In a parallel universe...

Aug 19, 2019

    1. All hybrids match perfectly, in size and color! Even multiple hybrids that normally don't work would be perfect. You want that body for five different heads in slightly different proportions and colors? Done. Resin is now like that makeup that claims to be formulated to match your skin flawlessly.

      Oh, gosh, no! This would be in my nightmare alternate universe. I once ended up with over 200 play line fashion dolls for this very reason...I do not have room for that many BJDs! :o (Although, I guess in a 'perfect universe' I might also have perfect self control? :XD: )
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    2. -body blushing would last as long as you want
      -Dollshe waiting times wouldn't be this ridiculous
      -Doll sculpts would not be limited
      -Doll collectors would be nice to each other
      -exact sizes would be part of the product descripton of doll clothes/shoes!
      -Angel Philia body parts would be in-stock! (looking at you, Faithz! )
    3. Shipping custom fees wouldn't squeeze you for every dime your worth
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    4. Every recast on the planet would spontaneously disintegrate, and any further recasting attempts would have the same end result.
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    5. You could find every doll clothes/wigs and eyes in all sizes.
      And all Hybrids would work out perfectly.
    6. Shipping wouldn't be crazy expensive and no parcels would get lost or damaged.
    7. In a perfect BJD world, faceups wouldn't require sealant- you could just paint on your doll and it wouldn't stain!
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    8. Collectors always have enough space for display and storage.
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    9. How good that would be! I have never considered hybriding a doll because i'd be anxious about the head and body skintones not matching. It would bug me endlessly. Even with lots of research, it wouldn't be guaranteed because of screen displays and variation in each cast.
    10. If they’re white skin or a similar NS (like both pink or both yellow) it’s sometimes not too hard to blush to match, but then you have the issue of if the faceup gets damaged, you have to do all that blushing again to fix it. If they’re tan, brown or fantasy colors...good luck. Companies who do resin matching are a blessing but even then it might not be perfect. I’ve had some good luck but it would be awesome if every hybrid was a guarantee!
    11. @CloakedSchemer Thank you for sharing your experiences! I'm still a novice at faceups, so at least I know now that it's a bit out of my skill range at the moment. Glad that you've at least had it work out for you!
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    12. You could have props of anything you wanted for your dolls in perfect size and look amazing in photos.

      Dolls would stand and lose perfect in any place, anytime on any surface.

      Companies would offer three heads with every doll. Open eyed, sleeping and smiling.
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    13. We doing this? We really doing this? Okay!
      Dream of Doll is still around.
      There are custom carry bags, storage, and tools.
      Doll reference videos from the companies.
      Doll company tours.
      COA would be replaced with custom RFID chip.
      Real doll insurance/service for things like repairs, stringing and emergencies.
      Custom doll app for your personal collection to keep of your stuff.
      Awesome shipping service, everytime.
      No yellowing.
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    14. Be Able to order a sold out limited edition
    15. There would be a safe sealant that never yellows or blotches, has the perfect amount of tooth, and can be sprayed indoors.
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    16. Dolls would come alive according to your will.
    17. I thought of this yesterday while dressing my girl...
      The cute socks would fit worn with the shoes :sweat
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    18. Ha! I've literally had DREAMS about this sort of thing.
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      • For at least one dark tan/darker brown skin tone to be a standard resin color every company to offers without a large price jump, if not a few
      • More body type variation as a standard; plus sized dolls, skinny boys without six packs, muscled girls, etc.
      • More unique faces that aren't conventionally attractive
      • For limited runs to be run again every once in a while.
      Nothing super unique here :XD:
    19. Well, some ideas should actually be considered by doll companies, IMO...
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