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Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. @Helgovochka They are such a sweet couple, love their pictures together! and I look forward to seeing your Cynthia, did you also order her dress?

      @Mimosa10 Thank you! He is a sweetheart, every time I look at him he brings a smile to my face
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    2. Yes =) and broom too =)))) But I'm expecting her arrival not early than in April due to my payment plan..
    3. I made first make-up for my doll. For the first time in my life =))) It's not super good, but I've been trying hard =) So I might redo it later as I don't satisfy with eyebrows at least...

      one more


      in the middle of process
    4. @Helgovochka - Very pretty lip color. What is the design at the outer corner of her eye?
    5. I've been trying to make a scar... As she is one of the fairy who deals with fire and dragons in my story =)
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    6. Fun pics, @Helgovochka! I like the one of Iza and Clive together the best. :D
    7. Iza and Clive at a party! Sounds like a lot of fun. I really love Iza's long, white sweater... gorgeous on her. Something to think about for my Nuan.
      PS I believe Clive's fleur-de-lis is upside down. In case he is a fashion stickler (like me... sort of). :cool:
    8. I bought it from IH, so it was IH who decided to turn it this way =))) And Clive just follows :blush

      hehehe actually they don't like each other, but as it's been anti-Valentine party, so Sara allowed Clive to go out without her =))) And Iza was checking that Clive are not flirting :lol:
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    9. Eeeeek! Gorgeous new CREAA J fairy posted on Iple's site, for sale from today through March 17th. Her name is Chloe and I love everything about her: pointy ears, delicate fantasy makeup, long lovely gown and blue heel shoes. I'm meeting with my tax preparer on Wednesday. If there is a refund in my future, I'm ordering her.

      Chloe's story got a little garbled in translation, but it mentions at least one other character, maybe two (Devil Mutant and Leon). Hopefully we'll see another CREAA J boy soon.
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    10. I wish I could get her full set... I like her human head too.
      Just wondering if it'll be easy to put the wig on her elf head...

      Also I finally received Luts Model Delf Head Lazuli (Thanks @vermont chick for your advice), so here you may find my new hybrid (instead of DC Elizabeth). Body is old (and I already bought it a bit yellowish...)

      And one pic with Clive's body...:XD:
    11. @Helgovochka - I bought an Iplehouse wig for my fairy Leah and it fits fine. A lot depends on the shape and placement of the ears, however, and Chloe's ears look different. Hard to say. If I'm able to buy Chloe I will probably wait to buy the wig until after I see how my other Iplehouse wig fits her.

      Congrats on receiving your Lazuli head. After getting an error message from Flickr earlier, I can now see your photos. The head's neck opening looks somewhat large for the CREAA neck; hopefully that won't be so noticeable when she wears a wig. She looks good on Clive's body. I also ordered the Lazuli head, but not for a hybrid. She'll take over my existing Model Delf girl's body.