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Impulse Buying: The way of the bjd world X3

Sep 12, 2010

    1. There's not a doubt in my mind that, if I were more financially graced, I'd be swimming in dolls. I impuse bought my two Yo-SD's and I just blew $150 (as in twenty-odd minutes ago, whilst on my lunch break) on a layaway for a new SD, which leaves me with just about $60 to live on for the next week. Ooops...

      It's been so many years for my doll obsession to evolve into something tangible (much to my partner's chagrin!) so I'm sort of going nuts at the moment. I will throw my life savings at a PukiPuki Pukisha at this point. No joke. I have a mighty need.
    2. I'm luckily not too much of an impulse shopper. I do have a strong sense of what I like (which means, with LE releases, I do occasionally go from "don't need any dolls right now..." to "MUST HAVE" very quickly), but I always wait until the very last minute to order to be sure I'm certain I want it. And I've never brought home a doll and regretted it, so I'm doing alright on that score :XD:

      I do occasionally have impulses when it comes to wigs. For example, Leeke are having their Winter Event at the moment, and I know I want a mystery black and a real red wig... I just don't know which styles yet :doh So it's less 'that wig would be perfect' (which I don't count as 'impulse buying'), and more 'I bet a wig in that colour could be perfect (which I do count as 'impulse buying').
    3. I impulse bought a doll and I don't regret a thing, I loved her as soon as I opened the box.
    4. I have the outfit and wig for a male character I want, but not the doll yet. The outfit was perfect for the character I have in mind. I may have found the perfect sculpt now, so once I buy him he'll already be halfway complete :)
    5. Yeah... Junky Spot is having their black friday sales now and the two dolls I really want are for sale and with shipping, it would be no more than $230 dollars for dolls with faceups and eyes and one with a wig. To me, that's crazy insane and although I have the money, I'm afraid of what my grandmother will think because all the money I have is from school scholarships and work study. But, I think I'll get them anyway. :D
    6. I plan all of my purchases yonks in advance because I know how much I'd worry about it being a mistake/waste of money/whatever and adding that stress just isn't worth it for me. I know what doll I'm getting next and I won't be getting her for over a year, I know how much I need to save. I know the wigs I need for Cato and Sophia and Sophia's eyes and outfits for both.

      Besides that I can never afford to impulse buy anyway, I have to specifically set the money aside for things I want ahead of time.
    7. My latest impulse buy was just two weeks ago when I bought two Soom x-mas kits on layaway although I don't really have the money. I don't regret it at all and I will love them to pieces :)
    8. I do enjoy an impulse buy. I actually put a Littlefee Ante on hold (second hand) last week. Ante is my all time favourite sculpt and this actual faceplate is the winking face which was an event head a while ago. I couldn't say no!
    9. Yes, definitely! I try to cut my buying by reasoning with myself that if I could easily make a similar outfit, I shouldn't make the purchase. But something like shoes I have to really restrain myself from the impulse buy XD
    10. I would impulse buy a lot of things but I have budgeted my purchases for doll stuff. I put a small portion of the money I earn into what I call my dollie funds. Whatever is in my dollie fund is what I can use for dolls.
    11. Not so much with the actual dolls. I usually do plan for it when it comes to the resin itself, though of course there's a certain element of availability that does affect when I buy something. I mean I can be looking for months for something, say a certain head or whatever and seeing dozens of them but not actually buying till I see the one I can afford. If I have plans to get something else first sometimes I end up skipping that original thing for a while just so I can grab a bargain when it's available, not doing things on my own schedule necessarily. When I do see it I totally jump on it, sometimes even though it's not very convenient.

      Right now I am almost done paying off a RS Dai doll that I've always wanted. She has been my girl grail for a long time. I planned on getting her, but not when I actually did and I was thinking of making a hybrid of her actually to save some $$$. I was planning on getting the head first and a body later but not till later this year actually. I had a grail boy project in mind to buy first, and I was actually looking at two different heads, trying to find one or the other used, with the thought of that project in mind. But I was having trouble finding one at a decent price that fit my budget and the Dai popped up in the market and I just went for her instead. As it turned out while I found her first a week or so later I finally saw the boy head I really wanted. The timing was just nuts with me already paying on my Dai, but it was a nice deal. So I ended up paying two lay-a-ways instead of the one I'd normally do. That is not something I planned at all and it has really stretched my budget doing it. But these two, they were the dolls I wanted the most of all the BJDs I've ever seen, my grail dolls, and I just thought about it and decided it was worth it. But normally I'd never do that, try to do two lay-a-ways at the same time.

      If I have one BJD thing so far that I can consider a true impulse buy thing it's been wigs. I apparently do have a big fetish for cool colored BJD wigs. I don't buy the most expensive ones. I always look for them under $15 but so far I have more SD sized wigs than I have SD sized BJD's to wear them. My Dai is going to be totally spoiled. She already has a choice of about 4 wigs at this point when she gets here. (She also has a nice pair of real BJD shoes and two simple outfits I've already made for her.) She's got two different red wigs, an orange red Trix Monique wig and the gorgeous phoenix rainbow one from Happy Camille, one pastel rainbow one that I think is maybe a Luts, and a Monique pink and blond rocker one. Which one she'll end up in is anyone's guess at this point but for a doll that I don't even have yet she's got quite a wardrobe! My other dolls who don't, they're totally jealous, lol. They do have wigs and eyes at this point but not much else. I think I might get that way about shoes and clothes too except they're so dear. Most real BJD shoes and clothes just don't fit at all into my budget, so that usually kind of curbs my enthusiasm for splurging there, shrug.
    12. If I had the means to act on my impulses I totally would. There was a doll I saw last year I would have bought on impulse but as I had just bought one only a few months before I had to let her go.
    13. Nah, I'm not an impulsive person. I like to think things over before I get them, even if it's just a five dollar t-shirt, much less an expensive doll.
    14. Since I got my first bjd, about a year ago, impulse buying has become a huge problem for me. After I got my first I bought four dolls within a year on impulse. I buy more dolls for my money than things for the dolls I have. I still have that problem only I think a lot about it before I go ahead an buy a new doll. I have to learn to say no to myself and work on the dolls a already have.
    15. I tend to be a bit of an impulse shopper sometimes. For me what usually happens is I'll tell my self "no no no" over and over again until I finally give in and buy all the things. But every once and a while something will pop up and I will click that "buy" button before I even have a chance to think about it. My Caramel Ringo was one such purchase... He was definitely not planned.

      I'm usually pretty good though. There are 2 dolls that I just saw last week and desperately want to buy RIGHT NOW but I'm holding off. I've got too many other things to spend money on right now...
    16. The only doll I ever bought on impulse was a LTF Leah. The fullset had just been released and I happened to stumble upon it on the FL website.
      I had never had a Yo sized doll before, and I had just gotten paid, so I thought wth I'll just get her :sweat
      She turned up and was as adorable as expected :) sadly she still hasn't told me her name...

      Another situation was when a KDF Ani elf went up on the MP. I had been wanting one for ever as she's one of my favourite molds, and the elf version had been sold out ages before I even discovered her. So she'd been on my wishlist for years without me actually actively looking for her, I just kept thinking I'll get the normal version later.
      But there she was, at a great price on the MP, and it took me all of 5 minutes to double check finances to make sure I had enough for food and bills and pounce. She's been with me ever since and that was my luckiest buy so far :)
    17. I tend to first look for a doll, then fall madly in love with a doll, save and pine for this doll for days/weeks/months, and then when im finally about to order/pay, i see another doll for a split second and buy that one instead. and then question what the heck just happened. but i do impulse buy/get a lot of fabrics and wig making things etc for dolls i dont have yet or even planned for yet, and then i make this entire character in the aisle of wal mart like omg i have to do this.
    18. I bought my second doll last weekend, eight months after getting my first doll. And then I told myself, "you need to wait at least six months before buying the next doll!"

      Yeah, that lasted a little over a week. I just started layaway on two more, because OMG Doll Chateau re-releasing Ada! And Russel is cute too! And I can buy them together!
    19. Being broke isn't a good thing but it does keep me form random impulse buys when it comes to bjds which I guess is a good thing. I totally understand the compulsion though. I obsessively "window shop" online all the time. And when you are waiting forever for your doll to arrive nothing fills the void like buying another doll or some other cool thing :XD:. But I doubt I would ever buy a doll I wasn't planning on already on impulse even if I could afford it. Mostly because I already have a bunch of dolls on my list that I want first. I guess if there was an amazing sale that was only for a short time I'd be tempted.
    20. Mostly I'm too much of a cautious person to buy things on impulse. I usually worry that it will be a waste, or I won't like it, etc... so I do lots of research before I buy anything. I am purchasing a head on impulse at the moment though. But that's because it had been on my lit, and the sculpt is being discontinued and is on sale right now. I blame layaways xD They make easy to justify another purchase