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Impulse Buying: The way of the bjd world X3

Sep 12, 2010

    1. My first doll was an impulse buy. I went to a doll meet and someone was selling a Luts Cane and he was soooo pretty. She was asking 500, I offered 450, she said yes and I drove my happy little ass to the bank and brought me home a small child. OTL
    2. My first doll was sort of an impulse buy, so I'm quite sure that along the road, I might end up buying bjd clothes on a whim as well. xD
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    3. My only doll that can really be said to be an impulse buy was my Onyx/Amber/Cuprit hybrid. And even then, the impulsive part of buying her was in me expressing the desire to get something similar because I didn't think I could find an Onyx head for sale, on a similar body, "some day", and half an hour later got a PM asking if I wanted one. So my "anyone know of any sculpts that look like Onyx? I wanted one for this project someday but the head I was looking to buy was sold" turned into "buying this doll now!"

      I do my best to not order a doll at the beginning of its order period, because I want to look at the new doll and decide if I want it because I really want it, or if I only want it because it's new and shiny. I do the same with marketplace posts for dolls I initially think are gorgeous... I once looked at a sale thread every other day for six months before I finally bought it.
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    4. My first doll, Dawn, was an impulse buy. I fell in love with her sculpt from the moment I saw it, and she was on sale so her price was too good to pass up. I do not regret buying her at all -- she's my baby!
    5. Most of the outfits I am currently eyeing at the moment are a little out of my price range for impulse buys. But speaking of impulse buys, I just bought this wig for my girl on the way. It's not even in the same color scheme as what I was looking for, but it's just so gorgeous.

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    6. *Raises hand, Looks to group of people* I am an impulse buyer. I admit I have a problem. :XD: It's just I can't help it all the dollie stuffs are calling my name, and I can't let them down can I?:pout: But on a more serious note I should really stop before I go broke :sweat I'm like a fish at this point, SHINY I WANT IT, 30 mins later down 50 bucks:doh
    7. I stopped myself from an impulse buy during the Junky Spot Black Friday sale, so I was happy about that. There was a bjd that was really low considering that it was a full set and everything, but I told myself, "No, you already know the doll you want and this one does not match William enough!" XD

      I was kinda regretful since it was a sort of "flash sale" for that particular doll, but now that I have the Mystic Kids Sean on his way to me, I am happy with my decision. ^^

      Clothing wise, the most expensive outfit I have purchased was $35 dollars. I don't think this is too much considering how much doll clothing can be, but I do realize that it was an impulse buy... And I have definitely had impulse buys with props and accessories that my doll doesn't need at the moment.

      I didn't buy any clothes before I had my doll, because I wanted to be sure the doll I was planning on buying was actually the doll I was getting and I didn't want to buy stuff that later didn't fit him due to a change of heart.
    8. So...someone kinda ordered a soul doll floating Onulharu head cause the wait period is 2 months and I have been going back to the sculpt over and over again and staring at it. I'm gonna have a pretty boy with no body, hair, and probably eyes. What have I done. Already wanting a DC Colin and then buying a floating head who am I kidding..and the exchange ranges suck over here!!
    9. I feel your pain. I bought a ringdoll norman full doll, it came with a floating head so i bought a mirodoll body for it, and I was like, okay I'm gonna wait. I didn't wait, I just bought two heads, little rebel sarang from little rebel AND and aleksander from the marketplace. Then I was like, okay I won't buy any bodies ... yet. ... but I bought two mirodoll bodies instead of the dollzone bodies I wanted and thought it was a decent economical tradeoff.
    10. Oh haha this was the case for my first (and only) doll! I loved Blanchet so when Luts had their winter event last year I snapped up a head but she floated for half a year before I got her a body too :blush.
    11. Oh, the doll life xD
    12. Don't worry, I do that all the time. I have five (I think) floating heads and haven't even ordered bodies for them yet. Plus, I ordered another one just recently.
    13. I have a box full of floaters and I love every single one of them. :eek:
    14. I will be having my very first floating heads because of a souldoll and a fairyland events... Is this the beginning of the end?!
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    15. Both of mine are floaters, and one of them will probably be floating for a long while.
    16. Adult life man adult life..i just couldn't help myself and now idk what body to get him so frustrated..he has no backstory or anything just got him cause I'm in love with the hardcore asian features..
    18. And since I bought a spot for a handmade wig for my doll, she told me I could have for free a pair of eyes... That Souldoll head is so freaking lucky XD
    19. Oh gosh so so lucky!! I have to buy my poor boy some wig and eyes .___. thank god im getting a raise even if it is 200$ only
    20. I ended up getting an extra body in my last order. Now I'm in the opposite position xD I need to get a head xD