Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Actually there were no info regarding to high heel feet for Sara too... so I was surprised and gladto receive it)))
      I'll post a pic of feet in morning (I took pic, but flickr works not very good from phone)
    2. I look forward to your photo. I also hope I'll get a happy surprise and receive heel feet for Leah.
    3. Psyche came with heel feet too. I thought that maybe that was a special gift, for the very first CREAA... It could be that they had problems with them and have withdrawn them, I don't know. What was frustrating was being told that they didn't exist :huh?:
      Fingers crossed there will be surprise heel feet for Leah too. :lol:
    4. Here's a pic. Actually I started to think it might be a gift for full set Sara... Anyway I truly hope you'll get Leah with both pairs of feet.


      My Sara was in third Creaa release... But I bought her as a full set with make up, black hands and both outfits... + as addition in the same order I bought plastic shoes... So yeah, it might be a gift from company...
    5. I had a feeling the heel feet might have been a gift with the first CREAA, but if they came with the third release too, there is still hope.

      I also wondered if there was a possibility of using JID or FID heel feet with CREAA. The problem is ankle width. CREAA's ankle is 4cm, FID's is 4.5 or 5 cm depending on body type, and JID's is 5cm. So it looks like none of those will work.
    6. I don't think other heel feet will work...
      But let's cross fingers and wait for Leah to come) I believe you also will have right heel feet :)
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    7. My Leah came in the mail today!!!

      To everyone who was wondering... Yes, she came with heel feet!!


      She is so, so beautiful in person! But my heart dropped a bit when I noticed one of her pretty ears is chipped...


      I'm a bit disappointed about that, but otherwise, I'm just so happy she's here! I'd love to share some more pictures of her when I get the chance!
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    8. @destinybjd Congratulations!!! Wow, that was quick! How exciting!
      I'm sorry to hear about the ear :( That is very disappointing - I hope they'll fix that for you.
      I really love her face from that angle :) I look forward to seeing what you do with her!

      & Thanks very much to you and to @Helgovochka for the photos of the heel feet :) this gives me hope!
    9. Congratulations with such beautiful girl coming! It's sad, that her ear is chipped... :(
      Did you tell IH about it?

      Everything will ok! And you'll get these feet! :)
    10. @Helgovochka Thank you!! Yes, I told IH about it in an email. now I'm just waiting for their response...

      But they've been really good so far with their service, so I'm not too worried!
    11. Congrats @destinybjd! :cheer That's great news (except for the ear chip). I started to suggest you send Iplehouse a message with attached photo of the damage, but you posted before I could finish my message. In my experience they've always been quick to fix problems.

      I am so thrilled about the heel feet. Do you happen to have any JID shoes that you can try on her? I'd love to know if they work. Or any other shoes you have.

      I hope this means the other Leahs will ship soon. No-face-up dolls always come more quickly, so I expect to have to wait an extra week or two. Clothing also slows down orders. I guess I will continue my compulsive daily check on my order status.

      Do you plan to paint her yourself or send her out? I can't wait to see how you style her.

      Squee! I'm so excited!
    12. @vermont chick Thanks! I'm sure Iple will get back to me with a solution soon!

      Unfortunately, the only shoes I have laying around right now are YoSD size. I'm hoping it won't be too tough to get her some shoes that fit, though.

      It'll be great if the other Leahs can ship out soon! I'm dying to see owner pictures of her with her faceup and full set! I hope it won't be too much longer for your girl...

      I have something kind of elaborate in mind for her faceup, so I'm planning to send her off! I just know I'd mess it up lol... But she's supposed to be based on my Elven inquisitor from the Dragon Age series, so she'll have some facial tattoos!

      I think she is going to be just perfect for my plans, especially with her lithe body!
    13. @destinybjd - Hope you have an awesome face-up artist who can pull off your vision of her. I look forward to the finished results.
    14. Can't wait to see your pics with face up =)))

      What's normally happening with damaged parts? Should these parts to be send to the IH? I wonder as I've never had thse problems before...
    15. I have no idea either! But I asked IH about it in an email, and also in the Q&A board... I have yet to receive a response, but I'm hoping they'll get back to me soon!
    16. @destinybjd - Don't send any parts to IH until they ask for them. Depending on what part it is, and how badly damaged, they may not want it back. They'll tell you what to do when they answer your email.
    17. IH just replied to my email regarding my Leah and her poor chipped ear. They were very apologetic and offered to send me a new head! I'm really relieved, and I'm very happy with their level of customer service!
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    18. @destinybjd that is awesome. Exactly the response I was hoping for from them :3nodding: Hopefully it won't take too long!
    19. Pets and Creaa lines have been re-opened for two weeks! Now to see how I can order the Frog Prince, and what he could wear, they're not selling his original clothes and not sure the same FID outfit could fit, the other Creaa outfit isn't for me either
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    20. Whaa? Re-opened already?
      Thankfully, no Psyche. I would have been kicking myself so hard. (I'm still a teensy bit annoyed cause I probably would have chosen Sara over Leah, but oh well).

      But hooray for being able to get your Frog Prince @LunarWolf !