Iplehouse Basic YID dolls Discussion Part III

Mar 22, 2013

    1. Did I kill this thread? :bump

      Spreading some Old Iple-boy love today! :aheartbea

      Here's my first Barron. (Heheh! Don't you love that old Iple "muscle" body?)

    2. A man of many chains! <3 Love that old-school eight-pack.

      Iplehouse seems to have come full-circle.... After years of going for bigger & broader & more muscular & smaller eyes & more crags & thicker limbs, and cancelling all the old slim-bodied big-eyed guys... now they're putting out the FID fashion doll, because they realized that they didn't have any more slim-bodied poseable dolls left. :doh: But I don't like the FIDs, they look like they have no skin. I am happy to have my old abstract-muscled YIDs around (and Ilya the pre-YID, with those glasscutter nipples ^^).
    3. Thank you Jenny!

      Yeah, I saw the new FIDs. Can't say I was too taken with them. Meh.:yawn

      Actually, I would love it if they made a special re-issue of one of the old oYID sculpts. I don't even care which one! I mean, Mars would be nice, since I don't have him. But wouldn't it be nice if they dolled-up a SooRi ala Steampunk for a limited run? I would even be interested in an updated version of the sculpt. Now, wouldn't that be interesting; a new re-interpretation of the SooRi sculpt?

      I admit, the whole Carved Heritage line was amazing, but I just don't want to deal with dolls that huge in size anymore. I liked the slender 63cm bodies. They are so much easier to pose than my large EID boys.
    4. I think a steampunk Soo Ri or Mars would be awesome! <3 And if they were to do an updated or reinterpreted head, he could be made to look good on the nYID body too. It's not all that bulky.
    5. The only doll I have is a circa 2008 Sylvia, and finding shoes for her has become quite a quest! Her feet are 2.5cm wide, and the nYID shoes are 3.5 cm wide. That's a big difference.
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    6. Welcome Stefanina! Wish I had some helpful advice on your quest for girl shoes. I never got a oYID girl. But, I wish I had when I had the chance because Sylvia was a gorgeous girl.

      Got any pixs of your girl? Would love to see her. :D
    7. Only old ones...lol
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    8. @Stefanina
      Great to see Silvia! I have her too. :chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart

      For shoes, yeah, none of the new YID ones will fit since they re-did the line and the new YID girls share a foot size with their other ladies like EID. She should fit into basic SD girl sized shoes that you can get from other companies. I know I have a pair of Leeke boots, for example, for my Silvia and they fit great. Just try to check the measurements. :3nodding:

      What type of shoe are you looking for? :)
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    9. Right now I'm looking for a basic pair of black pumps and a pair of sneakers that don't look too oversized. For other flat-soled shoes, I can probably make most of those. Heck, I might be able to make heeled shoes if I can get good instructions...
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    10. Stefanina, your Sylvia is lovely! :love(Even old pixs are cool!)
    11. Stefanina, these are close and may work if you stuff the toe a bit. My old YID girl had size 7 feet. Right now I can't find examples of the exact shoes I got for her, but I got really good at finding stuff that fit her overtime :D Too bad I don't have her anymore. Check the measurements on these to make sure as well, I can't remember all of them. SWS-02 (Black)
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