IMPLDOLL Young 46cm Mini Discussion.

Jan 8, 2012

    1. Hey everyone! I've looked through the thread and I'm not sure if I overlooked anything, but wondering if anyone here has the 46cm boy body? It looks interesting from the website and I'm really interested in seeing some owner pics? Is he actually 46cm tall? Any comparisons to any other 1/4 boys (particularly Doll in Mind or Doll Love)? I've tried finding some reviews for this body and I'm coming up empty!
    2. InkyBear: I don't have a DIM or Doll Love body to compare with, but I do have a Doll Love Hugh on an Impldoll Young body.


      They're both normal pink, and the resin match is near perfect.
      I'll try to remember to measure him for you in the morning,
      He and my Impldoll Moon had some trouble sitting upright because of their thigh joints, but I hot glue sueded my Moon and now she sits like a champ and holds many poses. I plan to do the same with him, and I think I can expect the same result. They both stood very sturdily right out of the box though.
      Overall I'm pretty impressed with this body, and would recommend it to you if you're willing to suede.
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    3. InkyBear, I have two Young boys, Avery and Devin. They're not quite 46cm tall, but a bit shorter, more like 44,5 cm. I don't have any Doll Love or DIM boys, but, I have a comparison row picture on my website with Devin and several other 1/4 boys here:
      Versatility BJD Inspirations . There's a lot of other "useful" stuff too, but if you go to the end up the gallery, you can find the 1/4 boy comparison row there. My two pennies on the bodies: the Young bodies are really beautifully sculpted in my opinion, but the posing is not the best possible. They can do basic poses ok, but knee joints don't hold too well and sitting is a bit of a struggle as they have some funky jointing there. They stand well!

      Here are my ragtag boys tan Avery and grey Devin with their friend prancing about:
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    4. so i just got my deertaurs yesterday and there was a slight mix up in what color i wanted the legs to be. they are supposed to be the same color as the deer body :doh well impl is sending me new legs but i couldn't wait another month or so to share them so please ignore the odd mismatch. :whee:

      Mimosa, Hickory, Maple (Aspen is the little one in the front)
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    5. Oooh every time I see that deertaur body I'm pulled back in. I'd given up on it as a hybrid option because I'm just assuming that my 19.2cm MSD head is too big for it 8'( I don't suppose anyone who owns this body has a large MSD head they could test on it and take a photo? Even if to at least confirm my suspicion.

      (For some reason, I didnt notice the mismatch at first, and though it was part of their clothing. I'd really like to see them with the appropriate coloured legs though! I really like the way they look with the deer part being a different colour to the human part, as the website pictures with both the same colour always looked slightly off to me)
    6. BlankQueen: always love seeing your two, makes me wish I didn't rehome my Avery, I think some day in the future I'll get another, will stalk their site to see when another event comes

      cute centaur family.
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    7. Thanks Kitty Blue! My boys have Adela for a companion now too, but still haven't gotten around to taking pics of the whole threesome. I hope you get yourself another Avery. I find him super endearing and adorable!

      Too bad about the leg problem with your Deertaur gang, moondust07x, but I think they look lovely like this too. I'd just enjoy them while waiting for the proper legs too.
    8. Hi everyone! I'm considering on purchasing an Impldoll Young girl body for my doll. Now I have her in a Spiritdoll Smart body and I dislike the big chest and hips so that's why I want to change it.
      In the Impldoll website I have read that the chest circumference of the young body is 21.5, can you confirm it? Because I think that measure is too big for what I can see in pictures. The Smart body has 19.5 and it is a huge lot already.
      Thank you in advance!
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    9. Boop boop.

      Just got this lovely guy~ He's an Avery in grey. No clue what to call him yet, though.

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    10. I say Franky in reference to Frankenstein cause of his cutie BTW!
    11. @jemlovecraft congratulations on your new boy! He's very sweet.
      @Yami_Hanako I just measured my Moon and I get 20cms Chest circumferance. I have some pics of her box open here: Impldoll Box Open
      I found it hard to find owner videos or pics of Moon. I have a body review filmed but not posted yet. So when I get a chance I'll post back here with a link to the review. Posing isn't great, but they are nice dolls. The body shape/circumferance I am happy with.
    12. Hi I've posted my body review for Impldoll Moon here:
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    13. Thank you so much for posting this video. :daisy I remember stumbling across Moon years ago---liked her then and still like her now. Not enough of 'em around, it seems.
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    14. [​IMG]Avery again by Nans Moore, on Flickr

      Hey there! I've had an Avery for awhile now but he just today got some hair and clothes so I'm joining the thread ^-^
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    15. @PeppermintPocky, my pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it. I had a rare 10 mins to myself last weekend so I have an Idol girl body review to post as well.
    16. Popping in here with a quick question.

      Does anyone know if clothes made for Iplehouse JID will fit Impldoll Young girls?
    17. @PeppermintPocky I had that thought too, and its not definitive but I bought the JID singlet to try on Moon and it was all wrong, too long in the body and the straps were too long too. I've had better luck with some of the Etsy sellers who make things for larger MSDs.
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    18. [​IMG]

      I decided I didn't like Ixyry's faceup enough, so I redid it. Even more in love now :D
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    19. Ixyry's beautiful! :D

      What do you think of Impldoll's dark tan resin, if you don't mind my asking?
    20. Thank you so much ^^ I think it's very inconsistent, my Gela, while also a beautiful color, is much darker. It also has a rather reddish tint, so I guess not everyone is going to like it, but I think it's a beautiful color. I think with the Impldoll dark tan, it's a roll of dice which exact color your doll is going to be, but it's always a very pretty color.