IMPLDOLL Tiny Discussion.^^

Jul 9, 2010

    1. Is that a female teno? Jeeeze.... I never thought to make teno a girl... this is adorable. Those glasses are just so perfect. Rarely see glasses looking so fitting on a doll. Let alone a tiny!
    2. a gela actually, and thank you! :)
    3. OH okay I've seen your Gela in pictures before too... doh. I still have it in my head to buy a second teno. XD You're welcome.
    4. I want a teno, so he can be her twin. That will come eventually lol.
    5. I'm procrastinating asking for a custom color teno... I kind of want something between their two tans and muted, like a dusty chocolate late color. I'm so picky... For how often I seem to think your gela is a teno, I'd definitely second that. They'd make good twins.
    6. I am fairly sure they're the same head just o e is female, the other male.
    7. Any chance of seeing a close up of her face??

      Now while I am asking questions, has anyone put any of the Impl heads on another body??

      I am still looking for inspiration, so further spam please girls. :)
    8. I can try a head on a couple different types of 5star doll 30cm bodies
    9. Thanks, that would be great if you think they'd fit and you have the time to try. It would be good to how they turn out. :)
    10. I tried it my gela head on a 5star doll 30 cm body, and I didn't really feel it worked. It was wonky looking, fit nicely though. I'd be interested in seeing a gela head on a rosette body. Being as its very willowy it could be interesting, possibly a doll chateau body.
    11. Thanks for trying. I'll try it on a few other dolls I have, when I get more time to play. :)
    12. QUESTION: In regards to my Gela, I had someone ask "Does she come with the ImplDoll carry case?"

      I ordered both my Gela and Tano direct from ImplDoll and they came in a brown ImplDoll box with brown patterned cushions.

      Anyone know anything about this carry case mentioned?
    13. the only carrying cases i have gotten from impldoll was with my msd sized dolls
    14. That's interesting, maybe she got the sizes mixed up, or thought that all the sizes came with carry cases.
      Thanks for letting me know. :)
    15. I finally got around of doing proper clothes to Kheteora - my Impldoll Gela. And of course I took some pictures of her now that she has something proper to wear. Sadly the dress itself isn't looking that good here, but Kheteora is so cute, I'll post this one anyway.

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    16. I would love to see more spam of Gela and Teno. PLEASE!!
      I need some inspiration if I'm to keep mine.
    17. I can help with a little Teno Spam:
      [​IMG]Brenden by Kelli, on Flickr
    18. [​IMG]

      My Gela, Sofie <3
    19. Thanks for that @Kelli & @ahalfling, I think their wigs make such a lot of difference to their looks. :) I need to experiment with a few different styles myself to see if I can find their characters.