IMPLDOLL Tiny Discussion.^^

Jul 9, 2010

    1. Hey hey everyone! Okay, so I've adopted my first non-abs bjd! A Cyril! [​IMG]

      I *love* him!! He's so gorgeous! I've been trying to think of a name and a style for him, but I've been dealing with some food poisoning and wrangling a toddler. ;__; I'll be redoing his faceup as soon as I have time too.

      *edit - oops! Looks like Imgur doesn't work here. Fixed!
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    2. Thought I would bump this thread with some new shot of my girl, Ghella:

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    3. So excited....I received my Evan today. He's gorgeous! I'm so impressed with the body. I tried my Sprocket Glee's head on it and it's nearly a perfect colour match, so I went and ordered a girl body for her :D
      I'll post a photo of my boy when I get his face-up done and make him some clothes :)
    4. [​IMG]

      After all my obsessing over Teno, someone showed me the light. I wanted a dark tan Koko and didn't even know it. Someone messaged me out of the blue asking if I'd be interested in their Koko since they look similiar... I was dubious because of the company photos... But then I saw the faceup he'd be coming with. Oh my god, my world turned upside down. Here he is. Chojie is even more facially accurate than I could have hoped! I promise more photos in November, when my dolls come home to my new apartment with me. (They're at a friend's house temporarily)
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    5. I managed to get Evan's face done the other day and have made him some clothes and a wig today. I'm thrilled with my new boy! I'll probably wipe the face-up and re-do it at some stage as I wanted it a bit more brown toned and it's turned out a bit gingery instead. I'm looking forward to introducing him to the rest of the family now :)

      [​IMG]Evan by Crafty Little Red, on Flickr
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    6. he's very cute :love I don't have an impldoll tiny any more but the engineering on the body of my Harley really impressed me compared to other tinies! With flickr click on the 'share' arrow next to the star at bottom right of the photo - choose BB code, right click on it while it's highlighted in blue, and copy/paste it here
    7. Yes, I'm really pleased with his body.....that pleased that I've ordered a girl body for my Sprocket Glee (the Sprocket bodies are frustrating to stand and pose!).
      Thanks so much for the heads up with loading the photo. I tried everything but nothing worked. I was copying the BBCode but not by right clicking....not sure why that made a difference but it did. I'll remember that for next time!
    8. I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to post this??
      The Impldoll body arrived for my Sprocket Glee head. LOVE this body on her! The resin is a fairly good match with the face-up colours I gave her. These bodies pose soooooo well. I have a couple more photos on my Flickr.
      [​IMG]Glee Sprocket with Impldoll Body by Crafty Little Red, on Flickr
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    9. KingOfChains, he is so beautiful! I hope one day I`ll buy little Koko too, I`m sure he will make a perfect brother for my Teno)
      [​IMG]DSC_0310 by Anastasia G., on Flickr
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    10. Hi all!! I was wondering why Austin is so unpopular, I think they are so cute)) I know about 3 Austins (2 are mine and 3rd one also live in Kyiv, Ukraine)

      My Austin-girl Celeste

    11. I'll have a photo post upcoming, but I wanted to post now so that it might help other folks.

      I received my Teno this week. I had ordered him human parts only with a darker skintone: Impldoll shipped him as their normal grey with his fullset parts. They also did not meet their own promised shipment date 3 times before he was shipped, both of which were disappointing.

      Most frustrating however were his fantasy parts. he shipped assembled with his faun legs. Googling I see that i should be able to 'remove the plugs' in his feet to access the S rings and change the legs from there.

      Since the last time someone has posted about this, Impldoll changed how their dolls are restrung: The plugs are *attached* to the elastic. I went after the darned things with everything, broke nails, used a screwdriver and gouged the resin because reading online everything said they should just come out but they could get stuck (And I didn't care about the fantasy parts anyway).

      Eventually I realized the plugs were part of the stringing system itself. >_<

      I had to take him apart (His arms are thankfully strung on their own) and used a long ribbon attached to the elastic for his legs to give me enough leeway to take out the plugs. Hurrah!

      But then I had to try to attach his actual feet.

      Plus side: The calves were marked left and right.
      Downside: The S hooks used in the hoof plugs which are how you are supposed to attach the feet? Did not FIT in the feet. I had to reshape them with pliers before they would hook through, and I was genuinely worried I would break the resin.

      Overall it took more than an hour to switch out his legs, half of that was before I realized he would have to be restrung.

      In short: If you are ordering an Impldoll Teno I strongly suggest you ask for him to be shipped with his human parts assembled if that's what you prefer, to make sure you have sturdy pliers around if you do need to change his parts, and to expect the restringing to potentially be a pain.

      In the good news, his resin is beautifully smooth and he has no seams despite being a grey doll, and I was very happy with how he was shipped. So far he poses quite well. I just don't think I'd order another Impldoll after this frustration.

      Photos will be shared once he's back from his faceup.
    12. @Elemental Argh, that sounds extremely frustrating. I'd personally really be crabbing up their inbox by now. It sounds like you're making the best of it all and I can't wait to see the new Teno~
    13. @KingOfChains super frustrating, especially as Impldoll has not yet replied to my email asking about *how* to restring him. If I hadn't figured it out and was waiting on them I'd be SUPER upset...

      But my boy is back from his faceup so photos to share! His face is by Fansea who did a fantastic job. The girl with him is a 5Star Tong Tong.

    14. Giving this thread a bump because these dolls need more love :aheartbea

      Here is my Gela. Her name is Kiva.

      Candy Cane
      by Sapphire, on Flickr
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    15. @SapphireStargazer, Kiva is beautiful!

      And I just realised that I forgot to show Mao here! She is Aimee and she was my event gift - very kind of Impldoll!
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    16. I have an incoming teno in grey that is my gift doll with an SD body. I am really excited. Do the yosd bodies for little fee size clothing?
    17. @Tea-Leaf she is absolutely stunning! I have an Aimee coming from the current event, so I'm super happy to see your photo of her.
      What colour skin is she?
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    18. @Reslie, hope to see your Teno here soon! I don't know much about clothing - all I have is Dollmore 1\6 kimono (on picture above)and one dress from Alice's Collections that is a bit baggy but still ok.

      @catghost87, thank you! Do you plan to keep your Aimee as a cat or a human?
      She's in normal pink colour:).
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    19. @Tea-Leaf I'm keeping her as a cat, but I may use her human parts on her occasionally.
      She looks lovely in that skin colour, I'm really glad thats what I chose too :3nodding:
    20. Oh no, I looked at Angelesque's Impldoll page and now I have visions of a circle of fauns dancing in my head... The thing I'd like to know is, how many heads *are* there? I can't quite tell if, say, Aiden and Giden are different... I think they are, but I couldn't swear to it. And I *really* want an Ives.