IMPLDOLL Young 46cm Mini Discussion.

Jan 8, 2012

    1. @dragolivia

      Sorry for the late answer, but I'm using that body for my Doll Love Hugh head, and it works pretty well. The jointing and poseability is very similar to the female Impldoll Young body, I can't see much difference except for the "parts", really :'D


      One thing though, neither of my Young bodies were great sitters out of the box, because of how the thigh joints are engineered. But as soon as I hot glue sueded their thigh joints that problem was solved.

      Feel free to ask me if you need any visual reference with specific poses he can or can't do, I think I will have time this weekend to take test photos if needed. Good luck.
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    2. hi guys! i just received my Adela and Moon the other day and i absolutely love them. especially the bodies. i love how delicate they are and they appear to pose remarkably well right out of the box. i'm a bit stumped on one issue though. the site says they're 46 cm dolls.....with or without the heads my dolls don't measure any more than 42 to 43 cm max. i can't really complain since i got them as event gifts and Impldoll was kind as to cast them without the horn grooves and all....but i'm kinda disappointed since i had planned an OC and was very particular about the height . i was really counting on her to be 46 so that i could get 48 with heels. so .......basically i'm back in the market looking for another doll to replace her. has anyone noticed/ mentioned this to impldoll?
      i don't want to bring it up right now since i know the chiniese new year is just around the corner and i'm sure they're busy....but what do you guys think?

      OH!! AND!!! just an Impl DOES cast Moon and Adella withought the horn grooves and since i have both with and without'd be better off ordering them without the grooves unless you want to use hot glue to stick the horns in place. this will probably vary with each doll, but the magnets on mine are misplaces in the ones with the grooves so the horns don't sit in the grooves but outside them :P happens i suppose! it's really not a big issue but....the horns just seem to work better without the grooves.

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    3. Hello.

      In september I asked about shoes and dress for "young" doll, because impldoll dont sell it.
      6 month passed and still no shoes and "sold out" dress. Strange, that company prefer lose money that way.

      So, after all, I decide to buy shoes and dress somewhere else.

      Here is my "young" Moon.
      Got it "free" on event , payed only for body blushing and face makeup.
      At this moment I use wing from "star" doll, so it is big for her (soon I purchase smaller wig). Eyes (14mm) is a spare from other doll, because original 12mm eyes that I got, has a white pupil and strange "inhuman" color.


      dress from Iplehouse JID. Dress fit almost perfectly ("almost" because of Impldoll young and Iplehouse JID size differences)[​IMG]

      Shoes from Mirodoll. Fit perfectly and, despite low price (only 12$) quality is very good
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    4. @Leons your Moon is lovely! Such a sweet girl. The outfit looks great on her too.
    5. @Leons I kinda like the bigger wig on her, it looks so floofy, but still pretty in proportion with her? maybe that's just the way you photographed it though? she's very cute either way, congrats on your doll~ ^^
    6. I am going to order Moon, your girl is so cute. Great information on were to get shoes & dress.
    7. I have fallen in love with the new Teresa sculpt! I think that she'll be my next dolly purchase. <3
      Welcome to impldoll

      Anyone else planning on getting her?
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    8. Question for owners: What size wig is better, 6-7 or 7-8?

      Do the Impldoll heads run a little small or am I better off getting a larger sized wig?
    9. Does anyone know if it's possible to order Trista/Sam with just the human bodies, and not the centaur ones? (Also: can you buy any of the horns separately, specifically Trista's antlers?) Thanks.

      Edit: Is it even possible to use the 2 front centaur legs on a human body, to make a bipedal body that still has hooves?
    10. I just got my Young Boy body a few weeks ago, and im absolutely in love with it. Ive restrung it, but id like to do a little sueding cause he sure likes to lean back and swing his arms around! I have a 5stardoll head on the body right now that fits great. I still need to figure out a character, though!

      Would anyone know how well a Resinsoul Song head would fit on the Young body? theres a .5cm difference between the two (the head being intended for a 7.5cm neck) but i only have the one doll and not a ton of experience with judging sizes. would it be fine, or would it wobble a lot? i wouldnt mind hot glue suedeing the neck hole if is minor.

      if anyone has a RS song head, would you be able to put them together and snap a picture? Id be so thankful!
    11. She's lovely!! So you were able to fit the centaur legs on the impldoll body without mods?
    12. You can order Trista/Sam on human bodies, and it would be worth asking about the antlers. Impldoll is very flexible.

      For the centaurs, the front legs are separate from the rest of centaur body. Basically there is a human body with hooves that sits in a cup with the rest of the centaur body attached. Just take off the front legs, take the body out of the centaur cup, and re string the legs to get a faun.
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    13. Do you have any full body pictures of your faun? When I got in touch with Impldoll they just said it wasn't possible so I'd love to see what you did.
    14. I'd be happy to. I'll take photos as soon as I can.
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    16. Hi there folks. Would any of you lovely people happen to know if any resin color from from IMPLDOLL matches Little Monica WS or NS? I don't need 100% match, but something around 80% ish is fine. I really like the boy body from this company and I would die if it could work with Little Monica. :D
    17. Have you seen the new mini-girl, Elliot? She's super cute! She looks like the baby of Karena and Chad.
    18. Hello, quick hybriding question. Does anyone know if an Impldoll young boy head would fit a boy kid delf neck? I have my eye on the Luts kid delf centaur body but only if I could get my Avery head on it without it looking too out of proportion.
    19. Hello! I was wondering about Impldoll’s Adela. When you order the faceup do you recieve faceup on the horn too or no? I saw some owner pics but I’m not sure that they did it themselves or the company did it.

      I also wanted to know about Impldoll’s usual shipping time, I live in the US and I just want to know so I can plan ahead. :3nodding: