Immortality of Soul (Part VII)

Feb 27, 2018

    1. Anyone out for Thera? I just ordered mine in black and I'm super excited :) Didn't realize the ears were attached though, that's gonna be hard for wigs. Time to practice making them >_<

      Does anyone know of user pictures for the black resin by chance?
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    2. *Slides in to thread*

      Hi guys! :) I've not posted in this thread before but I've recently decided that I need an IOS boy in my life (make that two, specifically). I've discovered Cho and Mars are perfect for two characters of mine and I really want to order them but one thing has me a bit concerned.

      Since Mars is a Class60 and Cho is a Class50 I'm a bit worried Mars' head might look too big/disproportionate next to Cho's. I noticed on their product pages they're both listed as having 8inch heads so in theory they should be a similar size but I just thought I'd get the opinion of current IOS owners first. Better yet, if someone has both sculpts and could tell me that'd be great.

      The fact that the Class60 body and new Class50 body have very similar measurements (specifically their shoulder and neck width is only 1cm different) is somewhat reassuring that they'll look correctly proportioned to one another but the lingering worry won't go away.

      (Gosh, look at that wall of text. Sorry about the rambling guys :sweat)
    3. I am not sure if this would help but maybe for your information. IOS sent me the MARS head by mistake and I put him on my 70 body. The proportion feels alright. My boys are all 70 class, I don't notice a huge size difference in 70 and 60 head, certainly the 70 head looks bigger.:whee:
      I love cho as well, but he is on 2nd place or maybe 3rd on my wish list due to his size. I love IOS boys so much:blush
    4. Hello folks, IOS' summer sale event has started (19/07-19/08) and most class 60,70 and 80 will receive a 20% off (exclude animal heads:pout:).

      Guess I need to cancel my current order and re-order during the event then (just ordered my spare Jade head and Nebel head last week and bam there's the discount event). Not sure if I can do that but I've sent a request and left a message on the Q&A board. Has anyone tried to cancel the order before? If successful, will the points that have spent be returned as well?
    5. I haven't cancelled any orders before. Good luck to you!
      I noticed their sales last Friday. I was thinking about Lacrimosa for several month, now finally I given in and ordered him.
      I am also thinking about Blue. He is just so attractive. Luckily I have about a month to struggle.:evilplot:
    6. In this picture, Aria even without face up, remember me to Tilda Swinton a lot!


      I’m considering of getting Anima on the Summer event. A contact from Instagram told me that she found 70 class body is little for this head... but 80 class doesn’t would be too much big?

      Any pic of Anima with 70 class body naked? Or whatever that could help me please?
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    7. The refund has been successful thanks to the super effective customer service. I purchased 2 heads, thus they directly transferred me 66 points to my account. =D
      Also congratz on getting Lacrimosa! And hope you'll make up the decision on Blue soon =)

      According to the opinions from my friends, Class 80 body with Class 70 head will look more realistic, but you need to mold the neck a little bit yourself to make them fit.
    8. I'm not brave to do that LOL
    9. Also, I just found a size comparison photo from the official website, hope this can help. =)
      Body ComparisonProduct Review - I.O.S
    10. It helps me lots! Thank you! Anarmonia IOS is 80class?
    11. I asked IOS, as I had size question for a long time. I personally prefer stronger and taller body, but I like the 70 class heads more than 80 class. IOS replied that 70 head can be put on 80 body. But whether the head will look smaller is a very subjective view. I also found picture on ins that a 70 head on 80 body, looked fine. I will try this time myself. I am also considering changing a body for my 70 boys, the default body now looks too small and thin for me.
    12. It's just that what my Instagram contact told me, that Anima head looked big for 70 IOSb and she finally chose DollsTown 17yr
    13. Yes he is.
      (By the way Class 80 body can be difficult to buy trousers since the legs are very long. But it can use ID72's tops.)
    14. Thanks for the info! Sounds like MARS might be a bit bigger than Cho. If I do decide to order Cho I think I'll risk it and order MARS as well, if MARS ends up looking too big I can always use him for another character :lol:
    15. I've found a comparison picture of 70 and 80 and 80 is toooo big. Such a pity the 70 are not really 70 is 60 plus the head size and I want to reduce my 65 guys to 0 :/. I'm more into 70 real

      I really don't know what to do LOL
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    16. I understand you! I didn't notice that class 70 was not real 70 boy until I received my 2nd boy from another maker. I was confused about their size difference, then I measured IOS 70 boy, he is only at 66cm.
      I finally take action to change my boys into new body this week after I put on new cloth on my 70 boy, I realized that he is not tall and strong as I imaged for him. So I have ordered 2 new bodies from another maker. They will become 73 boys hopefully. I will see if I can have new pictures taken soon with my boys in new body.
    17. You probably need to purchase a body from other vendors.
      Ios' official size chart is not very accurate imo (from a class 80 owner), you have to do the measurements yourself if you want to buy something really fitting.
    18. I’m just jumping here, hope it’s ok but I’ve searched the forum and can’t find a thread on what fits the 80cm bodies. I really want one of the 80cm boys, not sure which yet, but am wondering if there are even any clothes out there that fit them?
    19. Hello! I wanted to know if anyone could help me. I have a Jaguar head from 2014 in what suppose was white. It been in the original box and packaging since. It obviously yellowed some what. I been trying to find a body fit him in both sizing and "color" i don't mind if its slightly off in resin color since most will be covered by his outfit. I was debating the wheat color skin tone from ring doll in one of their bodies (help on which one would be great) Once I'm home from my weekend trip. I'll see about posting a picture of the head in sunlight so I can get a nice direction to head in. Thank you for any help!
    20. They can wear sizes similar with ID72 (uppers only), while for bottoms you need to find something bigger perhaps since they've got quite long legs. You may also ask for custom tailoring on Etsy or Instagram. The brand Odd Aristocratic accepts custom sizing by the way.
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