Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Congrats @destinybjd - I knew Iple would come through for you.

      I am so very tempted to order another CREAA girl. At first I jumped for joy thinking they had become basic, but then I saw the dates available: May 19-31. That rather puts the squeeze on financially. And I would really like for Leah to come home first so I can see how I like the size. What to do?
    2. Use the force VC! Close your eyes and imagine holding a 47cm doll, how slender and beautiful she is. Then open your eyes. If you see a little cloud go poof, then you were imagining deeply and must now run to your computer and put her on layaway. If instead, you open your eyes and feel hungry or sleepy, then you don't care and must run to the cupboard for a snack.

      I didn't know they were reopening the sales. Late last night I was very tired and at the computer when I should have been in bed. I clicked on an image of Zinnia from google images, and it took me to the Iplesite. It was sized very oddly like something was broken, the pages were large and I couldn't navigate very well. When I clicked into the Zinnia page it looked like she was available to buy. Thinking I had somehow gotten into a twilight zone and was hacking Iplehouse, I made my choices, white skin, faceup, no mobilitiy, sure at any moment I was going to be caught. I kept thinking that at some point the site was going to kick me out, "Sold Out!" it would say, "No doll for you!" But instead it kept letting me go on until I finished the order. I thought, "Am I dreaming? Did I just do this? Surely tomorrow they'll tell me it was a problem with the web site, a server didn't get updates or something." Then I got the order email and cringed at what I had done. Did I really just buy this doll? What was wrong with their web site, wasn't it just sold out? Then remorse and regret since I hadn't "seriously" considered this purchase. I had trouble sleeping, tossing and turning, and finally woke up, "But I can't afford it!" After I got to work, bleary-eyed and underslept, I realized, "Well...I guess I can afford it, I just hadn't planned on it..." Tonight I looked and thought, "Eh, I did want one. Hmmm...she needs clothes. How do I get those black hands?"

      And that's how I ended up buying a Zinnia.
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    3. LOL!! Oh man, I feel like I wanna go put on some popcorn and read that again @dollhausen What a ride! :kitty1 Congrats on your new girl : )
    4. @dollhausen - Big congrats on your unplanned CREAA girl! I agree with @eland: your post is worth re-reading with a big bowl of popcorn. :XD: Which Zinnia did you order?

      I am one nudge away from ordering the first Zinnia they released, with makeup B (the glamour faceup with freckles). I don't know which artist recently left Iplehouse, but I'll be very sad if it's the one who created this makeup. In a way I wish I had ordered yesterday, because then the two outfits I wanted were both available. Today both are marked "Coming Soon". Oh well, it won't hurt me to wait for them to restock. If she comes before the clothing, I'll sew or crochet something to tide her over. Of course, buying Zinnia now means FID Isabel will have to wait even longer for her Beast. But I have to buy Zinnia now, because who knows when Iple will offer all the CREAAs again? Have I talked myself into it yet? Getting there...

      I did it! I've placed my order. Sorry, Oscar--you'll have to wait until later in the year.
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    5. Hahaha, congrats on talking yourself into a beautiful Zinnia @vermont chick! We're going to have a few lovely ladies to feast our eyes on from the looks of things :evilplot: I agree that is a particularly nice faceup. I didn't know they'd lost a makeup artist. (Where do people hear about these things?) I do hope it wasn't that person. Or whoever did Sara makeup B.... Dear wallet, give me strength....
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    6. @eland - Thanks! I sure hope the good artist is the one who is still there. I don't want the one who specializes in red noses to leave her mark on my dolls.

      I saw the news about Iplehouse losing an artist on either the FID thread or the Waiting Room--can't remember for sure. People seem to find out these things when they message Iplehouse about their order. Then if they learn something of general interest, they post it on one--or more--of the threads.

      I just checked: it's in the Waiting Room thread.
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    7. I wanted the one with the red nose. I didn't see anywhere to order any different makeup style. Wow, if that outfit is gone, that would be a deal breaker. I don't want to mess around with trying to find clothes for her....
    8. If you look at the page with all the CREAA dolls, there is one Zinnia in the top row and another one in the bottom row. The one in the top row has only one face-up, but the one on the bottom (shown with curly red hair) has two face-ups. The one I ordered is the B face-up on that one. It's early enough that you could probably change your face-up order, especially considering there are delays. That one is not shown with a red nose, but the red nose artist paints all her noses red, regardless of whether they're supposed to come that way or not. (I don't know why I'm assuming this is a female artist. The red nose artist could as easily be male.:lol:) Anyway, you could request the B face-up and specify you want a red nose.

      The pastel pink set is marked as Coming Soon, so whenever it's back in stock you should be able to order it. As for the black hands, they were shown with the Zinnia in the top row, which I think is the one you ordered. They're not marked as being included, but then neither are the heel feet, and people seem to be receiving the heel feet. So, maybe you'll get them?
    9. @vermont chick Waiting room! :doh Of course! I hadn't been following the Iplehouse one because I've never ordered from them before. Thanks! :)

      @dollhausen I could be getting this wrong, but my memory is that the black ribbon hands were available as an optional extra when Zinnia and Sara were re-released. I would suggest asking on the Q&A board. I'm sure you wouldn't be the only person who wants them.
    10. My funds are all spoken for by FID Isabel right now, but you guys have me staring at these guys and considering again. I think my favorite of all of them is Clive with his wide frogboy mouth.
    11. I'll write something on the QA board and tell them. I've asked about the outfit and hands. Thanks for the info everyone! I also said that I want the faceup that was on the page (with the W.C. Fields nose).
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    12. Don't be surprised if they don't know who W.C. Fields was! :lol:

      @TatterPunk - If Iplehouse gets enough orders during this two-week period, maybe it will convince them to bring back the whole line the next time they offer a new doll. We can only hope. What's curious is that they're offering every doll except Psyche. Don't know what the deal is there.
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    13. No reply to my question about the outfits. I've asked again. No outfits, no sale!
    14. I wonder if their English manager is sick or on vacation? I received only the shoes from a clothing order yesterday. I left a message in the Q&A, but there's no answer and I notice they have a fair number of unanswered messages. The outfit I ordered is not marked Sold Out, so the only reason I can see for it not being in the box is that the packer forgot to include it.
    15. I asked them about moving my order to a two payment layaway and they said they did. It shows as layaway. But it's still showing the full amount unpaid and when I click to go to paypal it's auto-filling the full amount. Is there some trick to the system I'm missing?
    16. People who have done layaway with Iplehouse suggest turning off auto-payment in PayPal if you make any changes to how often you pay. There might be some discussion in the Waiting Room. If there isn't, that's probably the best place to ask.
    17. Congratulations to all who ordered Creaa))) I truly hope that 'cause of us there will be more new outfits ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
      I was thinking that I'd be glad to have additional head (elf Leah) for my Sara... but... but....

      Regarding to outfits... I'm trying to sew one...
    18. Just dropping by to share the reply I got when enquiring if the CREAA dolls would get another release like this this year.

      "We will open CREAA J dolls someday, but then you will have to wait forever not knowing when."

      I can't stop laughing!

      Edit: the ribbon hands are available in the CID option parts. Were they there before? I must be losing the plot...
      Were you able to get a pair @dollhausen ?

      Good luck with your sewing @Helgovochka - I hope you'll show us what you make :)
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    19. Oh! They added ribbon hands?! Wow! Great! It wasn't there before ))))
      I hope to finish dress before event in Moscow... so right after I'll try to take some pics of it))))
    20. @eland - They must have just added the ribbon hands and fairy feet. I think I looked yesterday and they weren't there.

      The Iplehouse employee who answered your question has an evil sense of humor.:lol:

      @Helgovochka - I look forward to seeing pics of your finished dress.