IMPLDOLL Tiny Discussion.^^

Jul 9, 2010

    1. Thanks, I have asked Impl about how to change the legs as well. Hopefully I will receive answers tomorrow as I'm anxious to put her together the way I want her. My previous doll (Tano) was perfect.

      EDIT 1: They are sending replacements!

      But still non the wiser about the leg changing . . . unless I undo the elastic knot inside the body (which is a real pain in the butt to try and do on my own) and completely re-string the doll I can't see any other way to change them.

      EDIT 2: Managed to change the legs by undoing the knot in the elastic (after a lot of cursing and trapped fingers) and re-stringing her . . . never again!

      I would suggest to anyone ordering an Impl doll wanting human legs, to ask Impl to assemble her that way before shipping.
    2. Hi everyone.
      I was wondering, does anyone have any dolls that are in Impl's pink skin?
      I ordered my Gela in pink skin because that's what the pictures of Gela on their website was and I loved that the most.

      Was wondering if anyone had any owner pics of the pink skin. :)
    3. I tried something new with my Gela(which is in normal pink miku). I don't know what I think yet. What do you guys think?

    4. @halfling Oh, you made the wig for her? It's very cute! :)

      And thanks for showing me the skin color there. I'm happy to see that it's not like, SUPER PINK.
    5. I had the wig I was just messing around with wigs last night and well this look came together.
    6. So my Gela has been hard to pin down on a character. I think I found who she is though. I'm naming her Sofie and she will be my 5star Doll Tong Tong, Schrodingers sister. What do you think?

    7. Hi! I came to you to get acquainted! ;)
      This is my doll Marusya (mold Greta).


    8. Yes! they do. On some you may have to snip the little ribbon in the crotch area, but they work!
    9. I found a couple dresses that work. A couple are really cute! My Gela, named Sofie has had some clothes come in a one thing was a Marvel dress....Love it! I'll be taking some pictures soon. :)
    10. This is my Gela. I renamed her Rayne. She makes the perfect Elf.
    11. Aw, Windwoman, your Gela looks fab! I've got one on order as part of their event. This thread made choosing incredibly difficult, lol! So many cuties!
    12. I am finding that dolls with the elf ears are so much fun. I am working on a storyline (Yeah I do that lol) for her and my other dolls. Involving some Montana history.
      It is just taking me a while to do it.
    13. [​IMG]

      Sofie, my Gela and Linn, my Iris. :)
    14. Yay, so many Gelas! My fav imp-baby mold!
      Here is my Gela-boy, he's name is Erkin

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    15. He's adorable! Hehehe
    16. zaba
      I am not a Gela mold fan, but Erkin is awesome, love him!)
    17. I love what you've done with him; he's great! :)
    18. I did a face-up for my Gela. :)
      It's the first BJD face-up I've done so I'm pretty proud of it. (I started Face-ups on Monster High Dolls)

      -sigh- Now to wait for Impl to get her pieces, put her back together with her human parts, and send her back to me lol.

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    19. Does anyone know more about the Dream Art's dolls? (Or own one?) I'm looking into getting one at the beginning of next year but I'm really not sure how to judge their size (especially for clothes etc) I was wondering if anyone has one or knows anyone who has one?