IMPLDOLL Tiny Discussion.^^

Jul 9, 2010

    1. My Impldoll Teno turned up today, the white boots I ordered with him weren't available, so they sent a replacement which I am happy with and another FREE pair of Goth boots in YOSD size which will come in handy. He's lovely and smooth, much better quality than I expected. :)

    2. I have a Gela coming in very soon that I bought off the mp! So Excited! Does anyone know if sparkle girls clothes fit these cutie girls? It'd be something while I wait for her clothes to come in.
    3. Have you seen the two new Babies? They are both adorable! :aheartbea I really like their outfits and that you can order both the fantasy head and the normal one. But I kind of wish that Impldoll would resculpt their hooves or sculpt different fantasy legs, something about the angle the legs bend is bothering me. :sweat Owners of the fantasy legged tinies, how do they stand/pose? They seem to not be very stable when the knee is bent.
    4. The new babies are super cute and the legs kind of seem wonky to me as well.
    5. They don't do it for me (which pleases my wallet no end). I think they have a long way to go to match Teno and Gela! :)
    6. Awww, your Teno is adorable, Xanadu Dolls! He looks like he's wondering how he's supposed to get those boots on!

      The two new boys are cute, I could see them making a sweet family with Karina and Chad. As lovely as their creature heads are, I'm more drawn to their normal heads as I haven't got a character in mind with hooves but one of them could definitely work for a young boy I haven't really planned to shell yet!
    7. My Gela arrived today!

    8. Thanks @rubydoll I'd think he'd have some trouble trying. LOL!
      [MENTION=66092]ahalfling[/MENTION] congrats on receiving your Gela, mine shouldn't be too far away now either. :)
    9. Thank you Xanadu! She's so cute! I hope you love your Gela as much as I love mine!
    10. I ordered an IMPLdoll Simon a few months ago, does anyone know what size eye he takes? For some reason it's not listed. Or I'm just not finding it.
    11. Hi guys! I'm currently waiting for my first two IMPL dolls. I'm getting a Dorisy and a Gela. I can't wait so I am requesting some Gela spam ;D
    12. Fleur says hi!

    13. Oh she is adorable :) now do they wear YOSD size?
    14. They do :) There's a seller named Wishfox on stay that has dresses for 9$ Her model is a impl yo so they fit wonderfully! The dress Fleur is wearing is by Wishfox. They wear 14mm eyes and 6-7 Monique wigs. I'll warn you Gelas have a lot of personality! I think it's the eyes lol.
    15. I love all of Impldoll. They have some great scupts. :D
    16. They do! I have an Iris and a Gela, a friend has an Olina.
    17. YAY! I just received my shipping notice for Gela! Let's hope the EMS doesn't take as long as last time, I'm anxious to see her. :)
    18. So I came up with a name for my Gela :)
      her name will be 'Keva' pronounced "key-va"
      it's Irish! I'm getting so impatient lol I haven't had to wait longer than a month for any of my dolls to ship so the anticipation is realllllll.
    19. My Gela arrived today, will share pics when she's assembled, I have to figure out how to change the feet yet. I am assuming I have to pull the plugs out of the bottom of the hooves, but any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

      EDIT: Had a couple of fitting problems with one of the horns and the bow, no eyes were included either. I'm waiting for Impl to get back to me with a solution. :(

      URGENT HELP NEEDED with changing the legs, the plugs won't come out.
    20. Congrats on your Gela, [MENTION=48224]Xanadu[/MENTION]dolls

      I'm sorry that you've had some fitting problems. D; That doesn't seem normal. So far working with Impl they seem to be really nice so hopefully they'll straighten everything out.

      As for the legs, I saw another unboxing that people had trouble changing them. I'm sorry I can't offer any guidance as my girls that I'm waiting for will be my first Impl's but I hope someone reaches out quickly. Maybe post it on Impl's Q+A page?