Aug 9, 2018

    1. Dear all friends

      We have been developing for half a year. Now we released our new STAR FEMALE BODY_MGB.This body has movable shoulders / neck and thigh. It has better overall mobility and more pose.we hope you like.^^

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    2. That body is spectacular but I have to ask if her head will soon be available too?
    3. Yes,we working on make up now.^^
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    4. May I know the measurements please? Neck and shoulders measurements only are fine :cheer
    5. Would the bust and arms be compatable with the muscle torso?
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    6. Neck circumference is 9cm. shoulders is 15cm.^^

      We don't have any plans yet. But I think we will do that in future.^^
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    7. Oh! Beautiful body... I like her shoulders. Is it possible to order this body without the neck joint?