Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. I know. That's why I usually save up and order a bunch of things at once. I want those tall boots in black so each girl can have a pair, but I'm not ordering until I can put something else on the order. It's not just the cost. My only Iplehouse order that ever went astray was a small box of doll clothing.
    2. Lurker here. Has anyone else noticed all the CREAA dolls are marked as “sold out” on the Iplehouse website? Surely they wouldn’t discontinue a whole line without saying something?
    3. @MasahtiJade Hello fellow lurker :)
      They only sell them every couple of months. Haven't quite worked out the schedule yet. But they should be back in a little bit. Hang around here and someone's bound to post when they're back up for sale :)
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    4. @MasahtiJade - FIDs go on sale every other month. CREAAs seem to go on sale whenever Iplehouse feels like it, which is less frequently than FIDs. Like @eland says--someone here usually makes an announcement when they notice the CREAAs are back up again. Or you can check Iplehouse once a month and see what's up.:)
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    5. Ah, got it. Thank you!
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    6. @Helgovochka Congratulations! She looks so beautiful in real skin, can't wait to see her with a face up.

      My Elias says hello:

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    7. :D Thanks! I like his wig. Is it Monique?
    8. Yes, it's a Jojo in 4/5 tied in the back. It's too small and it keeps popping up so I want to try a 5/6 to see if that fits better. Tried other 5/6 and some were too big but this style might be ok. Might try the BJ style too, it looks great on your boy
    9. Actually mine is also a bit big, but silicone cap helps a lot =) But I've ordered several Monique wigs 5-6 for my boy and... all others were TOO small =(((
      I'm planing to make a simple wig by myself this week... Hope it'll look not so bad...
    10. The Monique 5/6 wigs were small? or other brands? Good luck with the wig, hope it all goes well!
    11. I have Wisp wearing a 6/7 Hual wig and it fits him really well. He also wears a silicone cap under it.
    12. That's a lovely resin color for Leah, @Helgovochka - Will you be doing her face-up?
    13. Yes, it's in my plan... hopefully on the weekend =) I hope to be able to show her character more clearly :eusa_pray
      She looks soooo different from my Sara with normal skin and Psyche white body... :hug:
    14. It's not super high quality, but here is my sweet couple

      Also once I promised to show dress that I made for Sara... So here is also one pic that I have (when she is standing it looks way much better) https://flic.kr/p/2diCYxj
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    15. Sweet photo, @Helgovochka - and I love the blue dress you made. Did you make Clive's vest, too? I really like that.
    16. Thanks)))) dress has a special pants underneath ))))
      Vest is from limited JID boy outfit that I've got in split and it's perfect for Clive too)
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    17. Well hello, Elias! You are a cutie for sure. I always thought this release from Iplehouse was amazing, so it would be fun to see them introduce more fairytale characters to this line. <3

      Is anyone waiting for the witch?
    18. Let me post one more pic of my couple =))) (Clive with old wig that I don't like, but at that moment I have no possibility to change it)

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    19. Yep, I'm waiting for her =)))
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