Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. So I need to buy the black ribbon hands today before I head out to the con because the order period closes while I'll be at the con *sigh*. At least I can get them.
    2. Thank you @eland and congratulations to those who have ordered!

      I'll be joining the ranks of Creaa owners, last night I ordered my Frog Boy! in the end I ordered the Black Pandora set because I don't want him naked. Can't wait to get him!
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    3. The Black Pandora set is really good one =) It's too sad they discontinued White wind set for boys...
      Did you ordered any shoes? I found out that all JID-boys' shoes are quite big...
    4. They told me that they ran out of material for the clothing so don't expect more....now I'm on the fence about the doll entirely...
    5. I've seen your Clive wearing it on Flickr, it looks nice. Hopefully Iplehouse make at least one more set, dressing these boys won't be easy. My froggy won't be wearing shoes because he'll have the frog feet, so that's one less worry for me. Have you looked at other MSD shoes, maybe on Ebay?

      That's been the problem recently with Iplehouse clothes, you really have to buy them quickly or you end up missing out on them. I bought my froggy's clothes separately to be on the safe side, they're on their way already
    6. I have a shipping notice! Leah is on her way. Still on the ground at Incheon, but she should be here this week. :celebrate
    7. I can’t believe they reopened orders for these and it nearly passed me by! Desperately trying to figure out if I can layaway my way to one...
    8. I went ahead and ordered my Zinnia. I'll place an order for the hands and the dress that's left so she has something to wear. Now I have to figure out where to get clothes for her. I'm not so excited about those shoes they have. And since they come with feet does that mean they're permanently attached? Perhaps we should start a "what fits" thread. I suppose I could check the Rosettes thread as well, though the CREAA's are taller.....need stockings...sigh...
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    9. I did it. Iple said they could let me have a Fairy Leah on a boy body, so I took the plunge. :D Thank goodness for layaway!
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    10. That's fantastic that they let you head swap.
    11. @dollhausen - If you look at the middle of the 3 photos for either shoe you'll see the foot placed between the two shoes. They're not attached to the shoes. I haven't looked anywhere else for clothing yet. I'm waiting until Leah arrives so I can try various things on her and see what sort of things might fit. It will be quite a project, I'm sure. Congrats on ordering Zinnia!

      @nattherat - How exciting that Iple let you order the fairy Leah head on a boy body! I can't wait to see how that looks.

      Korean EMS Tracking hasn't updated since yesterday. I suspect Leah is in the air and will update after she lands in New York. Hope so, anyway.
    12. I know, I’m pretty pleased! I’m not keen on the boy heads -just personal preference obviously- but wanted a boy body. I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, really, and it paid off!

      I’m after the body for a hybrid, but if I have to buy a full doll, I always try to buy one I think I will be happy to keep around, and Fairy Leah is my favourite CREAA sculpt from them yet. I’m so glad I saw the notice in time, I’d assumed I’d never be able to get a creaa boy!
    13. @vermont chick Thanks! I'm looking at her as the replacement for the Rosette I'll never get. I actually like the CREAA sculpts more.

      As for the shoes, why give us the feet? Because they're high heel feet? Have we nailed down the "do they come with or not for sure" question? I don't find the shoes attractive and don't want to buy them to get high heel feet...
    14. The feet that come with the black shoes are not even fully sculpted feet. I'm not sure what their purpose is, but Iple has done the same thing for FID women. As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather change shoes on ordinary feet than unhook one foot type and re-hook a different foot type. I don't get it.:huh?:

      My first CREAA should be here by Friday, so I'll let you know if she came with the real heel feet. Fingers crossed.
    15. Wow, that's even more bizarre. Thanks, definitely will not be getting those shoes. Ahh, the endless search for well-fitting shoes...one of the more frustrating areas of doll ownership....
    16. Just got a notice from Iple. The black ribbon hands I ordered on May 24th have shipped. Today is the 29th. Holy speed of light, Batman.
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    17. I ordered a couple hands, the remaining dress and some other odds and ends. I ordered one of the JID wigs hoping that one fits the CREAA dolls.....

      Edit, it was the wig I ordered in the photo so I now know it fits. They have no CREAA clothes in the pipeline but perhaps in the future. Bummer. Those outfits were great.
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    18. CREAA Leah is out for delivery; however, I will be at an appointment in another town. It figures. I hope I get back early enough to swing by the Post Office and pick her up.

      @dollhausen - I don't want to rain on your parade, but JIDs wigs are size 7-8. CREAAs wear size 6-7. It can get confusing because Iplehouse offers the same styles in every size. I hope I'm wrong but it sounds to me like you ordered the style you want in a larger size than you need.

      I wonder how Iplehouse reconciles the "no CREAA clothes in the pipeline" with the "Coming Soon" that appears on two of the outfits. I frequently get the impression that the person answering questions doesn't know what's happening in the studio.
    19. Sorry, it was a kid wig. Not JID. Too many closely related acronyms in that organization. I searched by size. I think I got JID because it looked like the JID dolls have feet the same length as the CREAA's.

      I think the "Coming Soon" is some BS they put up on their site when an item is running low. Not sure why, but I've never seen a "Coming Soon" turn into more stock. As they explained it, they buy x amount of material and when that's gone, it's gone. I should put a WTB up on the MP offering crazy money to get one of those outfits.

      I did order that remaining dress, the black hands, the holding stuff hands, and some odds and ends for other dolls. I was going to combine with my doll order but it seemed too much work, so I just ate the ridiculously high ripoff shipping charges.
    20. I got home from my appointment in time to run to the PO and pick up Leah. OMG, she's so pretty! I got the fairy sculpt with the human face-up. The makeup is a little red for my taste, but with any luck it will fade. AND I got high heel feet! The real feet, not the partial feet that come with the black shoes. Of course, I haven't found shoes to fit them yet. I tried some JID flat shoes on her flat feet. They're a little loose but will do. I managed to squeeze her into some shoes made for MiniFee. They would fit better if she didn't have stockings on, but I couldn't wait to put her in her full set. After trying on a gazillion wigs I finally found one that fits. I don't love it, because it hides her ears and is too dark for her white skin, but it will do until I find (i.e., buy) her another. This wig is from Luts for their Tiny Delf (size 5.5-6). All of my size 6-7 wigs were too big and fell off her head. In my experience with Luts, the TDW wigs are inconsistently sized. I've got some that fit FID perfectly and some that are too small. It's the luck of the draw, apparently. Here's Leah:
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