New Feature Introducing Doll Profiles

Jan 18, 2016

    2. I am so excited about this new feature! It may actually help me keep my character ideas in order :XD:
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    3. I definitely enjoy going through doll profiles to see the different characters people have created, and to see the varieties a single sculp can hold!
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    4. None of my tags are working, so I can’t save my doll profile- I’ve tried “Dust of Dolls” “Doom” and “Bomi”. Please help.

      Well, I can save it, so I’ll save with no tags.
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    5. @SabrinaC It's only possible to tag with the doll company name. I'm not sure why 'dust of dolls' didn't work. but I added it to Maria's profile.
    6. Thank you!
    7. I am having the same issue with mine right now; I had a profile saved and was waiting to finish the faceup on a doll, and nothing is showing up for any drafts I had "saved". Is this still a bug?