IMPLDOLL Young 46cm Mini Discussion.

Jan 8, 2012

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me. I'll be sure to keep the inconsistencies in mind---right now I'm torn between light tan, dark tan, and a custom resin color. :XD:
    2. Thought i would bump the thread with some shots of my Hickory, Maple, and Mimosa

    3. This week I order doll (idol), and as aniversary gift I choose "Young Moon". The main problem now - find dress and shoes - Impldoll offer 1 (!) "young" dress, which is "sold out", and "0" shoes.

      Iplehouse JID / Impldoll Young have similar mesurements:
      - Height : 43 cm / 46 cm
      - Head circumference : 18 cm / 18 cm
      - Neck mesurement : 7.3 cm / 7 cm
      - Chest: 19.5-22 cm / 21.5 cm
      - Shoulder width : 9.3 cm / 9.5 cm
      - Arm length : 13.2 cm / 13 cm
      - Waist mesurement : 15 cm / 14.5 cm
      - Hip mesurement : 22 cm /19.5 cm
      - Thigh mesurement : 12 cm / 10.5 cm
      - Waist to toe length : 26 cm / 24 cm
      - Ankle mesurement : 5.6 cm
      - Foot length : 5.3 cm / 5.8 cm

      But than I found this post:
      And no other references about dress, that may fit. Can someone give advice?
    4. quick question about your moon....does she not have the horns? is there an option to get her without horns? she's lovely and i'm getting her for the event this time around . love her, not so much the horns.
    5. I can't help with clothing questions, but...

      Moon can be ordered without the grooves for her horns, yes. :) If you look on her product description page, Impldoll states they will make her without grooves upon request (I think you still receive the horns in case you want to attach them with magnets, but I'm not entirely sure). You just have to make sure to include your request in your order info.

      I hope this helps!
    6. Yup. I think I read somewhere on her page that you can request to have her without the horn indentations. I have the horns but dont use them mostly. Love my Moon! Would love to see pics if you order one!
    7. Am I still the only one around with a Cassie?
    8. I have bought a few items from Etsy sellers:

      Seems they are close to Kaye Wiggs MSD size and angel region little fair body size: the SOOM emporium

      I've found Moon to be pretty tricky to buy for. I think she falls into the large MSD category.
    9. ^_^ thank you!!! i will email impl for the billionth time when they're back from vacation and ask about the forehead <.< i wear they're going to start crying every time they see an email from me from now on! i've adjusted my order so many times!!!!! she's actually my first none SD size doll not withstanding the event dolls i've sold or my Soom Hornblend centaur. and it looks like i may get both her and Adela. any idea if Adela can also be requested without the horn?

      @PeppermintPocky thank you :* i shall have to ask when they're back from their holidays!
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    10. @MaryamDN Not sure about Adela without horn grooves, but I would have considered her if they offered that option. She's so cute!
    11. it would be a very smart move on Impl's part to offer all of them without their fantasy parts/ stitches! i'll get in touch with them about it. they aren't back from holidays yet i don't think.
    12. Hi!

      I have a Souldoll Soulkid Amy head on a Trista deertaur body and it's a reeeeeally close match! I just love her to pieces.

      Quick question... I am looking at getting an Avery. Does he take a 6-7 or 7-8 wig?
    13. hiiii everyone!!! i'm finally getting my eileen and avery (avery is just a head for now though, i'm gonna do some serious modding and frankenstein-ing on him..!!) and i'm so excited ;p;

      i already have a wig picked out for my eileen (i'm gonna call her charly~), and I've got some outfits and shoes in mind, but I'm not sure if they'll fit?? does anyone here have any experience with having their girls wear nine9style dresses?
      I can't find the bust measurements on nine9's website, but that's definitely what i'd be worried about, along with maybe the shoulders. -__-
      they seem like they're a little big? but maybe that's just the pictures?
      i wouldn't be opposed to modding her chest if the new UV resist real skin resin (way too long a name lol) lends itself to that alright?
    14. popping in again to ask for Adela and Moon spams!! i've been told my order is over half complete and i'm so excited i just can't wait (not that i've waited very long!)
      i'm getting both in real skin and moon without her horn marks. i'd love to see some of your customized ones.
    15. [​IMG]

      Did somebody say Moon? :D :D

      I know I posted her before, but honestly I'll take any chance to post this lovely lady.

      (Her resin is even all over, the lighting's just really weird in that photo)
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    16. I always love seeing your beautiful Moon. :love
    17. I'm wondering about the Impl 46cm boy body. Does anyone have one? Do they pose well?
      I'm thinking of possibly reshelling one of my boys and the Impl body looks promising. Impl does resin matching too, correct? cause then I wouldn't have to get a new head.