IMPLDOLL Young 46cm Mini Discussion.

Jan 8, 2012

    1. I finally got my Cassie to sit! I had to buy her a skirt. She still won't do it easily though. Does anyone else have this problem?
    2. I think I managed to miss this whole thread, despite my Avery being my first doll (yes, the sculpt name stuck xD), and Impldoll being one of my favorite companies, with an off thread Ada almost paid off and at least one more doll purchase from them planned in the near future. I'll post pictures as soon as I can get to a computer, and in the mean time I'll enjoy all the lovely dolls!

      My Avery is a miserable sitter, though he holds back bends just fine. XD
    3. And here is my gift Avery, his name is Madawg:).
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    4. Hi all I recevived an Idol and a Young doll from Impl on Weds this week. I chose Moon as the free event doll in the February 2015 event. I paid for tan skin and a company face up and I couldn't be happier with her. I wasn't sure about the body from the other very few owner pics i saw, but she is lovely. very poseable so far with the extra thigh joint. The knees bend well and she is standing well on her own also. The face has a sweet expression and the face up is natural looking with a very slight gold sheen. All in all I would have been happy to pay full price for her as she is such a lovely bjd. I have taken lots of pics but had trouble uplloading them when I was on my PC the other night. I'll update when I am successful.

      Update: Here is a quick pic from the box open:

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    5. Tea-Leaf - HE IS SO ADORABLE. I am in love~

      Lelm - Congrats and I can't wait to see her!
    6. Greetings! I haven't been in this thread in a long while, but I sensed a kindred spirit so I thought I'd pop in. o vo

      My Moon is being pretty sassy right now so I didn't move her, but I thought I'd give her a chance to say hi too. Unfortunately, she still doesn't have shoes because I keep focusing on my other dolls. Hopefully at some point. Definite agreement with Lelm though. This girl is still my most poseable, and most likely to stay standing when put on her feet, despite never having been restrung or sueded.

    7. Hey all, color question.

      I'm thinking abut getting a white skin trista body to hybrid with another head.

      Do you think that ResinSoul or DiM white skin would match? Anyone have both of them?
    8. I have OT for this thread dolls from Impldoll and Resinsoul. Resinsoul is really paperwhite when it's new and Impldoll is close, I think, maybe slightly more yellow.[email protected]/shares/2K0908

      In the picture (hope it works), Impldoll white is top right and ResinSoul is the smaller one at the bottom. The tiny one balanced on top is Dollzone. Good luck with your hybrid!

      [​IMG]Impldoll, Resinsoul, Dollzone Resins (no flash) by Emma Woods, on Flickr
    9. Thank you. That's SUPER helpful.

      Now I've just got to figure out scale.
    10. Glad to help [emoji4] Do you have a head in mind yet?
    11. No, I'm kind of drawing a blank.

      My go-tos are the companies I mention above, but I'm worried about scale. I was thinking a DiM head could be really...unique and haunting, but it might not fit.

      I actually just posted a thread asking for input over in visual concepts, and would LOVE any ideas.
    12. You might be best to look through some heads (that's a weird sentence!) and pick out a few that you like - even if none turn out to be suitable it should give you more of an idea what you're looking for. With a white base a good match should be fairly straightforward, especially as you're planning to blush it. Maybe check out the marketplace if you have access. Again you might not find anything suitable but something might inspire you [emoji4]
    13. I did a lot of looking, and ended up deciding on the RS Ming head. If I get him done with a more feminine faceup, I think he'll work really well for my centaur girl Hyacinth.
    14. Am I still the only one around with a Cassie? I was hoping people would get her in the event. I like the body for the most part. I just wish she'd sit easier. I've never seen a leg/thigh mechanism quite like this, even after four years in the hobby.

      She looks so different than her company pics, and honestly, a lot prettier. The faceup she has is different too. Here are some blog posts featuring her (I hate DoA's image posting system...):
    15. Are you thinking about hybriding the Ming head on the Impldoll deer centaur body? Note in case you may not be aware of it but the Impldoll centaur body is very short with a head on its only about 36cm or so. I can't find the photo of my Resinsoul next to the Impldoll centaur but here is one with the Luts Centaur that should give you an idea of the mass difference. Not that I'm discouraging you from trying the hybrid maybe you are wanting a shorter doll, I was just very disappointed when I received mine that the difference in height was so big.
    16. [​IMG]

      Now that my new Moon finally has her wig I feel like I should show her off ^^ Even if she's wearing the most garish dress, I have yet to find time to sew her something proper.

      Everyone meet Ixyry, the telepathic alien :D
    17. FacelessPuppets she is absolutely gorgeous~ <3

      I need to try and be more active here now that I finally have my Avery close to completion! He just needs his own body :'D

      Here's Tsuyoi, my Zashiki-warashi bab~

      by Elven Archer, on Flickr
    18. Wow @FacelessPuppets your Moon is absolutely gorgeous in that skin tone. I really want to get Eileen in either the dark skin tone or grey.

      @ElvenArcher - Tsuyoi's styling is great, congrats on having his image almost completed. He looks complete to me though, what else do you have in mind?
    19. faireva thanks! He's actually borrowing a body right now :'D My Devin is getting a makeover so Tsuyoi get's to reap the benefits XD I plan to get an IMPL-Child boy body for him next year, the IMPL-Young body is a tad too muscular for his character.
    20. Wow, there's been so much happening here since I last popped by. Fabulous new recruits for this thread! Your dark tan girls there are very impressive, Redrosette and FacelessPuppets! Love that photo of your Madawg, Tea-Leaf!!! And your Moon is so pretty, Lelm! I still harbor hopes of one day snatching a Moon for myself, and I'd love one in tan, just like yours. Loved viewing your Cassie's adventures in your blog posts, Chanarivka! I can't believe she is still the only Cassie around here. Such cutie young you have as well, elvenlogic and ElvenArcher! :)

      I had some misfortune with my Adela. First I waited for her for 5 months and then when she finally made it home to me last July, her face was full of deep scratches. Impldoll made me a new head then, but took some time to arrive obviously and I only recently had the time to give her a face-up, but here she is now:
      She's not wearing her unicorn horn, because the magnet is really loose and it sets a bit crooked on her forehead for some reason. I may need to do something about that. I love this Impl's white resin though and Adela was such a joy to work on. My Impl Youngs have some posing problems too. The arms don't have free rotation at the elbows, the head tilt doesn't quite compare to my other 1/4 dolls and yep, the sitting is challenging, but I love my gang to bits anyway. The body sculpts are very cute imo. Devin and Avery would deserve some more photo time as well!
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