IMPLDOLL Tiny Discussion.^^

Jul 9, 2010

    1. Wow.

      WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I normally don't like any resin color but white (yes, this is limited, I know) but that blue is STELLAR!
    2. One quick question, I just received a lovely Impldoll Gela as an event gift and am planning to keep her, but the 6-7 inch wigs she's tried on have all been on the big side for her little head. Would you recommend 5-6 inch wigs for the Gela sculpt?
    3. I would, I know some of the stretchier Monique 5-6 wigs fit rather nicely. Not all Monique 5-6 wigs, I would try Jojo for example.
    4. 5-6 Shaggies from Denver Doll Emporium are also a great fit.
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    6. So Cute!!!!!
    7. I have no self control , haha....I ordered one of the Jozo's :D
    8. Hi everyone!
      I finally got my dollies in one piece. <3

      Here is a picture of my Gela!
      This is an in-progress picture of the wig I'm making for her. :)
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    9. agentofchaos, thank you!!

      My 2nd Austin in light blue skin, and she's a girl - Celeste
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    10. [​IMG]

      My girl has her wig! :D A 5-6 inch Fatiao wig ended up fitting her perfectly.

      I had no idea I'd become so enamored with her. Since she was an event gift, I didn't give her that much thought, but now she has a name and a personality (Uxada, very shy, Ixyry's younger sister) and I love holding her and photographing her way more than I thought I would. She's slowly becoming one of my favorites, and I can't wait to give her a proper faceup.

      Only problem is, her neck seems to be a failed casting, the top of it isn't horizontal (The right side is much higher up) so her head lolls to the side a lot and I'm in the process of sanding it down. She's also a different color from her sister, who's also Impldoll dark tan, and where her resin gets thin there is a distinct red cast, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way.

      But nevertheless, I love her!
    11. wanted to share some spam of my little Vishne that just came home.

    12. I got my Oryx (Impldoll Aiden) in the mail about two weeks ago, and wanted to show her off...


    13. Oh that blue is fabulous, you could have a whole family of smurfs!

      I still haven't done a thing with my Teno or Gela. I had intended for Teno to be Theron (my Ipotane King) and Gela to be Atargatis (my Mermaid) but they were replaced with a Luts Bory Centaur and a Fairyland RealFee Mari. So Teno and Gela remain housed in their respective boxes. Was thinking of selling them, but if someone can inspire me here, I won't.

      So PLEASE will someone post some spam for inspiration. :)
    14. I want to share my ImplDoll Dream's Art Nancy. Her name is Arla and I made her faceup to look like a fawn. I'm still not sure if I want to sculpt little antlers and tail.
      [​IMG]Arla by Dior, on Flickr

      As far as clothes go, I think Blythe tops/dresses might fit, but I haven't been able to purchase any for her yet. I might buy an outfit at the end of the week. But I did buy yosd stockings to test things out.They should arrive soon.
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    15. ADORABLE!!
    16. She's lovely . . . you should sculpt the rest of her bits! :)
    17. my little Ghella got her eyes (tho irises still need to be added) and clothes!
    18. Here is a picture of my adorable Elio---Impldoll did a great job with this little guy

      [​IMG]Elio2[/url] by Zenna1, on Flickr[/IMG] [​IMG]Elio2 by Zenna1, on Flickr
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    19. LOVE her

    20. [​IMG]

      Sofie with her brother Schrodinger, she got a new wig and I love it!
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