IMPLDOLL Young 46cm Mini Discussion.

Jan 8, 2012

    1. Elliot is cute, but I totally fell for Lucien...would want a girl body instead though (Elliot looks so young, but Lucien could make a wonderful older sister as well as brother to her!).
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    2. So sorry about the delay! Here's an undignified pic to show what I did with my Trista to make her a faun. Just unstring the front legs, remove the torso from the deer body and butt front "cradle", and voila! A regular human torso is revealed! Restring the front legs and you have a faun instead of a centaur. Easy peasy.

      [​IMG]Impl centaur to faun by Redrosette, on Flickr
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    3. I had the same thought about Lucien, too! They're really cute and would be a lovely girl. (My only gripe is I wish they didn't have the sculpted fur texture. Or hopefully Impl will release more dolls in a similar style without.)

      Great idea! About how tall is she? Does she stand and pose ok?
    4. See, I didn't favor the sculpted hair either, but combined with the deer legs and Their sculpted hair I think it'd look pretty nice!
    5. She stands and poses great: the big hooves combined with the sculpted fur give a good solid base for standing. She has a little bit of a tendency to want to tip backward but I think that's more about how her back is shaped. She's as tall as Impl lists her at 44cm. As a centaur she was closer to 45cm.

      You can definitely still do this with their taur bodies as they're listed as having human human legs and feet as a conversion option so there will be a full human torso included like I showed above.
    6. Impldoll sent me some pictures of Lucien's blank sculpt, so I'm posting them here in case anyone else was curious!

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    7. I really like her too- I'm wondering how she would look in dark tan.

      If anyone has a picture of what her face looks like without a faceup, I'd love to see, that'd help me decide! I couldn't find one on Impldoll's site.
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    8. Hi everyone, I read through this thread, but didn't see an answer so I was hoping someone could help me.

      How tall is the Impl Young female body? I saw some posts stating that it was only about 43 cm tall. I was hoping someone with one could take a measurement and let me know how tall she is either with or without her head. :)

      I'm thinking about getting a color matched body, but I don't want to go through the trouble if she's significantly shorter than 46 cm.

      Thank you!
    9. Anyone here...? Eee... No one happens to have XiaoWei, do they? I'd like to see what she looks like outside of her company face-up and more pics of her fox parts. Ta~ :sweat
    10. Wow... it's really been nearly a year since anyone posted here? Guess I'll try to revive it, I just ordered the deer body with Moon's head, I'd love to see other people's deer and Moons while I wait! :)
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    11. I have a trista, though she's still a year on waiting for her dress <_< I'm a lazy bum lol.

      I had plans for a big impl order but that's gonna have to wait till next year's anniversary deal as I don't have the cash heh. I love their anniversary deal though. I have plans for a jet black Devon if they'll let me, maybe an Avery in a nice tan and a yosd teno in grey.
      I was also considering one of their smaller msd bodies for a floating head but I haven't actually seen anyone do any hybrids with those. So hmmm.

      What colour did you order your moon deer?
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    12. Ooh, I think I need to come up with something based on "moon deer" for his name, I love that! He'll be in white, so i can blush to just about any color.

      I bet they'd let you do a black doll! I have a custom color body for an older head, that's so nice I had to get more from them :D With this order, I'm also getting a dark tan Harley with a different head, which is awesome that they were able to do for me (I'm hybriding him, but having a potential extra head seemed like fun).
    13. I really like the impl tiny bodies I have to admit, they're great standers.
      and i'm quite impressed by the deer body too.

      I blushed mine with splotches but I didn't really do a great job, I might redo it some day, make it look more professional. But eh.

      I look forward to seeing what you do with your new guys
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    14. I was hoping more people would be posting photos of the mini's. They're pretty unappreciated in comparison, especially for the price. :sweat
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    15. I'm here to see the deer body. I've always wanted a deertaur.
    16. Here my Impldoll Trista! I like the deertaur body with the exception of the back legs - I wish they were double-jointed[​IMG]
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    17. She's really pretty, @plumandplume ! I love her faceup; I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of the default Trista head, but yours might have swayed me a bit if I'd seen it before ordering (though I still really like Moon).
    18. @plumandplume Ahh she's so cute! I just love the look of deertaurs, I'd probably pair her with one of the smaller deertaurs from Resinsoul.
    19. I actually had her face modded because I felt the same! Moons sculpt is adorable - I have a floating Moon head myself.
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    20. Trista has a rather unusual sculpt but I kinda like it. It's unusual.
      Her ears bother me though, they're so... small and kinda shapeless. I think they're a bit wierd.
      thankfully wigs cover them hah.