Immortality of Soul (Part VII)

Feb 27, 2018

    1. their new doll is really Erwin Smith from Attack on Titan, haha, I guessed right. Levi comes back together as well!
      Beautifully made! IOS! good news for Titan fans!
    2. question: has anyone tried 70 class body with class 50 head.......I really like Cho, but would like him to be bigger....
    3. Hello folks, I just received my Jade and Nebel heads (purchased during the sale event) and they both look amazing.:) Can't wait to face them up.

      The only thing I'm concerned about is the eye socket. Since I'm still kinda new to this hobby, I'm wondering do all dolls' eye sockets have tiny cracks like this?
    4. [​IMG]

      Just wanted to share my 4 year old boy (I love how their cards show their exact date they were made on) :D He been in his box waiting for a body which still haven't happened! I'm looking at bodies now and still haven't decided if one would work or not since neck sizing. I keep leaning towards a ring doll body since they look really nice. He's still a white but a more off white now due to age. In general really haven't aged too much and I'm glad for! The sculpt is really beautiful!

      @Kurtssingh I just looked at my boy and I want to say its normal since he also has the chip looking look in the eye sockets :)
    5. @Kurtssingh the faces look really nice, even bare, I love all the muscle detailing

      Im not sure I understand looking at the pictures?
      Im not seeing the cracking, but I do see some resin residue, like seamlines or mold release I think?

      Its been quite some time since you posted, did your guys get their faceups done? I would love to see what you did with them :)

      @Pooki Good to know that they age so nicely!
      I like Ringdoll bodies too
      I remember seeing an IOS head on a Dollstown 18 boy and it looked nice, the proportions and the neck size :)
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    7. I realised I haven't posted a photo of my Class 40 (Claude)!


      And a closeup:

      wearing JID & FID - M shoes from Iplehouse. ♥ The vest is from FairyTales, who does clothes for IOS dolls, and the rest is modified from Ali Express. I made the tie from black silk since cotton wasn't working. ^^
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    8. Hey guys! I was in the previous threads then disappeared now I'm back. Haha I'm having a real hard time trying to love the body problems with their bodies, but I love there sculpts was their torsos so much...
    9. Does IOS still sell the thick neck version of their class80 body? I saw the comparison picture between it and the slender neck, but don't see an option to buy it on the body page.
    10. @Cloudedmind I think its an error to not include it on the new website, I would contact them about it

      I remember seeing the slender and thick neck options when I was looking at that body on their old website, I even double checked using the wayback machine and the option was there. I dont think they removed that option, I think maybe when they made their new website, they just forgot to include it