tightly closed fist.... are either of you having any better luck with that?
    3. I am very curious about whether the toukenranbu is the work of ios. I think the style of the face is very similar.
    4. I am wondering if a 70cm head can fit to a 80cm body?
    5. 80 body's neck circumference is 12cm while 70 is 10.5cm. So I don't think it can fit.
      Perhaps the slender neck option will do?
    6. thank you! I think I am imaging the fitting, totally forgot about the measurements.
    7. Thought some of you might be interested in knowing this

      I asked them about the female body they posted three years ago, a very lovely sculpt with nice muscle definition

      They have been busy with the Marvel doll and the BJD Gravity project, but they havent forgotten about the body and will be updating it in the future for release

      Gravity has just started, and looks very very promising, so maybe it might take a little while longer for the female body, but at least it has not been abandoned :)

      For those looking for Aria hybrids, this one to me looks perfect. A hybrid by Sachsenkai

      Gabi Elisabeth on Instagram: “If anybody wants to know how to hybrid a dollios Aria, mine is on a dollstown 15 boy body. Head is IOS new normal, body is Dollstown fresh…”
    8. Thanks for these news!!
      Btw what is Gravity project?
      and I'm still waiting for the Undertaker doll but I see, they have been busy
    9. @paxita The person that made Aria has made their own project (I guess financed or supported by Immortality of Soul? they only told me they were working on the Gravity project) so Im guessing it is a sister company like Doll Chateau and Doll Zone

      Im not sure Im allowed to post it since its still under moderation to see if their dolls are on topic or not, but Im optimistic it will be on topic
      New Company - GRAVITY | Mint
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    10. Ahhhhhh! He looks so awesome!
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    11. I am looking for a pair of jointed hands for my boy with NS. May I know where did you get your hands? thank you!
    12. Hey there, the pair of jointed hands he is using is from LoongSouls, it has been colour corrected for the body he is on by special request (additional charges). Its not a good fit for IOS tho since the hands are too big for the new 70cm body body >n<
    13. Hi, did anyone notice the new doll (Roi) on the official website? And he's labelled as "sold out". I'm wondering if he has really sold out, or the selling hasn't started yet.
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    14. thanks a lot! I guess I have to keep looking for other options. *_*
    15. yes, I noticed Roi several days ago as a new arrival. I am browsing their web everyday..... haha:wiggle

      I guess it is not yet open for order. will wait and see.
    16. IOS updated one photo saying Erwin coming in Aug. I suspect, Erwin from Attack on Titan, will that be him??:aeyepop:
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    17. Where did you see the update? Couldn't find it ><
      Btw Roi is now available for purchasing. :3nodding:
    18. It is the last picture in their big rotates banner. I just realised that the mobile website does not show. Desk top website shows.
    19. Neat, now I can finally see it. Thanks!
      By looking at his clothing, he could be Erwin from Attack on Titan because of that bolo tie; yet the nose and the lips didn't give me the vibes. Let's hope after showing the whole face sculpt he will look good enough. =)