New Feature Introducing Doll Profiles

Jan 18, 2016

    1. Sadly, it's true. There is a limit of 50. It can't paginate because the profiles are under a tab.
    2. Great idea, DofA! I'll use this feature once I get my dolls more customized! :)
    3. I can't seem to find the create profile button? Is it suppose to be at the bottom of the page in profiles?
    4. Doll Profiles is a link under the Community tab:
      Doll Profiles | Den of Angels

      If you're on a computer, the Create Doll Profile button is on the top right. If you're on a phone, you may need to scroll down to see it.
    5. Thank you, that helped!
    6. I really love this feature! It's so fun to just browse through everyone's dolls :D It's probably my favorite part of the new site!

      One thing though... I don't know if it has been mentioned (or if I'm posting in the correct spot), but it seems like the "unoa" tag isn't working for me. I posted profiles for my two chibis in the 20-39cm section, tried adding "unoa" to their tags multiple times. Every time I edit, it seems like everything is okay (no errors or anything) but the unoa tag doesn't show up. Other tags seem to work just fine.
    7. Dolls tagged as Unoa will show up as Alchemic Labo. If you already had the doll tagged as Alchemic Labo, then it wouldn't show up again.
    8. :D So cool idea! Thank´s
    9. So, I'm assuming, if you end up selling a doll you've profiled you can just delete?
      And, if so, should you wait until it's actually sold, or as soon as you put up a sales thread?
    10. Lots of fun so far.

      Comments would be fun to have, but it's cool as is (just having Likes).

      And, wow, I have too many dolls... hit the limit already, but it took a while to get 25 uploaded! Shows that I need some better photos of some of my dolls, too!
    11. Treat it as you would a database entry, waiting until it's actually sold.
    12. Thanks, HW, that reminds me that I might want to check my database entries.
    13. It's really really hard to find the "like" button on these...
    14. @Galacticat I made it bold and added a heart. Does that help?
    15. Yes that will probably help :)

      Maybe also it would help to put the "like" button into the bottom bar? Maybe in the center? (ie between "color options" and "home" - otherwise it could be easy to miss or look like content? Just an idea.
    16. @Galacticat It's not possible to put anything in the bottom bar except for content that goes on every page of the site. It pretty much has to be where it is, but let's see if these changes work out.
    17. Okay!

      Well I love the profiles anyway- great work!
    18. Hello, I've been trying to change the thumbnail photo for one of my doll profiles. I'm having trouble with it; I deleted the original thumbnail and tried to upload a new one, but when I do, even if I think it accepted my photo, when I upload, there's no photo, not even the old one I deleted. The photo is 165kb and 360x360 pixels. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it could be a bug. I'll try again later, maybe in a different browser.

      Thank you,
      <3 ali
    19. @almyki Which profile are you trying to change? It's not possible to have a different thumbnail from the main profile image, and all your profiles that have a main image are showing the thumbnail correctly.

      But, how is it that you have yourself listed as a doll profile?
    20. Thank you for the quick response! 'Dalia Dalhart''s thumbnail on this page shows as just a grey camera icon crossed out for me. In her profile, she lacks a 'profile' tab as well. Do you see something different for her? Maybe something is up with my computer? Doll profiles from almyki | Den of Angels

      I tried to change the profile image by deleting the old one and clicking the 'upload a file' button at the very bottom next to save and preview. I don't think the upload 'sticks' when I click the file I want though. I tried it with another doll I have in drafts and I have the same issue. I may try again on another computer when I have the chance.

      I don't think I have myself listed as a profile? I only see my four dolls: Dalia, Candy, Byrne, and Stirling.

      <3 ali