Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. I'm strongly thinking about getting one, a female. Does anyone know what the actual meaning of CREAA J means?
    2. Thanks! It seems that I have less)))

      These dolls are beautiful)))) i also have no idea what does it mean))))
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    3. I looked all over Iple's site yesterday evening because I was sure I had seen that information somewhere. Couldn't find it. Another DoA member once told me it stood for Creative something--I can't remember what the second word was. The J stands for the size. J = Junior size. If you go to the Iple BJD section and click on Body Review you'll see the body sizes across the top row. There is also a CREAA-S (Senior size) and a CREAA-K (Kid size). Apparently those are either planned or in the works as there is no information in place yet.
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    4. Oh wow. Thanks, well atleast I know that much more now.

      Lol thanks anyways ✌
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    5. Hello guys~! My bestfriend and I are interested in the CREAA girls, but I need to be certain of her height first before we could push through. Does anyone here know of the CREAA girl's full actual height with heeled feet + heeled shoes + wig? And her shoulder height as well, if it's not much trouble. :sweat

      Basically, I'm trying to see if she'll fit in with my Souldoll Vito boy (standing at 54.5cm with shoes and hair) and Dream Valley hybrid (51.5cm). I was wondering if I could make a CREAA girl reach 52+cm with platform heels and such.
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    6. Realize that the high heel foot option is a resin nub jammed into a resin shoe:

      ITEM VIEW : CREAA J - IHS_Fairy heel

      So, however tall that is will be the added height. Maybe someone here has that item and could measure it. I suppose you could hybrid some other foot. The best option I think would be to use the flat feet shes comes with and put her in a pair of gothy combat boots. I bet you could add 4 or 5 cm that way. Which would get her into your target height. Like the Rosettes these dolls are in that interesting height area where they are definitely smaller than SD's but not so out of the range as say, a minifee. Which looks like a completely different scale. Hmmm...I should see if I have a pair of large goth boots....
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    7. @yldenfrei - I bought my CREAA girls after I sold my Vito boy, but I do remember that Vito wears a 6-7 wig and size 14mm eyes, while my CREAAs wear 5-6 wigs and 6mm eyes. So, whatever the eventual CREAA girl height, there will be a discrepancy in head and eye sizes. They might look a little strange together.
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    8. While it wouldn't help too much, I have a Vito boy and a Creaa boy and if you were willing to wait a while (I'm on vacation for 2 weeks), I could snap a pic of them together so you could see what the head/eyes of each look like. My Vito boy wears 10mm eyes, btw.
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    9. @dollhausen ooohhh how interesting :ablink: I thought the doll comes with extra heeled feet parts by default, so my plan was to use that and make a custom pair of high platform shoes.

      @vermont chick I'm usually fine with discrepancies, my LUTS KDF head is 19cm and wears 14-16mm and still looks fine next to my Vito boy with 17cm head and 12mm (small iris) eyes, so I'm expecting a CREAA girl to have the smallest face of them three, but not too weird as to make her look out of place. That's very interesting tho, your comment about your CREAA girls using 5-6in wigs. IIRC Iplehouse lists the girl's head size as 17cm (6-7in), so does that mean the heads are actually a bit smaller in person?

      @Iron_Dog that would be very helpful, yes please! I definitely don't mind waiting for pics :D
    10. @yldenfrei - I saw that on Iple's site about the CREAA wig size being 6-7, then wondered why all my 6-7 wigs were too loose. I switched to 5-6 and got a much better fit. Many of my wigs are Monique Golds, which are stretchy so you can go to a smaller size, but I also have some Iplehouse 5-6, and they're a perfect fit. The two wigs in the photo below are Monique 5-6.
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    11. @yldenfrei I'll do my best to get you some shots but the absolute soonest would be Jan. 6th as I'm away from home until the 5th. This may not be terribly helpful for what you need but this is a shot of Wisp (Creaa-J Lev) in a line-up with various dolls. The grey doll to the left of him is a Soom ID51. The ID51 is a bit shorter than the Vitos, wears a 6/7 wig and my guy (Gluino) is wearing 10mm eyes. The doll to the right is an Orient Doll Ill vamp
      [​IMG]IMG_0350 by ID Locke, on Flickr
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    12. @vermont chick Ohhh I see I see. Your girls are Leah and Zinnia, yes? They're very pretty! And those wig sizes do look very good on them. I'll take note that, then. ^_^

      @Iron_Dog Yes, that's just as helpful, thank you! :D It's good to see Lev's facial features being a bit wider and bigger than Gluino (despite the shorter face height). If the girl's faces are the same size, I think she'll fit in just fine with my boys!

      Thanks for the answers, everyone! I'm now considering Cynthia or Sara for my girl~! ^_^
    13. Just to confirm even more what @vermont chick said, I bought the Iplehouse suggested wig (6-7) and it's too big. But it looks good. But it's loose. But I'm too lazy to search for another one...so it stays....for now.

      I love my Zinnia so much that I almost bought another in the recent sale. I'm pissed that Iple isn't offering those clothes in general since they offer little in the way of clothes for these dolls. They said they had more in the works but that was a long time ago and I see nothing.
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    14. @yldenfrei if you're still after the shoulder height, I get ~39.5cm from heel to shoulder -this is with flat feet. (The total height of 47cm on the website seems correct). The default heel feet she came with will add about another 1.5 cm to her height. Iplehouse don't sell any shoes for those feet, so if you're planning to make your own that's good.
      As far as girl faces go, there are a couple of comparisons to Soulkid girls in this thread.
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    15. @eland yes, thank you very much for the measurements! The shoulder height and the heeled feet height definitely helps in my planning. And thank you for the link to your hybrid pictures, really helps a lot ^_^
    16. @yldenfrei - Yes, the girls are Leah and Zinnia.

      @dollhausen - Here is my Leah in the suggested Iplehouse wig, but in a 5-6. Iple shows it with two small braids but I left it as is, only tucking two small sections behind her ears. I bought the wig for my FID girls, so I already had it when I ordered Leah.

      I forgot that the CREAA girls came with heel feet. Obviously I've never used mine. I did try some shoes on them just now to see if anything fits. Iplehouse JID high heels are too loose; MiniFee high heels go on but are hard to remove. Sartoria J high heels are a bit snug but do come off again. The best fit I've found is a pair of resin-soled peep-toe high heels made for Raccoon girls and sold on that site.
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    17. @yldenfrei

      I totally forgot that they doll came with high heel feet. I think because I thought those nubbin feet with the shoes were so weird they distracted me. But @vermont chick reminded me above and I checked and there they were! Good to know!

    18. Maybe I'll order a smaller IpleWig and see if that fits Ginny better. I found a pair of Rrabit boots that fit Ginny's feet but are sorta tall. I tried to tell her that, but she said since she doesn't have any other shoes that these will have to do.

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    19. @dollhausen - You might find the iplehouse JID girl tall boots a better fit. No white, but they're available in black and brown. (And they're expensive as all get out.)
      The outfits are unaltered pieces from patterns for Unoa and MiniFee.
    20. @vermont chick What kills me about Iplehouse is the painfully expensive shipping no matter how small the order. While the boots are $45, the shipping is going to be $25. But I should probably bite the bullet and pony up the cash, unfortunately the wig I wanted in 5-6 is not available in black. Perhaps Ginny will have to be a bleached blonde....