Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. @Helgovochka They are such a sweet couple, love their pictures together! and I look forward to seeing your Cynthia, did you also order her dress?

      @Mimosa10 Thank you! He is a sweetheart, every time I look at him he brings a smile to my face
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    2. Yes =) and broom too =)))) But I'm expecting her arrival not early than in April due to my payment plan..
    3. I made first make-up for my doll. For the first time in my life =))) It's not super good, but I've been trying hard =) So I might redo it later as I don't satisfy with eyebrows at least...

      one more


      in the middle of process
    4. @Helgovochka - Very pretty lip color. What is the design at the outer corner of her eye?
    5. I've been trying to make a scar... As she is one of the fairy who deals with fire and dragons in my story =)
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    6. Fun pics, @Helgovochka! I like the one of Iza and Clive together the best. :D
    7. Iza and Clive at a party! Sounds like a lot of fun. I really love Iza's long, white sweater... gorgeous on her. Something to think about for my Nuan.
      PS I believe Clive's fleur-de-lis is upside down. In case he is a fashion stickler (like me... sort of). :cool:
    8. I bought it from IH, so it was IH who decided to turn it this way =))) And Clive just follows :blush

      hehehe actually they don't like each other, but as it's been anti-Valentine party, so Sara allowed Clive to go out without her =))) And Iza was checking that Clive are not flirting :lol:
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    9. Eeeeek! Gorgeous new CREAA J fairy posted on Iple's site, for sale from today through March 17th. Her name is Chloe and I love everything about her: pointy ears, delicate fantasy makeup, long lovely gown and blue heel shoes. I'm meeting with my tax preparer on Wednesday. If there is a refund in my future, I'm ordering her.

      Chloe's story got a little garbled in translation, but it mentions at least one other character, maybe two (Devil Mutant and Leon). Hopefully we'll see another CREAA J boy soon.
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    10. I wish I could get her full set... I like her human head too.
      Just wondering if it'll be easy to put the wig on her elf head...

      Also I finally received Luts Model Delf Head Lazuli (Thanks @vermont chick for your advice), so here you may find my new hybrid (instead of DC Elizabeth). Body is old (and I already bought it a bit yellowish...)

      And one pic with Clive's body...:XD:
    11. @Helgovochka - I bought an Iplehouse wig for my fairy Leah and it fits fine. A lot depends on the shape and placement of the ears, however, and Chloe's ears look different. Hard to say. If I'm able to buy Chloe I will probably wait to buy the wig until after I see how my other Iplehouse wig fits her.

      Congrats on receiving your Lazuli head. After getting an error message from Flickr earlier, I can now see your photos. The head's neck opening looks somewhat large for the CREAA neck; hopefully that won't be so noticeable when she wears a wig. She looks good on Clive's body. I also ordered the Lazuli head, but not for a hybrid. She'll take over my existing Model Delf girl's body.
    12. Well, I did it. I managed to order CREAA Chloe with most of her full set. (I really didn't need the wand.) There was no tax refund for me this year, but luckily I sold a couple of dolls at just the right time and now Chloe with the fairy head and colorful face-up will join my other two girls.

      Iplehouse has posted the Leon in Chloe's story for sale. For some unfathomable reason he's an EID. ??????? I don't collect that size so she'll have to make do with some of my guys who are more her size.
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    13. oops!
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    14. I was luck enough to get Chloe's human head and outfit (no wand unfortunately...), and so I'll have only Creaa as msd =)) not hybrids as with original heads creaa's body looks just perfect =)
    15. Congrats @Helgovochka. It will be interesting to see Chloe with human head. Did you order her face-up, too? I agree with you that CREAA heads and bodies are perfect together.
    16. Yes, as I really like official make up =))) (+ I'm not good at make up at all :blush)
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    17. I got Wisp with the default face-up (minus the beauty marks). I can't do face-ups and the Iple ones are gorgeous. Pretty reasonable in price, too.
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    18. I sometimes do face-ups to save money, but I can't equal the Iplehouse artists. Even if I had their talent, my eyesight isn't what it used to be and I can't paint a continuous line to save my soul, so doing eyeliner is a real challenge. I can't wait to see Chloe's fantasy face-up close at hand. I knew she felt otherworldly, but it took me a while to notice that she doesn't have eyebrows. I never would have thought of doing that.
    19. I have 2 dolls with no face-up and they'll never have one. Funny thing is, people don't notice they don't have a face-up until I tell them. The only thing Dak does have is wickedly long eyelashes. Skeeren doesn't even have that (he's far too small to have eyelashes as he wears 2mm eyes). I think it's because both are black (one dyed, one black resin) and because they're so dark, people don't notice that they don't have anything painted on.

      Mkhai doesn't have eyebrows either and I guess, technically, he doesn't have a face-up. His face... colouring is metal leafing. He's an Impl Miguel The Demon Hunter and I've metal leafed all the spikes and swirls on his body. For his head, the horns extending from his chin are gold leafed, his lips are silver leafed and the inscribed lines/dots on his forehead are also silver leafed.
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