Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Thanks for the links @eland. I looked at Raccoon's Rags--I like her patterns. There is good basic stuff on Missy's Imaginings, too. Like you, I wish she would identify which Evangeline she is using, because I can't tell just by looking at her. There are some instructions on her blog. She also shows how she drafts her patterns. Using anyone's PDF patterns will involve some trial and error, because I can never get PDFs to print to the exact size. Not to mention any Evangeline patterns will need some bust reduction for use with the smaller chested CREAA. All of which means I can't sew anything until Leah arrives. I expect her first outfit (other than the Iplehouse outfit I ordered with her) will consist of a crocheted top with a handkerchief skirt.
    2. @vermont chick I feel you on the pdf trial and error thing. My plan is to try out a pattern on my Dollzone Hermit and see how that goes, while I churn my way through the layaway. (I envy your crochet skills!) The good news though, is that Designs by Jude just replied to my messages to say the store was closed due to surgery but that they are back!
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    3. @vermont chick Thank you so much for starting this thread. I have Wisp, Creaa-J Lev. He's just... scrumptious.
      [​IMG]IMG_0578 by ID Locke, on Flickr
      The outfit he's wearing in the pic is one I made for him out of a dress sock. He's also got the default face-up minus the beauty marks Iple seems to adore. His eyes are ones I made for him.

      If anyone wants to see him next to other similar sized dolls (boys only, I have no girls), I can do that. His partner is a SD Vito Azreal skull head) but I've also got some Soom ID51's and an Iple FID. I can also go with shorter boys in the more traditional MSD height range as well as SD's in the more typical heights. I've got tinies as well although most are mature tinies. Actually, I go have a pic of him with other dolls for height purposes....

      https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4383/37419442051_b4c6659738_c.jpgIMG_0350 by ID Locke, on Flickr
      Left to right:
      Dollshe Orijean (Pure body) 69cm
      5Star Dark 62cm
      Soom ID51 Gluino vampire 51cm
      Iplehouse Creaa-J Lev 49.5cm
      Orient Doll Ill vampire 40cm
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    4. @eland - That's great news! I wondered if there might be a medical issue involved. Now I can get out of panic mode and consider carefully which styles I want to try for Leah.

      @Iron_Dog - Love your Lev! :love Did you ask Iplehouse to omit the beauty marks or did you remove them yourself? I usually don't care for beauty marks myself, although I did give my Dollshe Fashion Saint a liberal sprinkling of them. Sometimes the sculpt just seems to demand them. The only thing I find off-putting about the male CREAA body is the very fragile looking ankles. Do you find them to be a concern?
    5. I did ask them to leave them off and it wasn't considered a custom face-up. I honestly believe that they just took the white Lev used for the promo shots, wiped his face-up, did the one I asked for and fired him out the door to me as I got a shipping notice for him about 3 weeks after I placed the order, which is crazy fast.

      When I compare Wisp's ankles to Vale's (FID Claude vamp), I'd say Wisp's are just as steady as Vale's. He's actually quite a reliable stander and I can plunk him down anywhere with very little fiddling around and he's solid. He's got quite large feet in relation to his body/limbs so that probably helps him be so stable. He is very lithe but he's also got a surprisingly decent sense of sturdiness to him when you're handling him. The one doll that I have that always makes me feel like I'm going to snap his legs/arms is Sondo (Akhmel Nathan). But Sondo also makes Wisp's limbs look beefy *laughs*.

      If you click on the ID Locke link next to the photos, there's more there with Wisp that I did as a sort of review of his body. One of the shots shows his feet in relation to the feet of the other dolls he's pictured with above in case you're curious. I can also take some shots of his ankles specifically if you want/need me to. I'd post the pic but Flickr is being a jerk and when I thought I was signing in to my account, it was actually making me create a new one. WTF!?
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    6. Hi there!

      I just recently ordered Leah (fairy version) from Iplehouse! To be honest, she was sort of an impulse buy.... but when I realized she was limited, I just had to snap her up! What really drew me to her was her very elegant body! Not to mention, her sculpt is very beautiful as well. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford her outfit, which I really wanted! Looks like I'm going to have to sew some clothes for her. This might prove kind of difficult with her proportions, but I'm sure I can come up with something!

      I will definitely update with some pictures when she arrives!
    7. Congrats on ordering Leah, @destinybjd. I have her on order, too. Did you order her with face-up? I selected the fairy sculpt with the human face-up. I hope that doesn't confuse the artist too much.:lol:

      Great group of photos, @Iron_Dog, and not much overlap with Iple's own pose photos. I'm glad to hear he's a reliable stander. At the moment the only thin-limbed doll I have is a Doll Chateau tiny Ada, whose four legs tend to go out from under her like a moose on ice skates. She's the reason I'm a little leery of the long skinny legs.
    8. Thank you, @vermont chick! I ordered her without a faceup, since I plan to commission one from one of my favorite faceup artists for her. And I'm thinking there are others who would like the human faceup with the fairy sculpt, too! I also prefer that faceup to the other one, if I were to choose!
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    9. Hello everyone!
      Let me introduce my sweet couple: Aja and Clive =)
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    10. They look perfect together, @Helgovochka. Would love to see some close-ups if you have any. And where did you find shoes to fit Aja?
    11. Sure =) Today we were walking in Botanical Garden were sakura was blooming...

      Actually it's quite random shoes that I've found on Russian community...My opinion that JID shoes might suite well. At least as on the Psyche promo there were some kind of JID shoes (and yes, these shoes still a bit big...)
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    12. @Helgovochka That blue wig is a great choice, she looks so fresh and unique. They are such a sweet couple, fragile somehow.
    13. Thank you for the photos, @Helgovochka. I hope Iplehouse re-releases this version of Sara. She has such a lovely face. I'm very sorry to have missed her.

      Most of my JID shoes are high heels and I see that CREAA girls come with flat feet. Hopefully something in my collection of shoes will fit her; if not, I'll have to try making her some shoes.
    14. Yay, thanks for this thread!
      It's kind of trippy though, hearing my name so often - Leah. lol I was tempted by her, and would have gone for elf sculpt with human faceup too! I was thinking it might be fun to get her in white and dye her blue or something.

      I couldn't resist the frog boy and his wonderful froggy hands and feet! But for me, he had to be green, so I got him in white and dyed him. I should take a few more photos of him. he still has no faceup, but I am happy with him as is and can't really see him with a traditional one. No need for a wig or shoes! HAhaha!
    15. I realized that I love all Creaa dolls... (and I'd be glad to have all of them too!)
      Sara came with flat and high heels + with special Creaa shoes I've ordered separately, so I think you'll be safe with all of your JID shoes)))

      Thanks! It's my favorite ine too)) but for Clive I'll try to find another one...
      Prince and his fairy...

      I saw your pic of Clive))) I like it))) pls post a pic of him as soon as he'll get a makeup)))
    16. @Helgovochka - The only high heel feet I see for CREAA on Iple's site are the ones that come with the resin shoes. Are those the ones you have? They seem to be only partially sculpted--the toes are suggested but left unfinished. I'm trying to imagine how they will fit in shoes designed to have a full foot in them.
    17. @vermont chick - I have normal flat and high heel feet (that came with my Sara not as a special order and I don't think you can order them separately) + partially sculpted that came with plastic shoes (ordered separately)
    18. Congrats on your gorgeous couple! I hope you'll keep sharing pictures of them while we wait for our CREAAs to come home :)
      Actually, I would be very grateful if you could take a photo of the heel feet. I spent weeks arguing with their q&a team - they kept telling me there were no heel feet for CREAA girls...
    19. REALLY?!!! Sure I'll take a pic tonight... They came as a set with Sara...
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    20. I wonder if the heel feet that came with Sara were a one-time offer? The description of what comes with Leah says flat feet are the default. There is no mention about heel feet being available.