Iplehouse Basic YID dolls Discussion Part III

Mar 22, 2013

    1. Oh yeah, you managed to wangle a second body out of them! I seem to remember hearing people did that at the time. Those old fullsets, used to be you bought the whole package and, unless you flung yourself on Iplehouse's mercy with a special request and they were in a generous mood, that was THAT. ^^ Samir still has his OE head which is so very gorgeous, but he just never wears it.

      The resin was definitely at an experimental stage; "very little red dye" must've been it. Samir is markedly greener than Karim or the other old-Tan guys, a more cool-toned tan (which photographs biliously if there is even one green plant nearby!). I think they hit the sweet-spot in their formula during the previous '07 Tan run, when they came out with Tan Lion and the Aarons, who still look so great... just a little more red to cancel out the green and a little more golden in the mix to add a glow. (Runner-up: the batch of brown they used for EID Luo the Strongman just a year later. <3)

      This guy ^ could also have the best of both worlds and pick a middle name, so he can be Valentine Omar. :chocoheart

      Samir, just because.

    2. Just because, indeed....

      I've also got a tan Lion, but I'd have to check my records to see when he was made. I remember the seller calling him the "11th Lion" - apparently there were 10 made, but they must have done the same thing and provided a G. head, because she'd asked for an extra body and gotten it. He's been modded a bit to open his eyes more. I have to change the angle of the right eyelid, though, because he sometimes has that slightly post-stroke expression, which really shortcircuits the studmuffinery--
      His resin can look very different in different light angles too--he looks kind of terracotta above, but more subdued like richens up the tan considerably:
    3. Oh yeah, wasn't it Juubei who'd thought to wangle a second body, effectively making the 11th Lion (he was indeed LE10)? I do remember him. :D He's the only Gentle Lion head in the world that I know of, anyway.

      Maybe eyelashes would mitigate any post-stroke droopiness? His sockets look pretty OK to me, from here. He's also got that great mane of hair that can distract from any facial asymmetry. ^^

      The Dreaming head was absolutely too beautiful for me to want to mod... and Karim was too singular a character for me to want to make 2 dolls out of him, so he's just got a sleepy self and his regular OE self. It was tempting to have twins, of course, but Karim is one of those Highlander type Lions (there can be only one).

    4. OMG! So much tan yumminess! *faints* *_*

      Hobby and Jenny, your boys are spectacular!

      Thanks so much for all the info on the Iplehouse tans. I love the old tan YIDs. They are like owning a part of history.

      I know this may sound crazy, but I miss the old days when there were fewer companies. I feel kinda overwhelmed by all the companies and all the dolls available, now. I remember when I use to spend hours just perusing the Luts sites.
    5. I know what you mean-- it's easy to fall back into the smaller bubble of the companies we first fell in love with in the early days, because there's so much stylistic sprawl today. Also, some of us just really still like the things we originally fell in love with, and are old and set-in-our-ways. ^^

      I can't wait to see how you get Valentine painted up!
    6. LOL! Yes, I think you've hit the nail right on the head, Jenny! It's been almost a decade since I fell in love with BJDs. That was a giddy, and exciting time. The blush of first love still lingers over my earliest acquired boys. *sigh* I don't get that feeling when I look at the myriad of newer dolls. And, having so many of my beloved sculpts discontinued just makes them even more special. (Makes me want to gather up the beautiful old timers I missed out on before they are gone for good.)

      Or, I could be an old lady set in my ways. Yeah, that could be it. ;)
    7. Or, y'know, both... lilbit from column A, lilbit from column B. xD I know I'm an old fart who's set in my ways, AND I know that I like what I like. And I like looking at my old guys here. :) I like remembering the hoops I jumped through to get them back in the olden days when everything was new, and I also just plain love the old sculptural styles. Some of the new faces are plenty exciting but not that I could 'see' them at home in my collection. (At least, not Iples. But I must admit, Volks's men are constantly testing my resolve. ^^)

      Here's some new shots of my newest-old-guy... the last YID I bought, and the only one who isn't part of the Ilya & Karim's family. Our flibbertigibbety Rémy isn't much of a reader, but oh how he loves those glossy Vogue men. :fangirl:

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...y-pictures-(Rémy-Iplehouse-YID-realskin-Mars) <= more in gallery

    8. OH MY! I love your Mars! Remy is so scrumptious!

      You know, I could kick myself now for not getting a Mars when I had the chance. I so did not "get" what that sculpt was all about when it first came out. The original face-up was so soft, and I guess I just didn't realize how gorgeous he was until it was too late. I've done that before with dolls. At first, Im not attracted to them, and in some cases even thought they were ugly, and then suddenly, BOOM! I see them with new eyes and have to have them! But, generally, by the time that happens, its too late and the sale is over.

      Mars is also very different looking from the other older YID boys. I think the new sculptor, who was gearing up to do the new line of EIDs, did Mars' face. I don't think I was ready for such a big a stylistic/sculptural change. (Darn my 'old-stick-in-the-muddiness')

      Well, at least I know I can admire your boy. :fangirl:
    9. Hehe, thanks! Well, as you guys have all proven with the Barrons and Tan Gentle Soo Ris, there is always the old-school head of your dreams floating around out there on the Marketplace somewhere. Maybe that Mars will find his way to your house someday. :fangirl:

      You're definitely right that Mars & his contemporaries back in 2009 (Ryushin, Barron, Freezia, Akando, etc.) were the very beginnings of the current Iple style.... Even today, look through the men's & women's faces and you can still see Mars-features being recycled in there. It was tempting to make my Claude related to Remy, too, because they look so much alike, but no. ^^ Half the JIDs look like Mars-cousins, too, both boys & girls.

      I always loved Mars's boy-toy look, but I didn't go for him until they released all those YIDs in Realskin for that Special Edition. Remy is the ultimate boy-toy. :chocoheart This is his original SE faceup, which is also very soft. I think the original NS LE of Mars had a backstory as a model, quite coy and girly... and a wonderfully trashed-up designer outfit which I still crave to this day. But he didn't get officially irresistible until Realskin. (Ahh, and even then I almost couldn't decide between Ryushin and Mars, on that glorious SE release-- Remy here was destined to be a Mars, but he was almost a Ryushin. <3 Luckily my local friend Farallon was getting a Ryushin, so I get to still visit him.)
    10. *adds to Mars spam*

      Mine sports a custom faceup by Marison. :)

    11. I LOVE that guy! :fangirl: I saw him guest-star in a pic in the EID/SID spam thread... His rock-star hair and extra-saucy faceup melt my heart. He looks even saucier than Remy. ^^
    12. So true! I guess I could get a JID to supplant my Mars craving. But, Mars was the first, and that makes him special!

      Ooooh! More Mars hotness! Im so jealous!

    13. D'awww, thank you! Lu is flattered. It's funny how he looks sweet when his eyes are turned the other way, and a minx - or a snob, sometimes - when they're turned this way. :))

      I wanted him so bad before, but they had already phased him out. Sometimes, though rarely, he pops up on the Marketplace - I was lucky enough to have had extra funds from when I sold his old shell (a DOD Ducan) to get this one!
    14. Ahh, I can see where Lu's character would have made a great Ducan-- the sly eyes and the smirk. ^^ He looks so great as a Mars!

      I too love the way Mars can look dewy-eyed and sweet from one angle, but sexy and worldly and come-hither from another angle. Boy-toy Remy needed to be all those things. =D
    15. omigosh!! this thread has new posts?! AMAZING

      i love seeing everyone's mars! i think i say every time how awesomely versatile i find this sculpt, but it's just so cool to see how different they always look. i've seen some really masculine mars and others that are just so pretty i want to kiss them<3

      here are my boys, just loving that i put all these flowers on them:

    16. Cads, your boys are gorgeous!

      Love all the flowers! It makes me feel like Spring is in the air.
    17. Reeeeeeid! :aheartbea Hi beauty! I haven't seen him in forever! He looks happy that it's showering spring flowers. The beauteous Lee looks less-thrilled.
    18. eeep, thank you!! i wish it were spring already. i haven't been able to take photos on weekdays in FOREVER because it's always dark out by the time i get home. ;____; since i don't have any new photos of my own, can i request happy spam of other people's oYIDs? you just don't see them around that often!
    19. Sure-- I never get tired of looking at Karim. We have been having insultingly blue sunny skies all this month (and no rain, which we need) (but it does make for nice photos.)

    20. nggg, he is so beautiful<3 i love his colors and expression! he looks . . . ssssilky. :3