Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Glad you like it! The yarn is laceweight, which I find works well for this size doll and smaller. I used a 2.75mm hook. I keep my really tiny hooks for when I'm crocheting for 1/6 scale.

      Thanks! The blue on one sleeve--as well as the blue scarf--are meant as an unexpected touch of whimsy.

      It seems a strange time for IH to begin delaying. Many places are now opening for business.
    2. @vermont chick Really? I'd have thought you'd need a smaller hook than that to get the scale right. Then again, I'm pretty basic when it comes to crochet. Knitting is my thing (although I haven't been able to knit in several years due to arthritis & tendinitis) and I've only knitted stuff for my MSD boys with baby yarn and 3.5mm needles (they were also meant to be winter sweaters so...).
    3. @Iron_Dog - Baby yarn is thicker than the laceweight yarn I use, which is sometimes referred to as "thread". Also I work tight so my stitches end up cramped regardless of the size hook I use. Much as I try to keep my tension loose, it just doesn't happen. You know how lace is supposed to look airy and full of holes? No can do.:lol:
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    4. @vermont chick When I crochet, my tension is wicked tight, too. When I knit, perfect tension. Maybe that's experience for me as I've knitted for... 40-some years and crochet is more of a newer thing (a couple of years). Ahhh, thread makes more sense to me. I've never worked with laceweight yarn because I'm lazy and don't want to hassle of it.
    5. @Iron_Dog - I used to knit but nowadays I can't manage two long needles. Either I got clumsier with age or the needles have grown longer. Like you, I've only been crocheting for a couple of years. Hopefully the tension will work itself out in time. My first reaction to using laceweight thread was: You've got to be kidding me; I can't do this. But I can. It just takes practice.
    6. @vermont chick I use circular needles when I knit. I used to use traditional long needles but after an incident with one of my cats where he "played" with my yarn and managed to pull half the stitches off the needle making me need to tear the whole work out and start over (it was a cable lace pattern *sigh), I switched to circular needles. Circular needles meant that never happened again with slipping the stitches off.

      I actually use a needle system where the needles have varying lengths of "wire" that you attach to the individual needles. You can even join multiple wires together if you're working a large piece or have 2 different sizes of needles on one wire like if you wanted to do a sort of broomstick lace pattern. The company offers this system for crochet hooks, too, if you want/need to work on larger pieces or do Tunisian crochet. The needles are nice and light in the hand and smooth for effective yarn working. I don't remember the name of the product off hand but I could dig it up for you if you wanted. I believe it was pretty reasonably priced, too.
    7. @Iron_Dog - I can't picture circular needles for crochet. Do you end up with 2 hooks? I would be totally confused. Since most of my work is very small--in some cases extremely so--it seems to me I'd be carrying more wire than yarn. I'll have to look for examples online.

      How did you manage not to kill the cat?
    8. @vermont chick there's a "button" you put at the end of the wire to keep your work from sliding off into nothing if you don't attach another needle. The cat was adorable. Not terribly bright, but very loving. A complete lap kitty. He did avoid me for the rest of the day though as he knew he'd been bad. I suppose the temptation of the yarn was just too much to resist for him.
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    9. Hello Everyone...
      One week ago here in Russia we had online Dollscar 2020 (our bjd-con). So I took part on it with my fairies =) So pls find below pics from this online party.

      My fairies at home =)


      And more closer view
      Clive and Sara
      Sara and Freija
      Iza and Ilmina


      Still waiting for the Noel...
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    10. @Helgovochka - Very nice set of photos. I've been wondering how online cons work. Can you see and talk to people as if you were face-to-face? (Everyone would have to have a camera attached to their computer, right?) Or do you post photos and talk via text or email? I wouldn't know what to do.

      I'm still waiting for Noel, too.
    11. We have prepared our compositions and have send pics and videos to host of this event one week before and it has been posted on a web page. Later during the event host has been talking about our compositions and also there were several skype chats with different bjd shops (even with Russian doll maker) (unfortunately only on Russian). + there was online chat and you had possibility to answer questions.
      Dollscar Online

      You may see mine on 3:09:56
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    12. @Helgovochka - Wow! Thank you for the video. It has to be viewed on YouTube, but that's no problem. It's very long so I just skipped around and watched bits here and there. I want to go back and look at more of it. (I didn't get to yours yet, but I will.)

      Noel is shipping!:celebrate:cheer:dance It's been so long since I ordered (March 7) that I had to go back and see exactly what's coming. He'll have the human head, normal skin, faceup B, and the sword (unbrushed). I vaguely remember ordering the sword. It will be interesting to see how long his travel time is. In other words, how long will he sit at the airport before he's allowed to fly. I have two orders from other companies that appear to be hanging out at airports. It's the new normal.
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    13. Congratulations!!!! Hope that my boy also will start his travel to me soon =)
    14. @Helgovochka - I hope your boy ships soon, too. They're working on CREAAs, so maybe this week?
    15. Hope sooooooo!!!!!
    16. I've had two dolls and two doll heads ship within the past two weeks. Noel was the most recent to ship and he's the only one who has been received by the air carrier. He and one other doll have flight numbers--but there is no indication of what day or even what week they will fly. I keep checking...
    17. Here's Noel. He's wearing the only outfit I have that fits. It's a set that SoulDoll sold for their Winter Prince SoulKid. There's a coat, too, which I haven't tried on yet. I had to take the pants in at the waist but I left them a little loose. That way they sit on his hips, which makes the legs appear longer. All he needs now are decent shoes. He's wearing Dollmore sneakers. They're long enough for his feet, but make his narrow feet look gargantuan.
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    18. Here's another shot. You get a better view of the outfit here. It's too bad SoulDoll has so few outfits for their dolls and then lets them sell out. I really wasn't expecting any of this one to fit. Now that I see it does, I want more.
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    19. They look adorable!
    20. I definitely want to see more pics of HIM (as my boy still in IH) and them together tooooooooo!
      And thanks for the notification regarding SoulDoll... I'll try to find anything too.